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I bought the Apex so I could play the new RDR2 that is due out October 26th and to play GTAV but this is a nightmare I cannot find any good settings it is unplayable with my settings furthermore, I am sure the new RDR2 will have the same aiming mechanics as GTAV.

On Xbox One X
Logitech G403 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Settings 1000hz Mouse and 1000hz Apex Manager
I have tried all the way upto 500 sensitivity 250 hip and 250 ads
I have tried boost and smoothing from 7 to 20 still jittery

Can someone help me find some good settings I know some people do not like sharing their settings, but I would appreciate it, I am really disappointed right now with how Apex handles this game any advice would help thanks.

I also searched the forum for any Apex settings and did not find any I am surprised seeing as this is one of the most popular games ever sold. I know its old but I highly doubt the aiming mechanics will change with RDR2 and getting them dialed in now would make more sense to me as everyone with an xbox one x, s will be buying that game.

Using 3rd Person mode BTW & deadzone 100% and acceleration 50% in game settings. Using the launch Apex firmware not using the beta.

As the title says, looking for a bit of help this is my first xim and so far Apex seems to be good, but I have a feeling I do not have the right settings.

So looking to see what you guys use for the settings if you would be so kind as to share them here thank you. Currently my settings are below seems smooth, but does not seem like it moves fast enough but then when I turn up the DPI

It seems to move to fast i am a pc gamer so maybe i am just not used to fps controller movements i have done the settings here http://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=50289.0 but his phone app manager looks different then my Apex Manager.

My settings

xbox one x

hip 100.00
ads 200.00

my mouse is a G403


I am probably not setting something right somewhere i see advanced setting but did not want to play with that yet unless given some advice thanks.

Hey, so I am not sure what to look for, so maybe someone here knows what I should get. The main thing I want to do here is connect an Xbox one X to a TV and to a PC monitor at the same time both HDMI.

But I do not want to disconnect the PC in fact, I want to leave the PC running on other monitors I have 3 PC monitors and I want to just use my main PC monitor without having to unplug from the PC and plug in from the xbox one x.

So I am looking for a wire that goes to a box in this box there is a button that will switch the xbox one x onto the monitor when pressed or switch it back to the TV when pressed is there such a box that is safe to use while the pc and xbox one x are running?

I did look at some generic HDMI switch hubs on amazon, but not sure if they are safe if anyone has some experience with this, please let me know as my GPU is 800 USD and my xbox one x was 500 would hate to damage them thank you.

Just seen an unboxing on YouTube where he has the back of the hub and a power cord opening hole in it, but no wire for it came in his box. So I am wondering what kind of cord goes into it, I am guessing it will boost the needed power for some hardware to operate better and i am sure we all can say we don't want to be in McFly's shoes with no power.

Support / Never got email requesting confirmation
« on: 07:51 PM - 02/28/18 »
Hi i ordered a Apex about 5 min ago entered in my CC info got a white box that said close in red text it was empty then the site went white i need someone to check on my order please thanks.

So i was thinking about buying this here https://www.amazon.com/ROCCAT-SOVA-Gaming-Lapboard-Membrane/dp/B01KUL7W0O/ but not sure the built in keyboard would work with Apex any thoughts?

Basically i am making this thread as i would like to game from my recliner and looking for some ideas.

So i started checking everyday about 3 times now i am up to about 5 times a day out of paranoia that i might miss out on buying the Xim Apex i entered the waiting list but i have trust issues lol.

Been waiting since the xim4 went out of stock i have never used a keyboard and mouse on console but am mostly a pc gamer so hope it will help my terrible aim.

So as the title says how many times do you guys and gals check each day just out of curiosity i know i can't be the only one going crazy for the release.

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