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Has anyone who owns the PS5 and the Doom Eternal upgrade had any luck getting their xim to work and if so what controller are you using?

Just wanted to give some love to the Developers for the new Apex Legends ST, I had zero issues with the old ST and didnt really see any need to tinker with my settings for a long time but I gave the new config a go. Immediately felt much snappier and I dropped a couple hammer games shortly after installing it. Really appreciate the service you guys do for guys like me who just want to shred for a few hours after work. You guys are the best and I wish you Happy Holidays

Game Support / Are Any Xim Users Enjoying Hyperscape?
« on: 06:54 PM - 08/25/20 »
I tried out the training room with the Rainbow Six St as some people suggested but decided against actually playing until there was an official st out to not spoil it and to focus on Apex Legends. I know Mist said hes focused on it but it is in Beta and I heard the console aim mechanic could possibly get reworked. Just want to get some opinions from anyone whose got one.

In this video it is claimed that when wired dualshock ps4 controllers are locked at 240hz but bump up to 1000hz when using bluetooth connection. The video's creator believes this to cause significant input lag when using the wire connection and this struck as something that might be affecting performance for the xim apex. I know many people still debate on whether the xim4 performs better for them and recently ive seen those threads becoming active again. I am only posting this to put the information out there so discussion can be had. Im hesitant to change my hz from 1000 down to 250 since I do pretty well with just the standard st's but improvement is improvement.

XIM APEX Discussions / My Main Man Mist
« on: 09:22 AM - 02/11/19 »
Appreciate you cranking out the Apex Legends config so fast on such short notice, wanted to ask you from your testing if you found in game sens on 8 to be the best fit? I was playing the TF2 config on 7 for a bit more aim assist but honestly though I noticed more of my shots hitting I didnt really feel any stickiness like you get with CoD. Overall the game just feels amazing, I run a Razer Blackwidow keyboard steelseries 600 rival and I never had an issue with the radials, tracking, or anything really besides sometimes utterly whiffing my shots and wanted to know if on the lower sensitivities there is more "stickiness". Again appreciate all the work you and the Xim team do for us sweaties.

Game Support / How is PUBG running on ps4?
« on: 10:03 AM - 12/24/18 »
Ive always been interested in this game though it doesnt seem to be the agressive shooter I prefer I think learning it would be fun. Wanted to check with the community and see if the consensus is positive like it is with BO4. Merry Christmas bois where we droppin?

If anyone has any recommendations id appreciate it, I just tried running Parallel Desktop and while it ran Windows it couldnt recognize my apex to upgrade the firmware.

But I am crying in Mac download coming soon  :'( :'( :'( :'(

 This got me wondering about how the customizable deadzones will affect/ improve xim performance. I know the xbox has something called an elite controller but I have no experience with and didnt find any topics on this forum related to it. from this development teams pov is a product like this a juicy upgrade or minimal at best? The starting price of it is well past my comfort zone since my apex is more than extraordinary for my casual style of fps gaming but I was still curious on the dev team's opinion.

The official BO4 st works great for me in the multiplayer as well as most of Blackout. The only area im concerned about is the parachuting phase and vehicles. in fortnite the st allows me to control these effortlessly but in blackout its impossible to guide my character or vehicle so I switch to controller during these moments. At the moment I have no problem doing this but was just wondering if its a possibility. also I did try using the turn assist feature and it really did not offer me the control needed to land where I wanted.

XIM APEX Discussions / Xim Appreciation
« on: 11:02 AM - 07/13/18 »
I play Overwatch, I play Fortnite, I play Doom, BF1 and plan on getting BFV and by golly I have no issues whatsoever with my xim apex. I see alot of people complaining about ST performance in multiple games and not enough of the silent majority having the mods back. The Xim makes playing on console easy to perform well even without being a try hard sweaty but when you want to do that you can dominate and ive only known the team to be helpful and efficient with a device that isnt officially supported and gives you an amazing edge so heres to you Xim team just putting a little love your way.

My apex manager says I must upgrade its firmware but I cannot connect to the hub in order to get to the menu and force the firmware update. Im hesitant to delete and redownload the app since my data wont be saved. Any solutions would be appreciated.

XIM APEX Discussions / My Apex arriving on my Birthday
« on: 10:09 AM - 03/02/18 »
Today is my 26th birthday and as I am heading into work my Apex is out for delivery which means Ill get to spend the whole evening fine-tuning my sensitivities. Just wanted to thank the whole XIM team for supporting my phenomenal gaming experience because after today ill be able to give my xim4 to my little brother so we can click on heads together!

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