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General Discussion / DumaOS 3.0
« on: 09:26 AM - 06/06/20 »
anyone get picked to test the beta?

I recently noticed when I push my mouse outward while aiming down sites in BF5 theirs a studder, I'm using the G903.   if I pull the mouse down theirs no studder.  I've tried lowering the polling rate to 500,  increase the x/y ratio ,  change mouse pads and trying the Gpro wireless.   I noticed it a couple days ago I cant get head shots like before because of this.  any thoughts.  I'm running the latest FW on Xim Apex on Xbox 1x. what I mean by studder is if I push the mouse slow outward its pause's sometimes.   oh yeah  I tried the mice wired also. I'm using all the correct in game settings also.

I've always had manger though android but on my xim 4 I have the manager on laptop, when I download the latest manager for PC it will not connect,  I'm running the newest FW on the Apex. any thoughts? its says failure writing xim apex at the bottom of manager.

General Discussion / Question's about Azeron
« on: 10:50 AM - 05/05/20 »
 Is it better to get a curved palm rest or flat? and I read the compact is better for console , thought's?

Support / [ACTIVE] Navy keeps disconnecting!
« on: 10:52 PM - 03/18/20 »
I've got 3 different Sony navys  and all of them keep disconnecting,[  the problem just started]  I run everything through a powered hub. I use it with the mini usb so its not wireless,  any ideas?

General Discussion / wheres all the NA Xbox 1 COD players?
« on: 06:03 PM - 12/14/19 »
 I see at lot of people on these forums posting about COD and after several attempts, I cant find 1 ximmer to party up with. lol whats the deal people?

General Discussion / WTFAST
« on: 09:18 AM - 12/10/19 »
does anyone have wtfast on console without the Asus router? idk if its even possible but I'm trying to get some info.

XIM APEX Discussions / Question for OBsIV
« on: 02:29 PM - 11/10/19 »
the xim pretty much mimic's  the controller thats plugged in right? on the Xbox elite controller you can change the dead-zone of the right
 analog stick.   thats going to carry over to the xim right?    the default dead-zone on the sticks kinda looks like a dynamic curve that I can change to match the xim's default curve.

General Discussion / Question for OBsIV
« on: 01:47 PM - 11/09/19 »
 hey Obsessive, did you see UK Headhunter's new YouTube video on the retrain of the Modern warfare st? never mind , i misunderstood him. lol

General Discussion / high ping in modern warfare
« on: 05:18 AM - 10/25/19 »
 can you guys check something for me? I've got my net duma router with the geo-filter setting right over my closest sever which usually gives me a ping in the mid 40's, so I start playing a game and the xim st's not working but it seems like something else is wrong also so while in game I go to the  options  , go over to account, scroll down 2 and it says my ping is 556 lol . can someone see if it says something crazy like that on theirs that knows there ping. tks

General Discussion / Modern Warfare XBOX players
« on: 03:45 PM - 10/24/19 »
anyone want to party up and try to figure out settings?           
  east coast US

Xbox / Modern Warfare XBOX players
« on: 05:40 AM - 10/24/19 »
anyone on the east coast US want to party up and try to figure some settings out?

General Discussion / how do you guys game on a monitor?
« on: 05:11 AM - 09/24/19 »
I've got a 55" QF8 hooked up to my x,   its got a 20ms input lag so I bought a BenQ gaming monitor [ RL series 27"]  to get  around 1ms,  the problems I cant see sh!% on it. lol another thing ,  when I have my tv hooked up the video settings on Xbox has the allow  auto low latency mode checked and with the monitor its blacked out which I think is the monitors fault its self. thoughts?

Xbox / cod mw
« on: 10:13 AM - 09/21/19 »
looking for east coast ximmers on xbox for new cod.

General Discussion / MW XBOX players
« on: 10:11 AM - 09/21/19 »
looking for eastern time zone US, xbox players for cod mw.

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