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I think it would be cool if we could see our current DPI in the Xim apex app. (Like how it shows the HZ badge) Only way to check DPI now is to unplug the mouse, plug into laptop and go in LGS/G Hub. It would be more convenient if the Xim apex app showed DPI. And even if this feature is never added itís all good. Iíll still love u Xim

Support / [Q/A] Using XIM apex for the first time
« on: 12:44 PM - 01/12/20 »
Got my apex all set up with everything plugged in where itís supposed to be. Made my config for OW but all I did was set the Hz to 1000, set sync to common and sens at 2. Is that all I need to do? I kno thereís a bunch of advanced settings like ballistic curve, smoothing, boost, steady aim, SAB etc. but I donít care about that stuff. I just want the very basics which I think I got but just making sure

General Discussion / Anyone use G305 w/ Xim4 or Xim Apex?
« on: 10:06 PM - 07/28/19 »
Considering buying G305 and using it w/ Xim4 but i wonder if anyone here uses it and does it work well with xim or no

General Discussion / OW Genji settings?
« on: 11:48 PM - 07/26/19 »
I kno i shouldnít ask for settings here since itís personal preference and also copying someone elseís work etc. However, im curious what ppl use to play genji on Xim. I think heís kinda difficult to play w/ xim because you canít turn or 180 fast enough. And i kno itís the games fault but i feel like other chars are more suitable than him for xim like widow, cree, soldier, ash etc. (Also I hav Xim4 not apex)

Then I explain that XIM is restricted to the same movement and turn speed as a controller and that there is no movement/turn speed that you can do with XIM that you cannot do with a controller. The response? ďNo cuz i just kno cuz im a high rankĒ i swear arguing with these ppl is like arguing with a brick

Support / [RESOLVED] Jumping cursor issues (XIM4)
« on: 04:04 AM - 05/14/19 »
Iíve been having issues with my XIM4 where I lose control of my cursor in Overwatch for about 1 second or 2. When I lose control of the cursor it ďjumpsĒ around on the screen moving on its own without input from me. Iíve tested all 4 of my mice and I get the issue on all 4 of them (G pro wireless, G pro wired, G903, deathadder) so my mice canít be at fault (this is a new issue for me, hadnít happened until a few months ago and I bought my XIM4 in November 2017)

Iíve also tested both hard and cloth mouse pads and I get the issue on both (g440 mm600 Goliathus gtfx g640) Iíve also tried cleaning the mouse sensors with rubbing alcohol and q tip and cleaning the mouse pads with a micro fiber cloth and water but that did not fix the issue. I factory reset the XIM4, recreated my config and only adjusted the sensitivity but that didnít fix it either. Do I just need to buy a new XIM? Maybe if I buy XIM Apex that will fix it? Iím kinda out of options. The only other thing I can think of is maybe itís an issue exclusive to overwatch but I would need to test other games to confirm if thatís true or not

XIM APEX Discussions / Is it worth buying XIM Apex if...
« on: 11:07 AM - 03/18/19 »
You still have a Xim4 that is working perfectly fine? Plus I purchased the Xim4 last year so itís still pretty new. It also seems like I would have a very similar experience with Xim Apex to my Xim4 experience

General Discussion / Suggestion: XIM app shows current DPI
« on: 02:45 AM - 03/08/19 »
The XIM knows what DPI the mouse is at, so it should be possible to have the XIM app show the current DPI right? The way to see DPI as of right now is kinda a pain since you have to unplug your mouse and go get your laptop and plug it in to see it (I donít have a gaming PC)

General Discussion / Different mouse pad causes spin out?
« on: 05:01 PM - 03/05/19 »
Yesterday when I was playing I tested multiple different hard mouse pads, Corsair mm400, mm600, and G440. When I used the both the Corsair mm400 and mm600 my crosshair spun out and my character was aiming at the ceiling or ground. But when I used the G440 I had no issues. I was using a G pro wireless with the receiver extremely close on all 3 mouse pads. I used a duster on the surface of all 3 mouse pads and the bottom of the G pro wireless so it wasnít dust or debris that caused the issue.

Hardware Compatibility / Logitech G Pro Wireless
« on: 01:22 AM - 01/21/19 »
Works perfectly with Xim4, havenít used it w/ Xim apex because i donít own an apex but Iím sure it works with it too

General Discussion / Xim Apex worth it for Overwatch?
« on: 08:19 AM - 11/10/18 »
Iím still using xim4 but Iíve thought about switching to xim apex at some point since that is the latest xim model, and it has 1000 hz. However, i often see talk of the Apex not being good for overwatch and that itís better to just stick with xim4. Maybe it depends on what settings you use? I donít use a curve or any advanced settings (boost steady aim etc) I just use 12k DPI and 15 xim sens on my xim 4 with exponential ramp and the official Overwatch ST

Honestly itís just pathetic how butthurt people get over xim. All the people who are ďcelebratingĒ because they think Epic Games banned xim users (which they didnít) XIM has already circumvented their attempt at blocking it in fortnight. Even if they did ďbanĒ XIM users do these people honestly think anything would change? Because I can tell you no absolutely nothing would change, if you suck @ the game itís because you are bad not because of XIM. People really just need to accept that they are bad and stop blaming XIM for their own lack of skill at video games. End of rant  :)

Support / [Q/A] Dear Admins - name change
« on: 03:14 AM - 09/22/18 »
Can you please delete this account, i wont be using it anymore. I keep trying to delete the account myself but it wonít let me and instead it says you have to do it for me. So if you could go ahead and do it that would be fantastic, thanks.

Support / Change xim forum name?
« on: 02:55 PM - 09/05/18 »
Is there a way to change my xim forum username to something else (replacing MercyOneTrick) or do I need to make a new account. And if I change it are special characters allowed for example: ĘéƇĿǺP

General Discussion / Hard mouse pad with the most glide?
« on: 09:38 PM - 08/21/18 »
I want the hard pad that has the most glide. Iíve used a number of hard pads including the Logitech G440, Corsair mm400, Corsair mm600, Roccat alumic. Iím currently using the Roccat Alumic speed side, but Iím wondering if thereís a hard pad with better glide

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