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Support / [ACTIVE] Keyboard disconnects sometimes
« on: 09:24 AM - 12/07/18 »
I bought the apex the moment it was released (year ago) and it worked fine. Used it on the PS4 Slim and played CoD:WW2 without any issues and also BO4 without any problems.
Couple days ago I was playing BO4 and my keyboard stopped working. (Skiller Shakroon keyboard)
I unplugged and plugged it in, rewrote my config, unplugged xim. I tried anything, also have newest firmware and manager. Sometimes after unplugging it works but now nothing.
I checked the manager, it shows my keyboard plugged, and sometimes it doesnt. The lights of my keyboard are always powered.

Edit: Now I factory reseted my xim and did all what the quick start clip said but when I start the manager app and try to rewrite my settings it doesnt "hear?" my keyboard. Im pressing "w" but on my app its still "listening".

Sorry for my bad english. Hope u can help me.

Sry I think i wrote this on the wrong thread. Should be on "Support".

XIM APEX Discussions / Xim Apex Manager Connection
« on: 11:38 AM - 04/06/18 »
Im using the Apex now for couple days. I did everything mentioned in the Guide and all works fine.
Today I wanted to change something in my settings and started the App but it didnt connect to my Apex.
"Connection failure (XIM APEX not found)"

Im using the IPhone 7, latest IOS. Apex is connected to my PS4. Apex works fine and my iphone has internet access and bluetooth is turned on.
I could use the App on the first day but now I cant change any settings. Also pressed the button on my Apex while the app was searching but didnt helped.
Any ideas?

Hardware Compatbility / Keyboard problems
« on: 09:14 AM - 04/05/18 »
So I got my self a Xim Apex and immediately started it. Iv connected all and everything and it works fine. I just got little problems with my keyboard.
Its a Sharkoon "Skiller" with a german layout, compatible with Win8. Its connected and it works but some buttons aint correct. If I change my settings via App/Manager and for example I want "Crouch" on my "CTRL" button, it shows me "Reserved". The problem here is, its the same for "Jump/Space" so if i Jump ingame I also crouch.
Other keys like "Tab" aint work. Im pressing them but the Apex or the App dont recieve any informations.
Same for my "Arrow" buttons. Pressing them but it doesnt register them, so cant use them. Any suggestions? Not gonna buy a new keyboard just cuz of this little problems but it would be nice if I could fix them.

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