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XIM APEX Discussions / Muscle Memory Question.
« on: 09:55 AM - 02/14/19 »
Always had this question but never asked, because I mostly played on console, but recently for the past few months I've been playing on PC.

Is my muscle memory  on PC safe when using the Xim Apex on console.

Meaning if I switch back in forth will my aiming stay the same?.

Been using my scuff controller for Apex Legends and it's pretty good, but I saw that the team released a ST for Apex Legends and wanted to try it out but I won't risk deteriorating my aim for it .

Game Support / Fortnite is broken with APEX
« on: 01:43 PM - 11/26/18 »
Hey, I don't know what it is, but I literally can't find good settings for Fortnite.

I've had the Apex for about a year now and this season has been the worst season I've ever played with the Apex.

It feels like I'm always being out-aimed by "Controller Users" which in logical terms shouldn't be the case.

I have everything I need to mimic a controller user, so there should be absolutely no reason that I am being destroyed like I am.

I'm not being out built or anything like that it's just pure HIP aim. It's like it just won't stick once I'm over the target like there's some type of sway, whereas on PC I don't have this problem.

This isn't the first time someone has complained about the HIP being weird on Fortnite.

I can arm aim and wrist aim. I can use high sensitivity and low sensitivity any type of sensitivity.

Please just help me solve this. I'm excelling at every game but Fortnite and it's seriously making me consider getting an Elite Controller to be on the next level for Fortnite only.

Oi, Today I received my Wooting One [Flare Tech Blue]

I must say that this product makes the apex very overpowered.

To start off, I was mainly buying this product for COD games because I felt, if I had a tad more aim assist I'd be destroying lobbies and that in fact was the best choice I think I've ever made.

I've literally had the best game-plays of my COD career today. The aim assist from the analogue movement is so overpowered it's ridiculous.

This is not a placebo effect at all.
It's in fact real and I think this keyboard is a must have if you really want to play at the highest level you can. Meaning competitive or casual either way it's very worth it.

Down below is a video clip of me going 32-2 or something around there. I literally could have dropped a V2 Rocket but died at 23-0 so rip but I hope it gives some insight on how good it is.

Also one more point I want to clarify is that, it does not matter if you go against the best players or the worse, the Apex combined with the Wooting will destroy all of them.

I'll continue to test it out through the week and see how I feel but I'm very happy with this purchase and think anyone who has the extra cash should look into it.

P.S. sorry if I sound edgy :Q. just wanted to get my point across


Also my setting for Wooting is: ~ For anyone who gets it.

https://prnt.sc/kfzvgc ~ Bindings

https://prnt.sc/kfzvsi ~ Curve + Actuation Point

I use Low Sens for COD, but I have a mouse pad that literally covers my entire desk so I'm able to do that.

I tried to paste RML ballistic curve into the XIM Apex / Ballistic curve thing. and it keeps coming up with error.
Any help?
>>> XIM4 [Mouse Ballistics] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<
>>> XIM4 [Mouse Ballistics] START PASTE >>>

XIM APEX Discussions / Questions About Xim Apex/Shipping
« on: 12:24 AM - 03/01/18 »
Hey I just had a few questions..

First I've read that a lot of people got emails about there packaged being shipped.
I've gotten a confirmation email from PayPal and Xim but no email from FedEx ~ Also note I paid for overnight shipping.
Should I be worried is this an error or?
Also note in the my account tab. It says processing but the payment went through?

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