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Hi All,

I want to use my Titan Two to create some one-buttton build macros for Fortnite. I'm not sure if they Apex passes keystrokes through it, in which case I would put the Titan Two after the Apex. If it does not, then I wonder if the mouse and keyboard (orbweaver) should go into the Titan Two, then the Titan Two into the Apex? In that way, the Titan Two would convert keystrokes to macros before hitting the Apex...



I finally got my Apex yesterday and was eager to get it up and running. I hit some snags though and it has been a frustrating experience.

I am using all of the same gear that worked with my Xim4.

The biggest issue is that I could not get my G900 mouse to work - and still can't. It would boot up, but as soon as I would touch it, the mouse would go dead (lights out, no response).

1. I tried all different polling rates on the mouse/Apex and unplugged between each change. The badge in the manager would show the proper polling rate each time, but that didn't help.
2. I tried different combinations of plugging in the peripherals into different ports on the apex hub
3. I tried a powered USB hub

I hooked up my G500 mouse and it works just fine. Of course, that's not the mouse I want to use and it's limited to about 5400 dpi but I did get everything working with it. I would still like to use the G900 - but I'm out of ideas.

Once I got it all up and running I played some Pubg and started getting kills again. :) It seems to run better than the Xim4 and is overall a great product. I don't feel that I'm able to maximize it at the moment since I can't use my better mouse...

Some constructive feedback on the Apex Manager.

1. While I REALLY like the white design and I was excited by the screenshots, the icons representing to the Xbox buttons are too small and the text on them has no contrast. With my 48 year old eyes AND wearing my readers, I can't see which bumper is right or left, which stick click is right or left, which is the xbox menu key vs burger button, etc. The usability of the Apex manager has gone backwards from the xim4 manager for me. I would love to have the older button icons brought forward to the Apex manager.

2. After putting it in Expert mode, I couldn't for the life of me figure out where all of the mappings were when I edited a profile. This took hitting the web and watching videos because the swiping to the right just wasn't intuitive. I suggest something that is a more obvious indicate indicator such as some sort of icon up by the game image or an indicator that you are on page 1 of multiple pages. This would probably reduce a lot of frustration with others as they first start exploring the Expert settings. Note that the current little "tab" on the upper-right sits right where my android quick bar is, so it appears that this is just the Android quick bar and not part of the Apex manager.

3. I'm not a fan of all the three dot expansion icons at the bottom of the sections in Expert mode. First, I would just prefer everything be visible so I can scroll to what I need. Second, the three dots are often used on mobile devices to indicate pages, not expanding further options - so that wasn't intuitive. A great example is hiding the secondary bindings under these expansion dots - I see no reason to hide one item like that, and I use secondary all the time, so why bother burying it?

Again, overall a great product but I'd like to see the manager revisited for usability.

Thanks for listening Obsiv! :)

I have the Titan One and I'm wondering if it's still usable or needs to go to ebay. :)

XIM APEX Discussions / My order is placed!
« on: 07:14 PM - 02/28/18 »
Stay patient - the site does keep moving... :)

XIM 4 Discussions / Tool to create curves for a XIM4?
« on: 11:45 AM - 01/15/18 »
I have found all sorts of helpful information on using curves built by others, but I still can't find information on creating my own...

thanks for the help.


Hi all,

I have a Razer Orbweaver v2 and it doesn't have onboard memory, so I have to use it in a default configuration.

I have built up muscle memory over the years on PC and want to get as close as I can on xbox one. To do this, I need to map multiple keys on the Orbweaver to do the same function. For example, get in a vehicle and reload are both X on the xbox on some games. I would like to map the Orbweaver's R button to X as well as the G button (which I use on PC to get in/out open doors, etc.) That way, I could use my existing muscle memory rather than learn a new button map.

I don't believe the XIM manager let's you map multiple buttons to the same controller button. Is there another way? I was wondering if a Titan One would help in this configurations some way?

PS: I switched to consoles to play with my son and I've NEVER been happy. I feel I went backwards 20 years and the controller just won't click for me. I've always built my own gaming rigs and my video cards cost far more than an xbox. But now, between the xim and my xbox one X this is the closest I've come to getting that PC magic back. THANK YOU! :)


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