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XIM APEX Discussions / Xim PS5 remote play
« on: 08:08 PM - 09/27/21 »
Since the Xim works for the PS5 games via remote play, is there any way that the Xim can be made to mimic a remote play device directly. Just curious if this angle has been considered at all as an option.

This might be a dumb question and not practically achievable at all. But I just thought would put the idea out there. I know itís a lot more complicated and technical than just ďmake the Xim tell the PS5 itís a remote play deviceĒ.

Has anybody else found that something feels off with their aim since the recent changes they made to ads to address ghost peeking. Thereís the issue of your body blocking the reticle sometimes which they are aware of. But something else feels weird too and I canít quite work out what it is. My aim seems to slow down and accelerate unpredictably at times. Thatís about the only way I can describe it. Even chopping down a tree my aim seems to occasionally drag slowly.

Have seen posts on reddit and Fortnite forums saying that the aim assist is playing up. Apparently there is issues with aim assist not activating properly sometimes. Also apparently there is a bug where aim assist will activate over a location where a player had previously died. The ads sensitivity setting name was changed to ďcontroller targeting sensitivityĒ and x/y was changed to 0-1.0 instead of 0-10, and some have said that their sensitivity has felt messed up since that.

Iím losing tons of close quarter fights especially. I was at 30% solo win rate so far this season. The last few days though my win rate is only 12%.

Game Support / Video explaining new Fortnite aim changes
« on: 06:52 AM - 06/03/18 »
Stumbled across this YouTube video which explains quite nicely what the problem was which Epic fixed in 4.3 with diagonal aiming. This also explains why with the new Xim Fortnite translator your sensitivity and aim may feel different from how it was previously, and your sensitivity values may need to be slightly alterered. There will possibly be an adjustment period for getting used to how the aim feels now. Reading in the comments of the video... the diagonal aim being incorrect didnít only affect users who had different x axis compared to y axis values. Eg. 9x 9y would give approximately an 8 diagonal.

Iím not sure if the previous translator already adjusted for the fault in the diagonal aiming. If that was the case, then things shouldnít feel different for Xim users on the new translator from my understanding. Either way the video is interesting and worth watching in my opinion.


Fortnite patch notes v4.3. Will this mess up anything with the current translator?

Fixed issues while aiming diagonally when using a controller.
The stick input was not correctly translating into camera rotation causing the camera to never reach its maximum turn rate when aiming diagonally.
Camera input curves have also been slightly tuned to account for the change in diagonal aiming speeds.

Game Support / What sync for PUBG?
« on: 02:45 PM - 04/18/18 »
Had a search around and couldnít find any info on this. What sync are people using for PUBG? Itís an unstable 30fps on Xbox One X by the looks of it. So Iím thinking maybe slow or possibly default would be the way to go.

I think I have actually found a way to switch directly to a build piece regardless of if in build mode already or not. The delay in the macro itself seems to be the only thing I need to fine tune at a glance. The method is using the xim manager auxiliary function along with Logitech mouse software macros. This is going to be hard to explain, but Iíll give it a shot.

Xim config keybinds:

Hip keybinds:
Build Mode - Q

Aux keybinds:
Build Mode - V
Next Weapon - Right Arrow
Previous Weapon - Left Arrow

Aux activation / deactivation:
Activate - Comma (toggle on)
Deactivate - Q and Fullstop

Logitech software mouse macros: (delays needed between each key press)
Wall - V > Fullstop > Q > Comma
Floor - V > Fullstop > Q > Comma > Right
Stair - V > Fullstop > Q > Comma > Right > Right
Pyramid - V > Fullstop > Q > Comma > Left

Now to try and explain how / why it works. Each time you press a macro you are basically being put out of build mode so there is a known starting point.
If have a weapon out and press stair macro... V will do nothing since itís only set in the aux keybinds. Fullstop will do nothing since you arenít in aux mode. Q will enter you into build mode. Right twice will have you on stairs.
If you are already in build mode (eg. floor piece selected) and press stair macro... V will take you out of build mode (assuming you got there using the macro you will be in aux mode too). Fullstop will deactivate aux mode. Q will put you into build mode. Comma will activate aux mode. Right twice will have you at stairs.
To exit build mode and aux mode you need to use Q.

Since there isnít a way without another device to determine a true / false for if in build mode already. This seems to be the only way I can think of to have a macro work no matter what you are doing. I need to see how low I can get the delays between the macro key presses. If anybody can think of a better method then please let me know.

Got it working pretty well with a low enough delay that it seemed good. But, realised that if enter edit mode, it exits auxiliary which then screws up everything knowing whether it is in build mode currently or not. This makes it basically unusable. Will try and think if there is a way around this. Was so close, if it wasnít for edit mode sharing the same button as build mode it would be fine.

XIM APEX Discussions / International shipping options
« on: 06:25 AM - 03/02/18 »
Are there any other international shipping options available besides priority. The only shipping option for Australia is priority and it costs $40.

Although I am eager to get the Apex as soon as possible. I am not eager enough to pay nearly half the cost of the product just to have it arrive as quick as possible.

XIM APEX Discussions / Cheap keyboard
« on: 10:27 AM - 02/28/18 »
Going to be getting the Apex once itís ready. I have decided on and already gotten the G502 mouse.

Iím just looking for a really cheap keyboard to go along with it for now. Something around $10 - $20. Are there any suggestions for a go to keyboard in this price range?

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