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I created a Rainbow 6 Siege config on my new phone, and the app seems to be different than it was on my old phone. Now, when I create my r6s config, there are no options for ADS sens, or other options. I used to be able to slide right for the other settings such as ADS & Auxiliaries but now there is no option to slide.

Any Help ?

I'm completely new to all this and don't understand the settings tbh. Ill put my settings below and hopefully someone can maybe help me out with any suggestions. My settings may be a bit ridiculous lol like i said idrk what im doing.

I haven't messed with any ballistic settings.

11,000 DPI
HIP: 265.00
Smoothing: 7
Y/X: 1.00

ADS: 130
Smoothing: 14
Y/X: 1.00

Logitech G903
Corsair K70 Rapidfire

XIM 4 Discussions / K70 Rapidfire RGB Lighting Help
« on: 02:56 PM - 03/08/18 »
I've been using the k70 with the apex for the past few days and I just hooked my keyboard to my PC and changed my lighting. I was wondering how to keep my lighting when hooking up to the APEX

I currently have a xim4 and I just purchased a k55 keyboard. When I set it up, it would not work. It is set up correctly. I was wondering if it is compatible or not, and if not, will it be compatible with the Apex.

« on: 11:21 AM - 03/02/18 »
In in no way am I complaining...I've been checking this forum every day for the past 3 weeks and the 2 days I dont the thing drops....RIPP. I understand the drop time isnt announced but does anyone know the day the next drop it? Today, tomorrow?

Thanks, srry for the annoying post lol

pretty sure I saw obsIV declare that the active forum members get access to purchase first.

this is me being active

almost march <3

XIM APEX Discussions / Best mouse pad?
« on: 05:32 PM - 02/12/18 »
Ik this is somewhat unrelated to XIM and that its purely preferencial but what are your guy's favorite mouse pad? Any reccomendations?

I have a Logitech G903

XIM APEX Discussions / Controller to Hub Cable
« on: 04:55 PM - 02/11/18 »
I watched the quick start guide video and was wondering if the controller to hub cable is included with purchase of XIM Apex.

XIM APEX Discussions / Best Wireless Mouse for the Xim?
« on: 01:26 AM - 02/11/18 »
Any suggestions on the best wireless mouse? New to mnk. I'm hoping to get a wireless that is capable of being wired also.

I got the Razer Mamba mouse recently hoping to use it with the xim. I'm still able to return it, so I want to be sure the Mamba is a good mouse thats compatible with the xim apex.

XIM APEX Discussions / Isn't high DPI best for use?
« on: 03:38 PM - 02/04/18 »
Ik this may be a very dumb question but I'm a mnk newbie. I have the Razer Mamba with up to 16,000 dpi but I've heard lower is sometimes better, and I've heard from others the highest dpi is always best. Could anyone explain how it works?? lol

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