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XIM APEX Discussions / I seriously need help with apex.
« on: 08:44 PM - 12/22/18 »
Ive had the Xim apex since launch and am having no luck ive tried pretty much everything physically possible to make it feel somewhat responsive but no luck ive tried using what came with the xim apex buying a whole other hub, extension cables, no extension cables, different micro USB cables, different controllers, ive gone through 3 mouse pads, 3 mice, hundreds of setting changes (polling rate, DPI) the works even a whole new console and nothing seems to fix my problems i only play one game right now (Overwatch) and its frustrating to see my money being wasted i just want this to work. Its overly jittery though ive watched all the tutorials and did what they said, ive copied configs and it always seems to stop moving when im still moving and it just feels really not responsive if i move at a constant speed it jerks farther ahead or lags behind and fine aiming is impossible. Im also up to date with firmware and just recently joined the beta to see if that would help unfortunately it didnt. Also my settings dont seem to stay the same all the time it changes from fast to slow and even unable to move at all.  Any help would be appreciated

Deathadder Elite
Zowie EC2A

Standard Xbox one
Xbox One X

Like is it Controller is the three dots and keyboard is two which leaves mouse as one?

Can you make it so your inventory cursor is moved by your mouse instead of movement keys

XIM APEX Discussions / Overwatch high sensitivity?
« on: 06:43 PM - 03/29/18 »
How come when I up my sens my speed gets clunky and not responsive but people I know can speed around like they are literally on PC am I missing something? Like in game setting wise as well?

XIM APEX Discussions / Firmware for your Apex.
« on: 02:07 PM - 03/02/18 »
How do you update your xim if the software for your computer isnt out?

As in side buttons and all will it be a fully functioning mouse with apex?

XIM APEX Discussions / Xim set up question?
« on: 09:31 PM - 02/23/18 »
When youve fully set up your xim, config and all do you need to replug it every time you turn your console on? Or do you just turn your console on and xim remembers the last config loaded and your equipment thats plugged into it so it works instantly?

If the information is available, how long has the Xim Apex been in production/ in testing? The Xim4 has a reputation for being very reliable in terms of build quality and longevity of the product itself, and I assume the Xim Apex will be the same.

Im really nervous that they arent going to work well with it

Also what would be the best set up for me a mac user titan one or two if theyre even worth it with the xim apex. I understand macro keys kind of but i have no clue about pc. im a console only player who just recently bought a keyboard and mouse just to use them on console. i even bought the xim4 literally 2 days before the announcement for the apex. I was told that the titan makes it seem more pc like because you have better customization of the keyboard and i really need that after a serious head injury. i find it difficult to use my hands but mostly my thumbs to aim and hit the buttons ive tried claw but my hands motor skills arent to good anymore. but luckily mouse and keyboard has come to console and i can use the excuse of everyone is using it instead of admitting to myself and my friends that im struggling. So how would i even set up one of the titans with the xim apex or just with xim cause if the titan makes it a little easier for me im willing to pay a little more money. Please help this isnt my field and im very much lost.

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