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I havenít played this game in a while and quite like the Battle Royale so I think Iím going to start trying to perfect my settings.

I know the Xim page says to turn it off but a lot of players seem to have it on.

Iím not really sure what it does but it says it helps with muscle memory soooo, ehh lol.

Iím also planning to turn off aim assist, as a wrist player, I feel like it messes me up too much, felt the same in black ops and even played better with it off on Fortnite.

I honestly completely forgot about this and since I purchased BFV only played one game lol.

Noticed a lot of gameplay has been released and the BR is dropping in a couple of days, it honestly looks really good and this video shows great gameplay.

How many of you guys think youíll enjoy it or even try it out?

11K Firestorm win -


I remember when I used to play Division 1, movement was HUGE, should I play in analog mode with the Azeron or Keyboard mode for better performance?

I havenít played the game in years, thatís why I ask. ( Division 1 )

General Discussion / Azeron Compact on Fortnite...
« on: 11:43 AM - 02/21/19 »
Getting better, anyone have any tips gameplay wise that will help me improve.


Clips arenít the greatest but if I could get some clips of when I first plugged in the Azeron, youíll see how far Iíve come lol. Spent most of the days ruining my sensitivity but I think Iíve found something comfortable, may need slight tweaking.


General Discussion / Fortnite deadzones...
« on: 11:41 AM - 02/16/19 »
Since this has been added should we be changing the deadzones and if lower would be better, will we get a retrained Config??

Reason - Aim assist.

Fix - Turn aim assist off......

Yup, easy as that.

Itís not the games sensitivity cap thatís stopping you from being able to flick well, itís aim assist.

Why do you think itís so easy to flick onto those blue circles whilst farming?

I guess Iíve practiced it because for some reason I like trying to flick onto them really fast. Iíve been getting really frustrated with aim assist and shotguns lately, I decided I may aswell try turning the aim assist off.

Guess what........ It worked. Simple as that, it only makes sense itís going to also improve my aim even more now Iím pretty much practicing on moving ďblue circlesĒ now lol.

The only issue is the frame rate, I think t will be better on PS4 pro / Xbox 1 X, Iím on the regular PS4 and right now my wifi is sitting at a 40-50 ping so that doesnít help.

Only problem Iíve noticed with no aim assist is upclose battles with ARís and SMGís, this may be due to me playing on 500hz so Iím going to try 1000hz tomorrow ( later on today ).

I play on a really high sensitivity right now, common sync, 13.66 hip with a very aggressive curve which was to combat aim assist but also increased the sensitivity ALOT.

Feel like some Xim players are relying on aim assist a little to much and should try playing without it, it honestly does seem more accurate and consistent even though I know my settings arenít completely right yet.

If you guys have any questions, Iíll be happy to explain myself a little more, feel like Iím waffling now lol.

General Discussion / @OBs1v Osu pens, again..
« on: 07:29 PM - 02/13/19 »
I made a little post about these a while ago, asking if they worked and you said you got one to work but it was super hard.

Do you know if a regular Xim user would be able to do this??

Edit :

So I went back and found your reply to that post and you said the lack of buttons made in unplayable, with something like the Azeron and getting a pen that has buttons on it, do you think it would work?

Your reply - ďYes, in fact, I prototyped this in the past -- with a WACOM tablet on XIM4 talking directly to the tablet to get full resolution without going through it's higher level mouse interface -- and the precision is amazing. But, the lack of buttons was a deal-breaker. It was unplayable because of that.Ē

Does anyone know of any hard pads which are larger than the G440?

I play with my mouse pad on my lap with a little bored under to keep it flat, donít know why, itís just always felt more comfortable than having it on a desk.

Now Iím not using the Nav anymore, which Iíd still have my left hand resting on the top left hand side of the mouse pad whilst playing and have now switched to the Azeron, my mouse seems to be clipping the Azeron a little sometimes.

Need a larger mouse pad and for wrist aiming, hard is the best feeling imo.

First thing I do is plug it in to see if it is plug and play with the Apex, doesnít work.

Start powering up my laptop so I can download he software and whilst that does itís hing I decide to adjust the fingers on the Azeron ( they came loosened and pretty much flopping left and right )

Notice the ring finger is moving up and down slightly and I just guess I have to tighten the screw, get to doing that with no luck then the whole thing just comes out of place.

The little gold thing thatís attached inside the fingers ( the screw moves in and out of that ) is at the base of the Azeron compared to the others which seem to be glued or screwed inside of the fingers.

Screws gone blunt so I canít get it out, not sure what to do........

Iíve never learned to use keyboard,I type with my index fingers and have to look at the keyboard whilst I type ( donít tyoe that much tbh )

How hard will it be for someone whoís used controller their whole life ( including Nav for Xim ) and never really used their left middle, ring or pinky finger for anything other than gripping to get used to the Azeron?

Have any of you guys whoíve moved from Nav to Azeron had any issues or found it hard to get used to, hard meaning taking more than a few days to a week to build decent muscle memory.

Now, Iím not great at this game, I pretty much only play once or 2s a week as itís kinda boring.

Iím planning on getting back into it properly when my Azeron comes due to issues with my right hand.

This is just proof for everyone who doesnít believe the Rival 600 and Sony Nav work perfectly together even in Fortnite.


My edit button on my Nav is the circle button.

FIRE - Mouse Left

ADS - L2 / Left trigger

Crouch - AUX1 / Sniper button

Sprint - Left analog stick click

Next weapon  / R1 - Mouse Forward

Previous weapon / L1 - L1 or 9 ( what it comes up as on the Xim manager )

Jump - Mouse Right

Build - Mouse Back

Reload - DPI Button

Harvest weapon - Scroll wheel click / press

Rest of the buttons are self explanatory, only button not bound is the Share Button.

General Discussion / Can I change my name on the Forum.
« on: 01:46 PM - 01/21/19 »
I made this account not thinking Iíd spend so much time on the forums, just though Iíd buy my Xim, ask for advice and then disappear.

People seem to think because my names PC Skeng, I play pc and Id get comments about it on YouTube all the time. The name would only be understood if you were around my age and from London. Itís a joke name and Iíd like to change it if thatís possible :)

This video actually gave me some new info on the Azeron. I didnít know you could move the fingers left and right, I thought they were only length adjustable

Video unboxed the regular Azeron, havenít found anything on the Compact yet but for all of us whoíre excited to receive out Azeronís or anyone interested in buying, hereís what you can be expecting. 

( Both Azeron Regular and Compact have been given updated features such as the 5 way DPAD ( I think itís 5 way, donít quote me ) and then new ones should be shipping with improved analog sticks )


Has anyone used either full or Compact version?

If so, what has your experience been like and how hard / easy was it to get used to?

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