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Hello everyone,

Currently I am trying to find a solution to get 2 digital inputs read by the xim4 as analogue inputs. Currently I have a button box with 2 custom switches and for racing games I am stuck to digital inputs so no throttle control, only on/off. Could I hack up a controller with analogue bumpers and use the inputs to make modular pressure inputs with my own switches?

Any suggestions? This is my setup I use: http://bit.ly/2qP4JLy

General Discussion / Gaming with a Disability
« on: 06:28 PM - 01/09/18 »
Hello everyone,

My name is Nick and last year I stumbled upon the xim4 because I was finding a device to play PlayStation again. After losing the ability to hold a controller back in 2012 I switched to pc and got all sorts of devices to keep playing games. And when they announced a new Gran Turismo, I was bummed. I found out last year that the xim4 was capable of supporting all kinds of devices. So I bought it, tested it on a friends ps4. Almost jumped out of my wheelchair when my complete pc setup worked on it, ps4 and Gran Turismo Sport followed soon after. This setup is what I currently use: http://bit.ly/2qP4JLy.

Thanks to everyone working on the xim team for keeping me gaming!

If you want to know why I am in a wheelchair, check out my website: https://duchenneandcars.org/racing-with-a-disability/

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