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As we know the xim apex doesn't work for PS5 games so i downloaded the PS4 version of RB6 siege on the PS5 but I was really curious to try both consoles to test out the smart translator of 4.9. after Testing for hours going back and forwards the smart translation works surprisingly better on the PS4 compared to the PS5 even though both consoles are on the same versions of siege.

On the PS5 playing the PS4 version the game felt much more sluggish, delayed and slower and way less accurate with the deadzone issues I was on about on a earlier post that (Mist) knows about .

On the PS4 the Game felt much more responsive. More faster and way more accurate with out the deadzone issues.
Keep in mind I changed nothing all settings and everything else the same apart from the platform switching between both consoles.

With this conclusion Smart translators work better with the platform they are intended and created for.

I found this really interesting and thought I'd definitely let you guys know so we can have the best for XIM.

Game Support / Rainbow Six (Tweaks and improvements ).
« on: 05:01 PM - 08/25/21 »
I've been playing this game since beta nearly 5years! the latest ST 4.9 isn't bad at all but there are times where I struggle to aim due to the inconsistency of the ST or having the feeling that my deadzones are too high even when it's defaulted . So I wanted ask some question which hopefully mist could reply to so we can improve the 4.9 and for the future implementation of the game and make it near perfect!

First I need to know if the micro aim-opitmization from years back has been added to the 4.9?

Game Support / Possibility of new siege ST?
« on: 10:10 PM - 05/04/21 »
Using the mico aim for 1.0 sights just feels so awkward and sluggish for me like my aim is stuck in the mud.  The rest of the sights (1.5) (2.0) feel nice and responsive.  Is it possible we can get an ST with out the micro aim built?

« on: 03:26 AM - 04/02/21 »
What's happening with my ST profiles they all have the config out of date signs . Cod went from 4.4 to 4.3 . It shows generic zeta, fornite and few others also out of date .

Game Support / Can't find ST!!
« on: 11:05 AM - 03/09/21 »
I can't find the rogue company ST has it been taken out ??

« on: 12:30 PM - 01/23/21 »
Title ....

XIM APEX Discussions / NAV ON PS5.
« on: 02:49 AM - 01/21/21 »
Has any one tried the nav controller on the ps5 ?

Game Support / Help for warzone .
« on: 01:03 PM - 01/19/21 »
What ST am I supposed to use for warzone ? Is it cold war or modern warfare ST or is there one separate for warzone??

Game Support / PS5' RB6 SEIGE .
« on: 06:59 PM - 01/06/21 »
Looking to buy the ps5, how is siege on it with the Xim ? Is there a new ST for it ?

XIM APEX Discussions / Ps5 compatibility
« on: 09:55 AM - 12/02/20 »
I've been away for a while could anybody give me some insight about the xim on ps5 ? Does it work or not? If not what are the devs planning to do ?

XIM APEX Discussions / Generic zeta
« on: 03:39 PM - 10/22/20 »
Is the generic zeta still based of RB6 siege 4.5 ?

Technical Support / [RESOLVED] Manger issue
« on: 08:12 AM - 10/18/20 »
Am having issues with the xim manger . It shows at the bottom that a button is active J2 which is down arrow on the ps4 . I've rest the xim and the nav . Had no issues yesterday.  It happens as soon as I downlaoded the latest game download. 

Game Support / RB6 NEW ST !
« on: 10:59 AM - 10/07/20 »
What is the recommended settings? Should I max everything ?so far am using my old settings in game and eveything feels better .

XIM APEX Discussions / support idea for Nav users !.
« on: 08:51 PM - 09/17/20 »
As you know we really dont have much options for anolog users . I been using the nav since release . I've had over 5 navs after 6
Months or so the joystick becomes weak.  I've seen similar products like the nav but all bluetooth or battery powered it be awesome if we could get some of these products to work with the xim if possible .

General Discussion / Xbox ST on PS4
« on: 05:17 PM - 09/14/20 »
Would you still get the same translation if using a xbox ST on a ps4 nd vice versa . Would it feel off or optimised?

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