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XIM APEX Discussions / OBsIV can you add this feature ?
« on: 09:41 AM - 07/17/18 »
I just came across this youtuber who plays FPS games with motion controls using Razer Hydra controller as you see below. and i learned that Nintendo's games like Splatoon 2 & Zelda:breath of the wild support this type of controls and from what i saw its very interesting.
So i am wandering whether it can be added to xim apex and if it needs ancillary equipment ?

XIM APEX Discussions / PS3 and 1000Hz report rate issue
« on: 10:13 AM - 05/06/18 »
Hello, I tried to use 1000hz report rate on my PS3 to play call of duty black ops 2 but my xim manager doesn't show the 1000hz mark; but when i used it on my PS4 the 1000hz mark is shown. Does this mean xim apex doesn't support 1000hz on old gen console and can the xim team fix this issue please? thanks

This is my first topic in this forum and i have been a xim4 player for more than a year now and it was a blast.
Now with the new comer to the xim family (APEX);I read in the compression with xim4 that it has full support for joysticks.
So is it possible to use a logitech extreme 3d pro for the left analog and another logitech extreme 3d pro for the right analog and the bottoms attached to the joystick be programmed for R2/1 square, triangle, x  and circle ?

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