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What's up?! I had a little concern I wanted to bring to the attention of some mods. COD Cold War updated last night to version 1.11 and they added a new map, a zombies map... called Firebase Z. My XIM Apex blinks purple when playing on this map. I've crashed twice (game freezes) on this map. I've tested EVERY other map/game mode and my XIM does not blink purple. I've owned this device since 2018 and it has not once blinked purple on me, until this update/map. I've disconnected everything, reconnected, literally done everything to ensure proper connection etc. Like I said, I don't believe it's a problem on my end or with the XIM, I believe it's a problem with the game and the map they released. Is this even possible? I've never seen such a thing. As stated, I've done countless hours of testing on every game mode and map and it DOES NOT blink purple, only on this Firebase Z map. Have any of you encountered something like this before? It's very odd. I've played about 3 hours worth on Die Maschine Endless mode on zombies, not a single blink. Everything works as intended. I've played numerous amounts of Multiplayer, not a single blink of purple. It's so strange. I just thought I'd let you know this feedback because it's quite odd and I'm trying to find a solution to it... or must I wait until they patch the game again maybe? Which is cool with me, just sucks I have to wait to play a new map I guess lol. Who knows.


XIM APEX Discussions / purchasing a second apex soon :)
« on: 07:50 PM - 12/29/20 »

I had a question about a second xim i plan on purchasing. i want to set it up on my ps4 pro setup iím moving over to another room with another nav/g502 and leave my series x hooked up to the xim/nav/g502 i have now. will using the manager on my phone interfere with anything like finding what console itís running off of? i think i confused myself with this question lol but just wanted to make sure it would find and pair things properly if i were to be leaving both consoles running in different rooms at the same time

i havenít setup my series x and apex yet. i keep seeing that peopleís xboxs are shutting down with the beta firmware or whatever is happening. i made the transition to xbox this gen and i donít have an older xbox one controller to try anything out so i am hoping things work and donít crash lol 

Hardware Compatbility / audiophile thread =P
« on: 05:26 PM - 12/12/20 »
just had to write this because i'm beyond hype lol... just picked up a pair of astro a40 tr headet and a mixamp pro tr for the xbox series x coming soon lol... my ps4 is soon to be a downstairs sit in a love seat use a controller use a TV type console now hah. gonna be ditching this turtlebeach dss2 setup i have going on with my ath 700xs too... why can't expedited shipping be like as soon as you click order, it's there? alien status. anyways, i'm also curious to what people are running for sound on their consoles while ximming? lol... if anyone that i know reads this, you'll understand why i'm laughing sitting in a new gaming chair too... the old one is gone... for good reasons, lol Blamer... *one last fart*

if i posted this in the wrong section i truly apologize and please move it to the appropriate one lol thx =)

Hardware Compatbility / Sony Nav Controller compatibility
« on: 05:37 AM - 12/11/20 »

I just bought a Sony nav so I can try it out instead of my keyboard - https://www.amazon.com/Playstation-Move-Navigation-Controller-3/dp/B002I0K6X6 - I bought this one there was only 2 left in stock. It says for PS3.... will this work on my PS4 Pro and my soon to be Xbox series X?

Hardware Compatbility / Monitor suggestions?
« on: 06:33 PM - 11/14/20 »
In the market for a 2nd monitor, right now i'm on a BenQ XL2411Z 144hz and it's fine but i would like something better and 240hz. What is a good monitor? I'm going to be on the PS5 soon as well. Kinda keep the price down a little bit if you don't mind lol, but it doesn't matter, just nothing to absurd.


how does this look? it's 24.5" (should i go 27" ??) and is 240hz. i'm using my 24.5" BenQ currently and will make that my secondary monitor for when I stream and browse the web etc, or should I get a ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR 27" ? I just don't think i need a 1440p monitor when i game in 1080p.. i don't know if my current GPU can handle 1440p.. but i know it would be good on the PS5..

Hey guys,

I am posting this to see if anyone knows the best optimal settings for my BenQ XL2411Z? I like how I have my setup right now, I can switch back and forth quickly between HDMI and DVI to use my PC/console and xim for whenever I want. My question is... I have used this monitor with the blur busters single strobe utility and set my blur reduction to On, on the OSD settings on the monitor. I've set the strobe phase to 100 and the duty to 20 (default). I've also used it with none of the blur busters single strobing stuff, with blur reduction Off. How the monitor comes default. I've changed my color settings in the PS4 as well so I know about that. I'm just curious as to whether or not I should hassle with the program and turn blur reduction on? or just keep it off and play as normal? I really don't want to fish out money for the BenQ RL monitor... if it's even worth the upgrade.... when this monitor can do single strobing, but should i use it? and if so am i using the right settings? I am happy with being able to switch back and forth quickly with the monitor i have now so i see no purpose to buy another one only for the sole purpose of streaming and a dual monitor setup which would be cool. if anyone has any knowledge on this, a reply would be highly appreciated. Thanks everyone :)

Technical Support / [Q/A] Setting up XIM Apex
« on: 08:36 PM - 06/07/20 »

I was wondering what is the best way to setup the XIM apex. I bought it a few years ago and never really set it up properly. I want to use it for Warzone basically. I have the game on PC to play with friends who have it on console. Would I be better off setting up the XIM on my PC? Or setting it up on my PS4? Which I would move onto my computer desk and set it up from there which is what I am confused about. I have an IO Gear USB switch as well... so I can toggle back and forth, I just forget what to plug everything into to set it up correctly and neatly. I also have a turtle beach DSS2 I remember that I bought because my headphones in my PC are aux and need to go into that so my microphone/sound works on the PS4. I was just wondering if it would be easier to use the XIM on PC but that kind of makes no sense? PC is PC... and I am fine on that... but I want to use aim assist with my mouse so I figured that configuring it on my PS4 would be ideal? Could somebody please help me on how I go about setting everything up. Like I said I have the hub, apex, my mouse, kb (i know how to set that all up in the apex) im just confused about the turtlebeach DSS2 and the IOGear usb switcher thingy majig lol. Any help would be appreciated, I would be setting up my PS4 basically next to my PC. Thanks

is there any difference between using the manager on your PC or your phone lol. I have my console and PC setup side by side and switch between the two often so i am wondering if it is pointless to use the smartphone app? should I just use it on my computer?

Hardware Compatbility / smaller mouse then EC2-B?
« on: 02:37 AM - 06/24/18 »
Looking for a gaming mouse that is smaller then the EC2-B. I've been looking at the ZA13/FK2. Either of those seem to be smaller, i don't mind if it is ambidextrous. If anything I will probably like that more for claw grip.

Is the roccat kone pure owl eye a good mouse or ? it goes to 12k dpi so that would be nice. Just wondering if anyone knows of any good options, maybe the G Pro? My hands are 17.78cm x 8.9cm (7inch x 3.5inch)

Game Support / Gang Beasts game
« on: 03:13 PM - 06/17/18 »
Is this game supported on the XIM (assuming not) and what would I need to do to use a config.. just anything? It's a pretty fun cool game on ps4. Looks like it's be fun to use with a mouse and keyboard.

XIM APEX Discussions / 3200 dpi 1000hz
« on: 09:52 AM - 06/05/18 »
I've literally tried everything and my aim just doesn't feel right. I'm on a zowie ec2-b and I can't get my settings down I've changed polling rates... Syncs... IDK what to do my aim feels like positive/negative accel. I've also tried using higher dpi which I don't like

i'm using a mouse that has barely any buttons on it, 2 side buttons and my scroll wheel.. the zowie ec2b...

what would be ideal keyboard binds for fortnite settings? i feel like how i have it set up now is a bit off... lol...

Q/E cycle my weapons.
WASD obviously moves...
TAB shows my map (i like that)
L-Shift is my sprint/auto run
L-Ctrl is crouch...
R is my reload/open doors/pickup weapons (is there a way to change that? so when i'm trying to close a door it doesn't reload on me)
my mouse3 (middle button pushed in) is my pickaxe
my mouse4 (back button) is my open build mode...

that's about it... i think i could probably set it up better though lol. any help would be greatly appreciated!

Game Support / g502 users/fortnite
« on: 02:40 AM - 05/18/18 »
anyone have any good binds you setup on the g502?

right now the only button i use on my mouse is the mouse4 (back?) button to open the build up... lol...

i use Q and E to go prev/next weapon... R is my reload and pickup weapons/open doors (square)... scroll wheel mouse pushed in is pickaxe... L-Ctrl is duck (feels like counterstrike lol)... L-Shift is run/autorun... TAB is map... ~ is inventory...

anything better out there? i know it's preference just curious to see what people use

Hardware Compatbility / Sound/Headphone question
« on: 01:28 PM - 05/17/18 »
does anyone know where i can find a switch (similiar to a IOGear USB switch I use) to swap my headphones between PC and console? that would finalize my setup pretty much but as of now... when i switch to PC i have no sound lol... i have audio technica 700x's with 3.5mm jacks and a seperate Antlion ModMic on it... i just don't want to have to manually switch them out from my Turtlebeach DSS2 everytime i want to PC game lol (i have a soundblaster Z soundcard in my PC)

I was wondering what is good to use to maintain wire control for the XIM and my USB port switcher... m/kb etc. I think I saw a few posts on here a while back and someone had a pretty sweet tool that kept everything pretty organized. I have these cable holders that stick onto the desk but that doesnt really wrap/hide them up.

Cheaper the better as well lol..

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