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Technical Support / [Q/A] Sensitivity lowered?
« on: 03:57 AM - 01/18/18 »
Was playing some good games on overwatch. Had a great sens setting and was climbing from 2800-2952. Played a game just now and noticed my sensitivity was A LOT lower. Thought I mightíve clicked a button on my mouse to lower the sens so I turned it up a bit, and had no luck. Unsure if fhis is a common problem or if itís out of ordinary?

Game Support / [Overwatch]XIM Comp Climbing? XB1
« on: 12:04 AM - 01/17/18 »
Anyone wanna group up and play some comp? Just got my xim so still learning, but would be nice to have a good team to climb with. Iím 2900, 3201 season high (dropped after testing out XIM in multiple comp games then climbed back up to 2900)

Can play tracer, reaper, Hog, junkrat

Post ur gt or PM!

Let me start off by saying Iím not blaming XIM at all. Just want to hear some input.

So, I started playing at 3001 SR. Ended up losing about 6 times in a row. Some bronze medals, some silver, some gold.

Iíve been playing tracer since she seems easiest on PC, but it just seems like I could be playing better roles on Xbox such as junkrat, dva, Roadhog, etc that seem too difficult to play with on mouse and keyboard.

Now Iím wondering if this is just a beginner sort of thing, or if I should just stick to a controller? Keyboard and mouse def feels more competitive, but if Iím losing all the time, Iím unsure if itís my settings or something, or if itís just me needing a controller?

Again, not blaming XIM, just really want some input. Iíve seen players climb to GM with XIM, and I know it isnít some ďautomatic GM boosterĒ, but 6 losses in a row is kinda ehhh. Just unsure how people are climbing playing as widowmaker. I tried playing widow and couldnít do much. Tracer is def my favorite on keyboard and mouse but somethings just not right

Also, looks like I got 4 hours Iím on tracer today alone. So I understand the concept of XIM, but i feel like Iím missing something big.

Iíve tried different configs and sensitivity. Usually have high sens on tracer and it does pretty well, but still losing and I feel like XIM has better settings I could use to actually carry and climb, which is what Iím assuming most XIM users are doing along with the console boosters

Game Support / Anybody play zenyata?
« on: 03:13 AM - 01/16/18 »
Used to love playing zen on Xbox, but Iím not sure if I could play him on PC lol.. seems like tracer is my go to right now but zen would be fun to play as

Technical Support / [Q/A] REALLY dumb question about DPI
« on: 03:25 PM - 01/15/18 »
So, I used to pc game, but never messed with mouse options or anything.
Now that I have xim Iím starting to use it for overwatch, but Iím reading to change DPI settings and etc

I have a G503 mouse but I donít have an actual PC anymore and Iím using a tv.

So if I wanted to change my DPI, would I be able to just connect to my laptop, change dpi, then connect back to the xim?

I know itís a stupid question, but I canít find anything online lol

Game Support / Overwatch tracer settings?
« on: 12:16 PM - 01/15/18 »
Just got my XIM4 and I was wondering what are some settings for tracer on overwatch ?

Currently have a g503 and donít know what the hell im doing lol

Edit: Mccree wouldnít be bad either

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