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Technical Support / [Q/A] Headset thing.
« on: 06:42 PM - 03/09/18 »
I never really got a yes or no answer to this question. If I did I missed I but whatever. If one of the devs can give me an answer it would be great. Will this work with xim apex? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XP5R449/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=AKXVBT49GGF3B&psc=1
You plug the usb into one of the ports of the ps4, and your 3.5mm headset into the other side? I know I didn't explain that well, if you just click the link it will make sense haha. If you scroll down the page you can see a picture of someone actually using it on ps4 so it will show you what it looks like in action.

 ⌨️ & 🐁 tips

So every 4-5 minutes, my ps4 controller (i think) turns off, which makes my keyboard and mouse also not move. My controller is 100% battery charge. This is a big problem since I was playing competitive ow. Any help so it doesnít do this at all? To get it back to work I have to unplug my controller from the xim apex usb hub, press the ps button on it, and then put it back in. But I would rather not have to do this bc I go afk, so any help from devs/ comm would be appreciated 


Is this the slim/pro controller? Just asking to anyone who has slim, pro, or knows because I donít want to get the controller that you canít use the 3.5 mm Jack with. I personally donít see the difference between the normal ds4 and the slim/pro controller.

XIM APEX Discussions / Store is open
« on: 10:15 PM - 03/02/18 »
Store is open for anyone who needs it

XIM APEX Discussions / I just got it no joke
« on: 02:08 PM - 03/02/18 »
The store was up I dont know if it still is I purchased it 2 minutes ago

On pc overwatch you can have left shift as left shift and (just an example) E at the same time. Basically having the same ability on two different keys at the same time. I know this wasnít a feature on xim4, if itís not on apex, maybe in the future it could be?😬

I canít find a way to do it on xim4 manager, I use the share button a lot. How do you?

On the death adder elite mouse, theres a button (or you could say two) which allows for easy on the fly dpi/sensitivity switching in-game. When you press the top one, the dpi goes up, opposite when you press the bottom button. Will this work with xim apex (and does it work for xim4) where you can switch the dpi with those buttons?

XIM APEX Discussions / Donít trust this @#$%. (zSpxwnzV2)
« on: 03:08 PM - 02/20/18 »
What he is doing is taking your amazon gift card ($100) and saying he will buy a xim apex and ship it to you. I ask for a refund and heís not giving my 100 back. Ik you canít return a used amazon gift card but heís to dumb to even send you money over PayPal, he doesnít even know how. Like I had to explain to this retard how to do it, and still couldnít figure it out. If he messages you on ps, donít answer because heís legit a @#$% scam. Good thing I actually have and work for my money unlike him. Iím trying to help you guys from not losing money you worked for, not stolen from a tism.

XIM APEX Discussions / Payment option
« on: 12:45 PM - 02/19/18 »
Hello all! So today is my birthday and one of my relatives sent me a $100 amazon gift card. Just like my gift card, the xim apex costs $100. If there is no official xim tech account on amazon, that will sell the xim apex day one it releases, then can I pay with that $100 gift card over pm?

Where does xim apex ship from? How many days will it take to ship to New York? What delivery service will xim apex ship with? And how much longer until you actually tell us the real release date? Like ?/??/???? That kind of date because I might just buy a xim4

XIM APEX Discussions / Xim already FOR SALE (read des)
« on: 04:20 PM - 02/13/18 »

XIM APEX Discussions / Ps4 share button xim apex
« on: 01:57 PM - 02/11/18 »
What button on the keyboard is the share button on the ps4 controller?

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