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Beta / Smart Actions button mapping question
« on: 06:15 AM - 05/25/22 »
Hello.  Thanks for continuing to support your product with features such as smart actions.  I'm curious as why smart actions aren't available for me for all buttons.  I have no option to use them when mapping my triggers.  Is this a bug or was this intended?

Beta / Xim Apex Manager PC bluetooth support
« on: 11:36 PM - 02/05/22 »
The XIM NEXUS Manager installed on my pc connects to my nexus while playing console games. I was pleasantly surprised when this happened.  The XIM APEX Manager does not do this and I thought it had to do with the PC Bluetooth LE support.  Has this been figured out and can this feature be added to the XIM APEX Manager on PC?

Technical Support / [Q/A] Secondary movement keys?
« on: 04:21 PM - 09/07/19 »
Am I overlooking something or is there no secondary keys for movement. For pubg you have to press the walk forward and camera at the same time to make your scope zoom in.  I would love to bind both of these buttons to my mouse wheel for zoom and still be able to walk around while ADS. I can't do it now because walking around is more important.

Shared Configs / Six Shooter - PUBG Advanced Setup
« on: 04:23 PM - 03/02/19 »
This is my config I use daily for PUBG. It has many auxilaries (soft aim, ads, fire mode, map, and inventroy).  I will give you my hardware settings but you should edit these things to YOUR liking. (dpi, sensitivity, polling,sync). You may also need to edit other buttons to your liking. I'm mostly sharing this config for the auxilaries.

Using beta firmware 20190613
12k dpi
1000 hz
No sync
G502 mouse

Mouse buttons:
Dpi up = ;
Dpi down = '
Wheel tilt right = [
Wheel tilt left = ]
Mouse sniper = p

NOTE. My mouse sniper button activates the soft aim feature. This same button also holds breath while in ADS. The fire mode is activated while firing. It increases the XY sensitivity only while firing to make recoil much easier.


The B button on the controller is used in most situations to exit menus, maps, etc. I always bind the B button to the  "c" crouch keyboard key as a backup to exit a config just incase I make a mistake.

Code: [Select]

Technical Support / [Q/A] Xim manager landscape mode
« on: 04:28 PM - 02/18/19 »
Is there any way I can force the xim manager to run in landscape mode on my fire HD 10. I have limited desk space and it would help. I do not care if it is not fullscreen with black borders. Any android tweaks to allow this?

Beta / X/Y RATIO only when firing.
« on: 01:28 PM - 01/12/19 »
I know this can be somewhat done with an auxiliary but it would be awesome if the ADS page had a feature that you could increase the XY ratio only when olding down the fire button. That way vertical and horizontal sensitivity would be the same when not firing.

Beta / More Auxilary Configs possible?
« on: 09:14 AM - 11/01/18 »
I probably tend to go overboard with some of my custom auxiliary configurations but I think some games need them.  For example in B04 blackout I need HIP, ADS, loot menu, loot quick menu, map, wing suit/vehicle (possibly would separate these for better accuracy), emote wheel menu.  This is way more than we can have right now.  Is it possible to just get a plus button to add as many as we want.  Also maybe a way to copy and paste an auxiliary config or to re-arrange them since the order matters sometimes.

Technical Support / [Q/A] Copy and paste question?
« on: 04:01 PM - 06/22/18 »
If I copy a whole ST for example bf1 Xbox to bf1 ps4 will it mess with the ballistics or just transfer button layout?  Or if I copy an old ST to a new updated ST (Same game)will it affect the ballistics and curves trained for that new ST?  I hope this makes sense.

Technical Support / [Q/A] Xim apex profile copy issues
« on: 10:48 AM - 05/11/18 »
I re-created a pubg profile with the new firmware version. It has always worked fine and still works fine. However when I copy and paste my config to a new pubg config my custom auxiliaries do not work anymore. I want a few different profiles for the test server, regular game and to test out custom curves. The settings are identical as far as I can tell. It seems to enter the config but the 100ms delay isnít working and the buttons donít seem to work even though the manager says Iím currently in my auxiliary. What am I doing wrong?

I have a PUBG profile that I have been using since the Apex release. When I updated to the new firmware this profile has two problems. I cannot change the synchronization settings and I cannot paste the profile to a new PUBG profile. When I touch the arrrow beside synchronization it does nothing and is currently off. When I try to paste this profile into a new PUBG profile in hopes to fix it, it just says error. I checked all my other profiles for different games and both of these features work. Is there a reason one particular profile is doing this?

Technical Support / [Q/A] Mic Mute?
« on: 10:18 AM - 03/30/18 »
Is there anyway to know if my mic is muted using a hot key? apex rgb light color etc? I use this feature so much that I forget if my mic is muted or if it is on multiple times daily.

Hardware Compatbility / Cooler master mk750
« on: 01:26 PM - 03/10/18 »
This new keyboard by cm works with xim apex. Very nice kb.

I have both Xbox and ps4 and play bf1 and fortnite on both. Today I used my ps4 config with my xbox one for bf1 and it seemed to work fine. I know the button layout is similar except the touch pad on the ds4. Can I just make one config for ps4 (since it has one more button) use it for both instead of making multiple configs?  Is there way disadvantages to this?

Hardware Compatibility / Cooler Master MasterKeys MK750
« on: 10:25 AM - 03/07/18 »
Anyone tried this keyboard yet?  I do not see anything about it in the hardware list.

Technical Support / [Q/A] Sub-Config activation?
« on: 02:53 PM - 03/05/18 »
I have the key "M" bound to my map in my hip settings.  I want "M" to bring up my map in hip and also initiate a sub-config simultaneously. I can then navigate the map menu with different key bindings until I exit the sub-config.  Is this possible or do I have to click "M" to activate the map then use a different button to activate the sub-config?

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