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Game Support / MW linear setup
« on: 05:55 PM - 10/31/19 »
Hello Ximmers,

Does anyone have a good linear setup for mw? If yes can you guys share?

Best regards.

Beta / Suggestion for new update
« on: 12:22 AM - 06/23/19 »
Hello 👋🏻

Can we have accelerating option in XIM manager to move?
For example,
In rainbow if you want to peek small corner it is hard because you are using a keyboard while you can do that with controller.

I hope you understand my poor english. 

Game Support / Xim team recruitment
« on: 12:52 AM - 10/09/18 »
First of all sorry for bad English.

I'm not here to make problems or fabricate them. I am here I want to put forward an issue and a problem that the majority of xim users suffers if not everyone.
 It is not reasonable in any way to wait more than a week just to retrain the Smart translator.
Regardless of all things, your job guys(team xim) is to keep us up to date with games. Let us deal with the language of business. You are offering an item and programming this item and we are paying for this service. If you can not run a business or handle it, do not deceive us. Either hire more people or find a new way to read the aiming system or find a solution for this problem or stop that business.

Since gaming companies and the gaming market is being developed very quickly I think you have to recruit more experienced people to retrain ST.

We wait more than one week to have broken ST (not all the time to be honest but a lot of games wereb
When game launch or aim mechanics change maximum time to wait is not more than 48 hours.

Mathematically XIM APEX is better than XIM4. In fact, XIM4 is way better than XIM APEX.

Please donít get me wrong. Iím not insulting anyone. I just want to enjoy my XIM and have best experience.

Game Support / Paladins need retrained
« on: 03:20 PM - 09/18/18 »
I hope we get a retrain for the ST the aim is very wierd and unstable.
And if we will get a retrain when will that happen?

Hello everyone,

Iím trying to compare between the both mouse pad to see which one is EFFICIENT

Kindly post your:
ēMouse pad type
ēwhat game
ēyour Kill Death Ratio ( no lying hommies  ;D )
ēAnything else you want to say

XIM APEX Discussions / Battlefield 4 high skilled team
« on: 02:23 AM - 07/14/18 »
hello everyone,

Iím looking for high skilled battlefield 4 players ( +600 skill ).

I am ranked among the top 20 players in the world ( 13th )

If anyone interested just add me on psn : aalsarram

Shared Configs / My Fortnite Settings
« on: 12:18 PM - 06/28/18 »
Hello everybody,

If you are looking for perfect settings, I think, you are in the right place :o

This setting is a mixture of players setting that I have tried  ??? I'm not a Fortnite professional player, but I enjoy playing this game ( I have around 78 wins ). So I'm sharing the best settings that I tried at the moment.


You may be surprised by the settings, but what matters is how effective they are. So key here is efficiency.

- DPI: 3200
- Polling rate: 1000hz

Xim Apex:
- Polling rate: 1000hz

H i p
- Hip: 100
- Synchronize: OFF
- Smoothing: 7
- Y/X Ratio: 1.00
- Ballstic Curve: Mjfame curve
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

A d s
- Ads:72
- Synchronize: OFF
- Smoothing: 7
- Y/X Ratio: 1.05
- Ballistic curve: NO

What is the benefit of the curve? Personally I do not know, but when using this curve I feel that aiming is very easy and smooth, especially with the shotguns.

I hope you like it.

XIM APEX Discussions / Suggestions for the community
« on: 11:56 PM - 06/25/18 »
Hello Ximmers

I have a suggestion for those responsible for this forum (Obsive, odin, mist and the others).

I hope to create a special section for Ballistic Curves.

Is there a possibility of this happening?

XIM APEX Discussions / Fortnite Shotgun
« on: 06:55 AM - 06/21/18 »
Hello guys,

Straight to the point:

Why shotgunning is weird with the APEX ?
I tried all settings still nothing changed.
Since the game launched the shotguns are very hard to aim with.
I have a good aim with all games except the shotguns in fortnite. And I don't know why!

ē Does anyone feel the same?

Hey everybody,

As a console player (we have aim assist)
My question is:

 In your opinion, which is better, higher sensitivity or lower sensitivity? Why? Based on your experience? Or mathematically?

Iím not talking about dpi

For me I like high sensitivity because Iím doing awesome with it, Iím a beast and accurate at close range and medium range.

 The only reason I see to use low sensitivity is long range. We have aim assist as a console players. 

I donít understand we most people and professionals love low sensitivity. I tried a lot (for months) a low sensitivity settings and Iím doing ok with it. I end up switching back to high sensitivity because I see my self doing better.

Beta / OBsIV I need your help
« on: 01:40 AM - 06/08/18 »
I send you a message and I still didnít get a redeem code,
My email: *removed*

Thanks in advance

Game Support / Fortnite aim change?
« on: 06:32 AM - 05/31/18 »
Who did play fortnite after servers back?

If yes did you feel change in the aim ? Is it good or bad?

Technical Support / [ACTIVE] Apex Keeps disconnecting
« on: 01:58 PM - 04/17/18 »
I'm having the same problem.

While playing my apex stop working suddenly. I have tried to plug power supply and didn't work.

I think the problem is between xim and the controller (because the only solution for this problem is to unplug the xim from the console and plug it back into the console).

Sorry for bad English:)

Sorry for my bad English.

I Just got the xim apex. And it is phucking insane!

In average with xim4 I usually get 2.4 KDR. With the XIM APEX I'm getting 5 or above KDR! ( cod WWII )

I'm not lying :) I'm telling the truth.

In every 1v1 situation I win the gun fight.
My recoil is controllable!
I can easily drop 3 enemies in front of me :)
I'm not believing myself.

Thaaaaaaaaaaank you OBSIV and TEAM XIM :)

It's magic.

« on: 11:24 PM - 03/07/18 »
If you have a feedback or something that you have noticed please write down below to help me and other members :)

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