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« on: 02:44 PM - 11/14/18 »
With the new XIM APEX BETA release, you can find it here:

Let's all share our current configs and keep this THREAD up to date strictly for !!FORNITE!!

   QUICK TIPS              [ special thanks to antithesis ]

Less AA - Sync Off, Boost, Steady Aim, acceleration Ballistics Curves
More AA - Sync Default > Common > Slow, Smoothing, Sim Analog Behaviour, deceleration Ballistics Curves


I am currently running with the following:

Mouse settings
- 16000 DPI
- 1000 Mhz

Xim Apex :

Response rate: 1000 Mhz

ADS : 7.00
HIP : 6.00

Sync: Slow
Smoothing: 3
Simulate Analog Behavior: 110

In game adjustments:

Controller Sensitivity X:1.00
Controller Sensitivity Y: 1.00

Controller Targeting Sensitivity: 1.00
Controller Scope Sensitivity: 1.00

Game Support / EPIC vs XIM 1-0
« on: 10:45 AM - 09/01/18 »
Alright, so I played on both PC  and on Console using XIM....


After the last updated I can really say that they did change something to affect XIM. Why I am saying this, well , after playing on PC with and without XIM, on Console with and without XIM found the following while using XIM:

- inconsistency
- no AA
- AIM is broken at times (when you actually need it(during fights) it fails miserably)

While any of the above are NOT happening while using the controller... so, I have seen a lot of threads and the recomandations from the ADMINS are to :

- update your XIM APEX
- update your game config in XIM APEX
- create a new GAME config in XIM APEX

While all the above and every aspect has been cleared, I have moved forward and look through my mouse coniguration:

- pooling rates

Check every video about XIM APEX and followed the guide closely to find my own setup!

After doing all the above, played for the last 20hours:

-  the inconsistency is still present
-  the issues are still present

It doesn't feel good to me compared to post update XIM APEX experience.

Not sure what they did, (they SAID they will do something agains XIM apex) , but it seems it works and we can just sit back and wait for (not sure what cause the ADMINS here didn't notice or play this game) something or move and play a different game.

Anyway, at the beginning I was thinking maybe it is just me...but with all the tweaks, all the smoothing all etc.. I did improve the feeling but never close to feel realiable on my xim , where with the controller I can dare to go 1 vs 1 with any XIM user here knowing I will end up being the one alive...NOT the same I can say about XIM anymore.

Anyway, I am a bit pissed (yeah) after the past 20h of trying to understand what is wrong. Check mouse pooling rate with the guide that was available here. Than even changed the mouse to a new one (logitech G502, even tried a Steelseries Rival 600 just to make sure that the issues is not from the mouse I am using ).

NOTHING makes this update feel any better, it is still shi**&&&T.

Sorry for the RANT!

 "For the first two weeks of release, we are only allowing 1 unit per order"

Just got this info from support. I was asking if I can order 2 XIM APEX for me and my friend so we can split shipping cost but it seems not possible at least for the first 2 weeks.

I wanted to share with you the information I got.

Happy GAMEPLAY with XIM APEX once everyone gets one!

“We have been gathering in-game information regarding Third Party device usage over the past few months. Although usage of these devices is statistically very low, fair gameplay is core to our experience, and we will be communicating our plan to curb the use of these devices soon.”


If they can detect it, then we might get a ban for using it...this is just sad. Probably if they start doing this, other developers will follow.

Any comments from the team behind Xim Apex?

For myself and many other, I consider this as a long term  investment, and would not want to see my Xim Apex being useless after a couple of weeks...

I haven’t seen any email to cofirm that I have been added to the waiting list. Checked spam, nothing...

How do I even know that I am on the waiting list now? :(

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