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Shared Configs / Downloading PS4 version of MW2 on PS5
« on: 05:29 PM - 09/16/22 »
Hey! As the title says, i bought MW2 and downloaded the beta on PS5 but i dont have any option to download the PS4 version. I dont have Remote Play set up atm thats why im asking. Any tips?

General Discussion / Any EU Cold War players inn here?
« on: 07:23 PM - 02/06/21 »
Hey, looking for some decent players to team up with. League play is also coming soon 😀 Currently were 2 above average players with 33 nukes total. Must be EU. Drop your activition id

Technical Support / [Q/A] Mouse disconnecting using 250hz
« on: 08:56 PM - 04/04/20 »
Once I lower my Xim Apex hz to 250 or below my mouse disconnects after a few seconds. This happens regardless of the mouse polling value. I have no problems using 500 or 1000hz Xim. It's only the mouse that disconnects.
I got it to work once I closed the Xim Manager and turned off Bluetooth on my phone and a few mouse reconnects.
The mouse I use is Glorious Model O, playing on Xbox X. Latest Xim firmware.
Also a few months back on a earlier firmware I had no trouble using 250 Xim hz using the exact same mouse and setup.

I have not tried any powered USB hubs yet but I will buy one and test soon. It just seems strange that I can run 500 or 1000hz at no problems without one.

I mentioned this in another thread but I wanted to make a post to see if anybody else also having the issue and/or have a solution.

Game Support / New MW ST out! Share your configs!
« on: 05:03 PM - 03/23/20 »
New updated MW ST out! Big thanks to Mist for the work!

Share your configs!

Game Support / COD: Warzone Discussion & Tips
« on: 08:35 PM - 03/11/20 »
Hey there! I just wanted to make a Warzone discussion thread where we can discuss, ask questions, share tips for config, setups, etc..

First off I have noticed that the aim has changed a bit. It feels like there is a small deadzone change or similar..
Second I have noticed some aim assist issues. Sometimes while in a gunfight the the AA just turns off for a split second make you loose target and potentially die, can anyone confirm this? Also the AA feels weaker, which I totally agree to in a BR mode.
I don't know if this is caused by bad game performance, fps etc. If it's not I think we need a retrained MW ST or a individual Warzone ST (I would love to see a ST trained to both 1.0 and 1.33x ads). I have not tested regular MP after Warzone release so I don't know if MP has the same issues. I play on Xb1X and don't know if PS4 has the same issues.

Also I'm looking for a simple and easy gliding aux config. Currently I have been using my controller and it works ok but as soon as I land I have to put my controller down and get my hands on the m&k.

Please share your tips and tricks 😀

Hello guys! Thanks for all the good feedback i got on my previous config.
With this new config i decided to change the sync and remove the curve for a more 1:1 feeling which makes it a lot easier to manage. Once your muscle memory is built up using this you will be able to flick as a god and laser beam other players.
In the future my goal is to run off sync without any smoothing.

You may want to change the sens if its too fast or slow for you, but i will not reccomend to raise the ADS sens any more.

In-game Settings
ADS low zoom set to 1.33x
ADS high zoom 1.0-1.33x
Standard Stick and AA

Important Info
Using 1.33x ADS in game will make your Xim flash when you hit the speedcap at 1.0x ADS since the ST is trained on 1.0x ADS. So you can ignore the Xim flashing to a certain level as you actually have 33% higher speedcap at 1.33x

Xim Apex
Latest Beta Firmware
Latest MW ST

Glorious Model O
500hz polling (IMPORTANT)
The model O sensor adds smoothing over 1800dpi, some say it dont affect console at 60fps. I have not tested this but ive been using 1800 dpi for 6 months now and it feels amazing (at least with the Model O).

If you need to calculate your old to new dpi use this:

Sens: 280
Sync: OFF
Smoothing 2
Y/X: 1.0
No boost, No Steady Aim

Sens: 120
Sync: OFF
Smoothing 3
Y/X: 1.0
No boost, No Steady Aim

Activation and deactivation delay set to 200-400 depending on what class I'm using but i reccomend somewhere around 250ms as a "one fits all", at least for AR/SMG or guns with somewhat similar ADS times.
Smooth Aim Transition is ticked OFF

Full Config
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [InZane's MW v2] START COPY >>>

Remember to set your keybinds to whatever you want as mine may not fit you. If you change make sure you also check the secondary buttons as i use some of those.

Here's a short clip of a 1v5 clutch that shows how you can flick and be very accurate with less AA

I think i got it all, If you got any questions feel free to ask.
Subject to change.

Sup guys. After trying out multiple configs and many hours trying to figure out whats the best one for me is I gave up and made one from scratch. With this setup I play better than I ever did. This setup works very well for me, but that doesn't mean it works for you but I suggest trying.

I dont know how accurate cod.tracker.gg is but im top 5 on the Xbox leaderboard in my country.

If you like the config but the sens is to slow or fast for you I suggest tuning it to your personal preference or use the DPI calculator linked below to get the same sens that u were used to on 12k dpi etc. but you may have to lower the sens a bit due to the curve

In-game Settings
ADS low zoom set to 1.33x
ADS high zoom 1.0-1.33x
Standard Stick and AA

Important Info
Using 1.33x ADS in game will make your Xim flash when you hit the speedcap at 1.0x ADS since the ST is trained on 1.0x ADS. So you can ignore the Xim flashing to a certain level as you actually have 33% higher speedcap at 1.33x

Glorious Model O
500hz polling
1800dpi (the model O sensor adds smoothing over 1800dpi)

Xim Apex
Latest Beta Firmware
Latest MW ST (It's the same as STv1 but they changed the deadzone slightly)

Sens: 30
Sync: Common
Y/X: 1.0
No boost, No Steady Aim, No smoothing
SAB: Off

Sens: 11
Sync: Common
Y/X: 1.0
No boost, No Steady Aim, No smoothing
SAB: Off

Activation and deactivation delay set to 240-400 depending on what class I'm using.
Smooth Aim Transition is ticked ON

RML Curve
This is used for both HIP and ADS

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

Full Config
Remember to set your keybinds to whatever u like

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [InZane STv3] START COPY >>>

Video clip using this config
I have a ton of clips this is just some i had on my phone and made a quick video

I just made a quick post and will update soon if I forgot something or things change

XclusiveAce just made a video breaking down the ADS times, attachments etc. in Modern Warfare.
This might be useful to watch for you guys that care about this.

Game Support / Black Ops 4 Sniper config questions
« on: 07:14 PM - 09/28/19 »
Hey, so sick and tired of every game atm so I was returning to BO4 today.
Haven't played the game in almost 6 months and my aim is so off. Can't remember what settings I used back then. But now I wanna have fun sniping, never really got into sniping in BO4 due to lack of interest. I used to be a pretty decent sniper in previous titles.
So I was wondering if any of you guys got some tips for what sync/dpi/hz/game settings etc to use for the best sniping experience. Since sniping in BO4 don't have any aim assist I doubt I should use Boost or anything like that(?) I want a setting that's closest to "PC" like feeling (yes, I know Xim will never be PC but u know what I mean).

Any of you guys got some suggestions?

I'm posting a clip I captured today my first round back on BO4 sniping (not listed)

Game Support / InZane's MW Beta setup (Simple config)
« on: 03:37 PM - 09/20/19 »
Hola, sharing a quick config/setup that works really well for me. Absolutely wrecking people.

Xim Apex:

Infinity Warfare ST
Default Sync 1000hz on both
Sens 34
No boost, no steady aim etc..
1800 dpi

In-game settings
Sens 20/20
Ads 1.70 on both
Aim assist and curve: Standard


Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [MW Beta v2] START COPY >>>

General Discussion / 120hz support on Xbox X does it work?
« on: 01:14 PM - 09/04/19 »
Hello, I have read that Xbox X support 120hz on 1080 and 1440p.
Do any of you guys have any experience with this? I bought a 144hz monitor a few years ago before coming to console and now I have an Xbox X. I do know most games cap at 60fps but hz and fps is not the same thing. So in theory 120hz on 60fps will make it twice as smooth? My monitor is a BenQ XL2411 and to use 144hz it requires me to use DVI output on the monitor. DVI to HDMI cable is needed, I just have to find mine..

Do you guys have any experience with this thing? Mostly playing Fortnite and COD wich performs good on the X 

Looking for people to play Fortnite with on console! EU servers only for my own preference but everyone who needs someone to play with can drop Epicname below or join the Xim Discord to search for friends. Very easy to download as app or use on the web. Link down below

I'm playing on Xbox and Epicname is InZane HD


General Discussion / Glorious Model O Questions
« on: 12:52 PM - 08/12/19 »
Hey, just got my hands on the Glorious O and it feels awesome.
Do any of you guys using this mouse tried out the macro function? (Fortnite player)
Also wonder what is the best lift of distance? 2-3mm is the option. Default is 2mm
Debounce time is also a thing here. Any tips bout this?


Hey, as the title says I wonder if it's possible to make a button that's only have a toggle option in game settings to a hold in xim manager

Example: fortnite edit button is a toggle. I have to press it once to activate and then pressing the same button to confirm. I wonder if it's possible to make so I can just hold it to activate and when I release the button it's confirming.
Has anyone done this?
Hope ya understand what I mean. Cheers

Hey there. I just wonder if its possible to make a hold to edit button with a few tricks in the xim manager?
I have set up a single key to edit in game settings. My button is E. Now i tap E to get in edit mode and then have to press E to confirm it.
Explained: hold down the edit button to get in edit mode and when i release the button it confirms.
Is this possible? Would have helped me alot and made my edits a bit faster. Also sometimes when i start to choke a bit i press the edit button instead of R wich is next to eachother and then the f*up is going big  :-X

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