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Does the Xim Apex have known USB enumeration limits?

Using a "dumb" USB switch (physically break/make connections, so device disconnects and reconnects every time) to switch my mouse and keyboard between Xim and PC works great until about 5 times in my Xim no longer accepts any more USB devices. When I say *any*, I mean when I switch back to Xim the devices will never connect, and connecting a new mouse directly to the xim hub won't work either. The existing controller works, Xim just won't take any new USB devices. The only way is to unplug and replug in the Xim for it to work again.

If this limitation is confirmed, can anyone recommend an emulated or dynamically mapped USB switch that maintains the connection in switched away state? Here is a paper by Adder with details on what I'm talking about: http://www.ctxd.com/items/adder_paper_usb.pdf

The other option is to use Xim Link, but it adds noticeable input lag. I'm wondering if emulated KVM type switches will do the same...

XIM APEX Discussions / Xim Apex best performance on PC
« on: 09:09 PM - 11/17/21 »
Can someone summarize how to use Xim Apex on PC? Specifically for games that support DS4 and Xbox controllers (like CoD for example).

I'm curious about using 360 vs One vs Core Xbox controllers, and DS4 V1 vs V2.

I have a DS4 V1 that I can't get to work on Vanguard, and am considering which XBox controller to get to work best in its place.

Any difference in performance between these controllers when using Xim Apex on PC? If not, I'll just get the 360 Wired since it is the cheapest.

Technical Support / [Q/A] Forum Help - Post Removal
« on: 02:04 AM - 12/10/19 »
Hello mist or whoever gets to this, I have a special request. From what I can tell, it isn't possible to remove posts from the forum, but I would really like to remove some of the posts I have that mention my previous username, which is my current gamertag. The problem is that I play in an environment where xim is not allowed, and right now if you google my username the 7th result is all posts that mention my user on these forums.

My goal is to try and remove each instance of that username on the forums by either editing posts or remove them. I have edited out all mentions from my own posts (or so I think) but when people would reply and quote me it would create an instance, which is something I can't remove.

XIM Link / Fortnite 1 Key Builder Pro Mode - Archival Post
« on: 12:58 AM - 12/10/19 »
Reposting this thread as I have to delete it, I figured I should not just remove it without replacing it considering it has 21089 views and could still be a good resource for aspiring scripters.

Edit: I guess I cannot delete threads, I was expecting to be able to.

Please read the guides and information available about Xim Link

Use the Scripting section of the Discord for help

Easy key assignments thanks to member FortyOne
Big thanks to cqghost aka rjprevost for his contributions and great ideas

The in game option "Reset Building Choice" and Builder Pro control scheme must be on for this to work properly

Turbo building should now be working well.
For this script to work properly, you must bind a Seccondary L2 Key and Secondary R2 Key in your Xim manager
Turbo building stairs should not affect your sensitivity, and swapping pieces while holding down LButton should continue to turbo build with the new piece.

Code: [Select]
#Include %A_AppData%\XIM Link\ScriptAdditionals\AHK_ADDITIONALS.ahk
SendMode Input
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%

===============     G502's Builder Pro OKB      =================
===============    Contributions by rjprevost     =================
===============               v1.6                =================
===============              4/19/18              =================

=============== Keybind Example:                 ==================
===============     Walls_Key = f                ==================
===============     Triangle_yButton_Key = t     ==================
===============     Left_Dpad = Left             ==================
=============== Special buttons:                 ==================
===============      https://goo.gl/4FhUi7       ==================

================= Do Not Edit Code Above ==========================
;=================== Script Keybinds ==============================
Walls_Key = XButton1
Floors_Key = LCtrl
Stairs_Key = LAlt
Pyramid_Key = x
Reset_Key = g

;=================== Xim Keybinds =================================
Triangle_yButton_Key = 1
Circle_bButton_Key = c
R2_Key = LButton
L2_Key = RButton
Secondary_L2_Key = p
Secondary_R2_Key = o
R1_rBumper_Key = Numpad1
L1_lBumper_Key = q
Left_Dpad = Left

;=================== Global Variables =============================
keyHold := 40 ; time key is held

================= Do Not Edit Code Below ==========================

buildMode := false
L_Button = Secondary_R2_Key
editMode := false

Hotkey, ~*%Walls_Key% , Walls_Macro
Hotkey, ~*%Floors_Key%, Floors_Macro
Hotkey, ~*%Stairs_Key% , Stairs_Macro
Hotkey, ~*%Pyramid_Key%, Pyramid_Macro
Hotkey, ~*%Reset_Key%, double_Triangle_Macro
HotKey, ~*%Triangle_yButton_Key%, Triangle_yButton_Macro
HotKey, ~*%Circle_bButton_Key%, Circle_bButton_Macro
#If buildMode && !editMode
HotKey, If, buildMode && !editMode
HotKey, *$%L2_Key%, L2_Key_Macro
HotKey, *$%R1_rBumper_Key%, double_Triangle_Macro
HotKey, *$%L1_lBumper_Key%, double_Triangle_Macro
Hotkey, If





buildMode := false
L_Button := Secondary_R2_Key


#If buildMode && !editMode
SendInput {%L_Button% DownR}

$*LButton Up::
SendInput {%L_Button% Up}

SendInput {%Left_Dpad% DownR}
Sleep keyHold
SendInput {%Left_Dpad% Up}

buildMode := false
L_Button = Secondary_R2_Key
editMode := false
changeStuff(Triangle_yButton_Key, Secondary_R2_Key)
Sleep 20
changeStuff(Triangle_yButton_Key, Secondary_R2_Key)

SendInput {%L_Button% Up}
SendInput {LButton Up}
if(buildMode && L_Button = piece)
changeStuff(Circle_bButton_Key, piece)
else if(buildMode)
changeStuff(piece, piece)
changeStuff(Circle_bButton_Key, piece)
if(piece != Secondary_R2_Key)
changeStuff(piece, piece)
Sleep 80
if(buildMode && GetKeyState("LButton", "P"))
SendInput {%L_Button% DownR}
else if(!buildMode && GetKeyState("LButton", "P"))
SendInput {LButton DownR}

changeStuff(key, var)
if(key = Circle_bButton_Key)
buildMode := !buildMode
SendInput {%L_Button% Up}
Sleep 10
L_Button = %var%
SendInput {%key% DownR}
Sleep keyHold
SendInput {%key% Up}
Sleep 40

circleButton() {
KeyWait, %Circle_bButton_Key%, T0.3
if(ErrorLevel && buildmode) {
KeyWait, %Circle_bButton_Key%
editMode := true
} else if(buildMode && editMode) {
editMode := false
} else {
buildMode := false

Please explain in detail any bugs you find or suggestions.

I will not be implementing trap support, just press square twice. The reason is that when you don't have traps and hit the trap button, it will mess up the entire script.

Also, if you are feeling donation friendly please use the donate button in your xim link to thank W11cE for Xim Link

If you copy pasted this script anytime before the date shown below this message, you may not have the most recent iteration.

XIM APEX Discussions / Ballistic Curve Creation Tool 2.0
« on: 03:42 PM - 07/27/19 »
Edit: Looking for better file hosting options if you have any suggestions. Ideally if someone could host this so it doesn't need to be downloaded.

Ballistic Curve Creation Tool 2.01
Update 2.01: Added "LA" slider, thank you Lemon1 for the idea. Also made the two buttons larger, as they were a bit small for me on mobile.

An entire year later, I am back with a completely rewritten and revamped ballistics curve creation tool. This version has sliders, live visual updates, and can be locally hosted on your computer or even phone so you can easily paste curves into Xim Manager.

The tool can be downloaded here.

Please experiment, share curves you like here, and enjoy easy creation with a more user friendly tool than the old spreadsheet. I'll answer some common questions below, and probably continue to add to this list as more users have questions.

What is B?
B is my own version of Boost, which you should be familiar with from the advanced feature options on newer Apex firmware, or from Xim4. Boost allows your initial motion speeds to be higher, which can help you cut out of aim assist and snap from target to target.

What is SA?
SA is my own version of Steady Aim. Steady Aim limits your aim speed to specific discrete values. This helps you cut through the aim assist "bubble" and get on target faster.

How does SA cut through aim assist?
When you are approaching a target, your natural instinct is to slow down your movement as you get close. The problem is that when games have aim assist, they have this slow down built in. Your own instinct and the games aim assist compound to form this "bubble" that prevents you from getting on target. Using Steady Aim can help your Xim ignore your instinct by not slowing down the rotation when you slow down your mouse (as you stay on one of the "steps" of the curve), helping you get on target faster.

What is SAD?
SAD is Steady Aim Distribution. This value decides how the discrete "bins" are created, allowing their density to be higher or lower for higher or lower sensitivities.

What is F?
F is Fuzz. This setting can have a similar effect to SA, but it does not discretize your sensitivity and instead causes it to oscillate between fast and slow settings. If you've ever seen someone shake their aim back and forth on a target, the goal is this is to naturally give this affect of lurching aim to help cut through aim assist quickly, but it may have adverse effects on the smoothness of your aim.

What is LA?
LA is Linear After. Place the slider at the point you'd like the custom curve to end, and continue as the same good old fashioned linear curve at the same sensitivity you're used to. Great to have a curve for cutting through aim assist, but keeping similar response for those fast flicks you've been training for for your entire existence.

What are X, Y, and Z?
These are parameters that control the shape of the overall curve, and affect each mode differently. Certain modes may not be affected by all of the sliders, for example Power is only controlled with the X value and is unaffected by Y and Z.

How do I use a curve?
Click "Generate Xim Ballistics" and you should see your curve in the textbox. Select "Copy To Clipboard" and it should now be in your devices clipboard. Open up Xim Manager and paste it into the ballistics editor and you should now see the curve and be able to use it on your Xim Apex.

Have you ever though of making a curve do X?
No, but I definitely can add that feature for users to experiment with. I'm open to all suggestions in terms of added functionality and modes.

Give curve for X game.
I'm open to discussion on what features are useful for certain games, and sharing curves that you have created and are useful here, but this is not a place to request curves, it is a place for sharing them.

To Moderators: Please unsticky my previous curve creation tool and replace it with this thread. I am very tired of the incessant emails requesting for access.

A few days ago I got yet another request to edit my google sheets ballistic curve tool (one of probably 100 I've received over the last year) and decided it was time to create version 2.0.

I have a basic functional version right now, but I'm polishing and adding features before officially releasing it. One feature that I want to have is steady aim implementation for curves. IIRC there were some curves that mist or somebody made before the feature was added to the apex. My goal is to allow users to create steady aim in similar to those with the discretized curve shown to the user.

With this in mind, I am curious what the bin distribution is on the release version steady aim feature. I don't remember it looking very linear, but the natural log scale I'm currently using doesn't look quite right.

If anybody remembers my original ballistic curve creation tool and has any requests I'd take those as well. So far I have 3 sliders for variables, 5 different equation modes, boost, and steady aim in progress. Curves automatically scale with the sliders and are shown live.

Also one last question for moderators: Would it be possible to have you host the html for me on your site? I'd be willing to work with whoever develops this site or just put my elements on a forum looking page as well. (I may be way off base here, and am willing to just distribute an html file somehow that users can host locally if this won't happen)

Hardware Compatbility / Collective Minds Strikepack
« on: 12:03 AM - 03/16/19 »
Here is my situation: I play some games with controller, and other games with the mouse. When I play with a controller, I use this. I don't use it for the mods, I just leave it in tournament mode all the time so that I have paddles on the back of my controller, it is basically a bargain scuf attachment for my controller.

Right now, I can't get this device to work with my Xim Apex connected. I can start up the xim with just the controller, but as soon as I add the strikepack between them, the xim becomes unresponsive to all inputs.

Ideally, the xim would recognize the ps4 controller and strikepack combo as just a ps4 controller. If that isn't possible, maybe it could recognize the controller and strikepack separately, allowing the strikepack to act as a standard HID device.

The strikepack has an ARM STM32F205 Cortex-M3 MCU and a JFD FE1.1S USB 2.0 hub controller.
Other than that information, I don't really know where to begin with solving these problems. I'm 100% willing to test firmware for this device as well as xim, crack this thing open to make modifications if that is necessary, flash other code onto the STM32, add onto some code base for this type of device, or pretty much any other possible solution for the problem I'm having.

Hopefully someone can shed some light on this issue and offer up some knowledge about how I could fix this problem.

General Discussion / 3D Scan of Sony Nav controller
« on: 12:17 PM - 01/01/19 »
EDIT: Found the model, but don't have accurate dimensions, can anyone measure the overall length/width of theirs?

Months ago someone on the discord told me they had a 3d model of the Sony Nav controller, but I never got it from them.

If anyone has this model,
I plan to use it to design a slide-on grip that I'd give to members here

XIM Link / Xim Response Rate
« on: 10:28 PM - 11/21/18 »
I think it was previously recommended to just use 1000Hz on the Apex at all times, is this still the case?

Technical Support / Forum Name Change?
« on: 11:05 PM - 11/20/18 »
OBS, can you change my name to G502Killer ? If that's taken just throw a hyphen or underscore somewhere. Thanks

Beta / Steady Aim: Angle Snapping or Discrete Velocity?
« on: 05:11 PM - 11/16/18 »
Edit: Most of what I said here does not seem to be correct, but I still don't think the way steady aim is currently working is correct. See below

I've been testing Steady Aim, and it does not appear to do what many people are claiming it does.

It inhibits diagonal movement, it does not quantize mouse velocity. I was expecting it to do the latter, because that is what the gradual/stairstep curves that were previously released by OBS did. I'm not sure if this is intended or what, but overall I'm not sure what the point of this feature is.

If you Link stops sending all input, and the only way to make it work again is to restart, this is a better solution for you.

Go to device manager -> Universal Serial Bus Devices -> Right click on transfer cable -> disable device then re-enable device

Your Xim Link should now work

This freezing occurs for me all the time, at seemingly random times, and the only way I used to be able to get it to work again was to restart my PC. This is a much easier method to make it work again mid-game

General Discussion / Xim Nunchuk Survey
« on: 11:09 PM - 08/18/18 »
I've been working away on a product for you guys. Please take this survey to help me see what you want as a product.


Some comments from things I've seen so far:
* Wireless support is hard. It adds not only cost, but a lot more variability and reliability issues with production. Battery charging circuitry, bluetooth connectivity, and cheap lithium ions make the product much more difficult. I don't want to bite off more than I can chew and go the way of the grifta, so am leaning towards not offering wireless, at least not this iteration. (Change my mind)

* It won't be hard to offer multiple products, especially since I am 3d printing the body of each controller. For this purpose, we could offer a few different bodies if you guys really requested it, and could build custom designs to accommodate anyone with special needs.

* The initial production will take a lot of time, think 1-2 months before I can ship out a large order. Once I get initial orders in, I'll order enough stock to reduce production time. As you all have learned from Apex stock - it is hard to predict how many people will order something. Production will be cyclical because ordering components and manufacturing will take a lot of time, but getting an order when I have stock means you'll get it in 4-5 days.

* The joystick keyboard add-on is a cool idea I had while making the survey. It would be the cheapest and easiest thing to produce, and would be able to add analog support to any keyboard if I can make it work. I will be prototyping this to see if I can make it ergonomic enough to use. If it is, it will be sold as separately alongside the nunchuk for those interested.

* I will be adding more thoughts as I have them

XIM Link / A very specific request for OBsIV
« on: 08:01 PM - 08/08/18 »
I've got a fun one for you today. I came across this first working on a script for overwatch, a guy wanted a button to rocket jump instead of having to spin a 180, look down, shoot, and look back with a button push (because doing consistent 180s at turn speed cap is difficult with xim).

I accomplished this using XimInputData commands to tilt the stick in the direction I needed, and the amount I needed, but came across an issue with doing this.

Xim translation does not account for XimInputData inputs when translating to the ST, and this is an issue for these scripts because any mouse input will send the cursor flying.

Say I wanted a fortnite script to build a box, it slowly turns and places walls as it turns.
In this script I will send
Code: [Select]
XIMInputData("RightStickX", 40). The issue is that while this is going, if I move my mouse to the right even just a tiny bit it will send my character spinning wildly.

Basically the Xim sees mouse delta, and says "okay for this speed I need to push the stick to the right 10," since the stick is already to the right 40, it pushes the stick to 50. The issue is that the turn speed difference from 0-10 is much smaller than the turn speed difference from 40-50, and so my cursor takes off much faster than I had anticipated with the mouse movement.

Is there a way to correct for this within the translation? Basically instead of calculating mouse delta as a set stick inflection, it would have to calculate stick delta from mouse delta, where stick delta varies over the current stick tilt.

This also could help to correct for issues such as players having messed up controllers that are stuck one way or the other, slight enough that it doesn't turn in game due to deadzone but enough to affect translation.

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