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General Discussion / Can't purchase Xim apex
« on: 07:11 PM - 04/15/18 »
Hi. When I try and place an order for a xim apex, I get an error that says
 "Credit Card Error: Your credit card cannot be charged at this time since your credit card company does not support the required fraud protection features of our card processor. You have not been charged. Your transaction will show as “pending” on your account and your bank will reverse it (typically in a few days). Please try placing your order with PayPal."

Does anyone know why this happens? I have a MasterCard with sufficient funds and it still does not work.

XIM APEX Discussions / Really?
« on: 06:30 PM - 01/02/18 »
Im getting pissed now... I've waited so long for this and as soon as you guys hype me up about the January release you wont even restock them once? Thanks guys :) Dont even think I'm going to buy one anymore.

General Discussion / Xim4 Restock?
« on: 06:00 AM - 01/01/18 »
Hello, I'm looking to buy a XiM4 but you are currently out of stock. I heard some statements that you would have more in January? If so, do you have a specific date for January? I really want one of these things.

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