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Shared Configs / COD and Warzone GREAT STATS
« on: 11:12 PM - 03/31/20 »
Call of Duty PC

Manager: 5.00.20190719
Firmware: 5.00.20190719
Logitech G502 (DPI 12000)
1ms monitor
Config: CoD:MW-Hip-P4.3

Main account w/ multiplayer and Warzone: https://cod.tracker.gg/warzone/profile/atvi/mikeyfnbrennan
Second account w/ 5.85 kd in Warzone: https://cod.tracker.gg/warzone/profile/battlenet/wildwolf%231184581

In Game:

Max Sensitivity
ADS Sens (low and high)
= 1.00
Aim Response: Linear
Aim assist: Precision

XIM Settings:

Aim: 6.00
Ballistics Editor: 0.00
Synchronize: Default
Y/X Ratio: 1.00
Steady Aim: 0.0
Boost: 0.0
Simulate analog Behavior: 1% (idk what this is, its just 1).

>>> XIM APEX [Modern warfare NEW] START COPY >>>

XIM APEX Discussions / No controller input needed? PC
« on: 04:07 AM - 09/13/19 »

So not sure if this is weird or not but was practicing and adjusting sensitivities through my xim manager via my phone and had noticed my controller (xbox) that was supposed to be plugged into my XIM, was NOT plugged in lol. I was able though to keep practicing etc without it even plugged in.
Not saying it's a bad thing cause I mean it worked but why and how would this still be able to work? The xim that is.


Game Support / Fortnite ST needs retrained
« on: 08:25 PM - 09/07/19 »

Not sure who'm it may concern but what are the chances of a newly retrained Fortnite ST?


General Discussion / XIM Apex Issues
« on: 02:53 PM - 09/07/19 »

As of lately I've made a thread on the discussion section indictating a few issues I have been having in the game of Fortnite
1- turning my sensitivity for a few seconds (like 5max) to to completely low. How low? Low enough to where It's like 1/1 sens.
2- I have where if I do a certain movement in the game it'll make my crosshair start drifting left upwards, i'll pull the mouse to try to level the crosshair in game to center but it'll keep at a drift for a few seconds (no longer than 5)

vid 1:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2MgRMBO6AA
vid 2 probelm #2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uWlw6U9CeI

I have attempted new usb cable for the nav and even attempted other mouse for the issue but it still occurs.

As of today I attempted a full backup of my current config and even just to make sure nothing crazy happens restore it
(same config) and now I lost my fortnite version 4.5 im sitting at 4.1 I'm not sure why this is so that's my problem #3 for now as well.

XIM APEX Discussions / Xim Hotkey(s)?
« on: 06:16 PM - 09/04/19 »

I couldn't find a manual for the xim apex, if any devs / mods can link me to the appropriate link please and thank you.
As of lately I been having an issue where a certain set of buttons that are clicked are

1- turning my sensitivity for a few seconds (like 5max) to to completely low. How low? Low enough to where It's like 1/1 sens.
2- I have where if I do a certain movement in the game it'll make my crosshair start drifting left upwards, i'll pull the mouse to try to level the crosshair in game to center but it'll keep at a drift for a few seconds (no longer than 5)

**I am including a video although this isn't a good video from a POV as these are from replay which obviously aren't probably good enough to tell, but the video resembles the issue #2** Happens at about 0:19, you can sorta see the drifting.

I use the G502 and only have 1 dpi and the dpi changer isn't binded to a dpi change.


XIM APEX Discussions / Looking for other XIM players
« on: 12:29 PM - 03/30/19 »

Looking to run a bit with some other xim players (i don't care for what platform).

GT: MikeyFnBrennan2


XIM APEX Discussions / Sony Nav similar for Pc?
« on: 12:28 AM - 03/29/19 »
Hello everybody,

My main question is for anyone that's found either a way for the Sony nav to work on pc with obviously the xim apex and or anything similar to the sony nav.

I'm for obviously plugging my xim apex into my pc port with mouse inserted and having the ability to have connected or wireless connected something similar to the nav on console.

Thank you.

Technical Support / [RESOLVED] Xim Apex c L1 issue?
« on: 09:44 PM - 12/01/18 »
So not sure entirely when this issue came about I am running the new beta firmware both manager and the other things I am suppose to run and tested everything the day I had it all successfully downloaded.

However I'm running into an issue now where my xim manager only says C L1 and certain movements on my mouse won't even work.  Does this with my nav not even plugged and plugged in. I've tried factory reset but still got the same issue.


Test 1= Unplugged my mouse to assure it wasn't like not running my binds and it still was. Had plugged back into the Xim went into manager and tried to change myt "previous weapon" assigned button but it wouldn't activate to anything on my mouse nor Sony Nav ONLY the controller its self and still displayed as a (Blue Circle #).. Saved that closed app and re opened and then was able to sign the right button again.
Assuming its a *bug*

Test 2= Assuming from when I wrapped my controller the other day to make my desk less messy (controller charger) possibly made it a bit short on the connection and going to est a different wire. Leading to this was the usual controller disconnecting and spinning in a circle.

Technical Support / [ACTIVE] My one issue
« on: 12:22 PM - 09/09/18 »

So I have an issue from time to time where my XIM while playing (nav and mouse) will just not register, and it'll make my entire player start spinning in a circle. Here's an example, even had someone from the forum on stream yesterday fitness it. Does anyone have an idea how to fix it?

ALSO this happened 4 times last night.


Shared Configs / Fortnite Settings Great Stats
« on: 08:44 AM - 09/05/18 »
EDITED on 10/6/2019

Everything such as Senstivity, In game settings, controller binds, G502 software setup, and XIM app setup can be found here: https://imgur.com/gallery/yJuj9eY

Fortnite PC
Config Ps4: Ftnt:BR-Hip-P4.2
Using [/i]LEGACY Settings[/i]
1ms monitor
Logitech G502 (DPI 1950)

(HIP) (not using ADS aux)
No curve
Synchronize = Default
Smoothing = 0
Y/X Ratio = 1.00
Steady Aim = 0.0
Boost = o
Turn Assist = None

In Game settings:
Controller Sens X = 10
Controller Sens Y = 10
Controller Targeting Sens = 0.823
Controller Scope Sens = 0.0650
Controller building Sens = 1.035
Controller Edit Mode Sens = 1.008
Controller Edit Hold Time = 0.100
Builder Pro.

Stats page. https://fortnitetracker.com/profile/psn/MikeyFnBrennan2

I use secondary as well on my HIP so ill have it listed from Prim to Secondary.

R2 = Left Click
L2 = Right Click
R3 = (G4)
L3 = 7 (joystick on nav J7)
R1 = (G7)
L1 = (G8)
X = L1 (Nav)
Circle = DPI Button
Square = L2 (Nav LTrigger)
Triangle = Middle Click (Button 3 G502)


Up = 1 (up)
Down = 2 (down)
Right = 4
Left = 3
Options = (Nav J 14)
Map = (G9)
Guide = (Nav J 11)
Share = NONE


Down Dpad = Scroll wheel Right (U) (In game marker)
Right  Dpad = Scroll wheel Left (9)  (Material Changer)
Left Dpad = G5 (Edit Button)


XIM APEX Discussions / Update and Older update?
« on: 11:41 AM - 09/03/18 »
So i've never had issues with jitter ads or anything, I'm not even updated to this newly updated version for Fortnite but I'd like to check it out. My question is, if I do and I don't prefer it how can I use the current version of fortnite I'm using?

Lgoitech 502
DPI: 1950
aim 40
x/y = 1.00
Synchronize = default
x/y = 1.00
Synchronize = default

Fortnite stats https://fortnitetracker.com/profile/psn/MikeyFnBrennan2

XIM APEX Discussions / XIM issues?
« on: 05:21 AM - 08/26/18 »
I've been having issues as of lately and its definitely bothering me and wanted to see if there was any help with these.

1- When getting the nav to even be connected this takes me a process of unplugging and plugging the XIM nearly 5+ times, maybe its the cable but every time it DOES in fact register a connection but just goes left like the stick on screen navigating through menus or whatever goes left to which I have to unplug replug etc all over again.

2- Mid game the XIM will just start blinking green when my profile is red and it'll have in game just go unresponsive the nav and even the actual controller and it'll start just spinning.

Anyone else having these issues? Know how to fix them?


XIM APEX Discussions / Nav Question
« on: 02:03 PM - 07/13/18 »

So I have a small question and sorry if its been answered, I've tried my best to google search and YouTube search this but I get how to setup the Nav wireless but what if I want to be connected at all times? Is this possible?

Btw new to using the Xim came from Tuact x4.


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