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A question about Anti Cheat Detection in Playstation Games due to certain Xim Apex settings.  Is it currently possible that game manufacturers or Sony themselves can ban people with a Xim Apex because of certain settings?  Settings like Anti Recoil via the xim apex or other settings that an anti cheat can detect?  Or is this completely without hesitation?  Maybe you can justify your explanations to understand it well.  I am interested in this topic.  I want to be sure I don't get a ban.  I only use the xim apex.  No cronus or similar.

Looking for a current Hunt Showdown year 2022 config PS4/PS5.  I think it's bad that there is no official ST.  I would rather have tried a bad official ST than no ST at all.  Someone found a good alternative config?  I am grateful for any help.

Hello, I use the beloader with LAN HUB on the ps5.  A friend of mine says this increases the ping/latency in games like Call of Duty.  Is that right or is that wrong what he says?  He says you could play call of duty natively with mouse and keyboard and with the beloader and Xim you would be limited and it would run worse because of the latency.  Does the beloader work properly with the home network or does it work over the normal internet?  is there an additional latency when i play on my monitor?  What do the experts here in the forum say about it?

Hello, I'm wondering which type of input is better in terms of input lag/latency and mouse movement quality?  Native With mouse and keyboard at the console or is the Xim Apex better?

Hello, I found this joystick.  Do you think it will work on the Xim apex?  I've been looking for a way to use a keyboard with a 360° joystick for a long time.  this for little money.  I don't want to spend more than 100 euros for an Azoron.  I'm currently using the Sony Nav, but I don't find it comfortable in my hand.


Hello I bought the above mentioned keypad with integrated joystick.  The joystick works, but not completely right.  It works like W A S D. There are different joystick modes.  With joystick mode 2, the joystick works, but only the 4 ways.  Mod 3 mouse mode is extremely slow.  I think that in mouse mode the stick works like a normal joystick.  But I don't know if I can set something else in the xim manager so that it works faster.  It's really very slow and it gets stuck.  I will upload a picture of the manual.  Maybe one of you has an idea to solve this problem


XIM APEX Discussions / Warzone Shadow Ban questions
« on: 11:11 AM - 02/09/22 »
A good friend of mine uses the xim apex in warzone.  He doesn't use scripts with Titan Two or anything like that.  He's just a regular gamer who loves to play with a mouse and keyboard.  He told me that he got a shadow ban in Warzone.  Now I'm wondering if it's because of Xim?  It's very strange.  He has the thought that it is no longer allowed to play warzone with the xim.  Does anyone have an idea how the shadow ban came about?  Is it dangerous to play with the Xim apex Warzone now?

I intend to buy the Xim nexus.  I'm a mouse gamer and not good with controllers.  Can someone tell me exactly whether the nexus is worth it for me?  Of course I would like to play with a controller.  But I don't know if the nexus can help me with correct aiming.  do i connect the ps5 controller to the nexus stick ?  Or does only the ps4 controller work?  Then put the nexus stick in the beloader?

XIM NEXUS Discussions / xim nexus next order date
« on: 10:32 AM - 02/03/22 »
Hello when can I next order the xim Nexus?

Can you tell me the day and time to order?

Hello I have a question regarding the use of the Beloader, Xim Apex and Playstation when everything is connected to a Lan Switch. I bought a few days ago a Lan Switch because I wanted to pull only a large Lan cable from the router to the Playstation. To the Lan Switch I have then with a short Lankabel my Beloader connected and with a second short Lankabel my PS5. I actually thought that I would like to play all games via the Beloader, so I do not have to constantly plug everything. However, I am now wondering what the latency is like compared to playing natively without the Beloader in games with my described setup? I have heard that switches add latency. I am not sure if this is true? And if so how much more latency is it with switch? Or should I better build my setup without switch, which would be very annoying because I would have to pull an extra long lan cable. Or would the latency be better if I connect the Beloader directly to my long Lankabel that is connected directly to the Fritzbox and run my Playstation over WLAN? Maybe someone here knows about such network issues. I own the Fritzbox 7590 and my switch is the TP- Link LS1005G. It's rather a cheap model, but I'm happy to be taught better if the switch is no good. I would like to get the best latency out of it as possible.


Sorry for my bad English

XIM APEX Discussions / Ps Nav Controller Modding
« on: 11:00 AM - 02/02/22 »
Hello, does anyone have any technical knowledge?  It's about the PS Nav Controller.  I would like to make the keys light up.  Does anyone have any idea if this is technically possible?  Is it possible to add more buttons?

Hallo ich habe eine Frage bezüglich der Nutztung des Beloaders, Xim Apex und Playstation wenn alles an einem Lan Switch angeschlossen ist. Ich habe mir vor ein paar tagen einen Lan Switch gekauft da ich nur ein großes Lan Kabel vom Router bis zur Playstation ziehen wollte. An dem Lan Switch habe ich dann mit einem kurzen Lankabel meinen Beloader angeschlossen und mit einem zweiten kurzen Lankabel meine PS5. Ich habe mir eigentlich gedacht das ich alle Spiele über den Beloader Spielen möchte, damit ich nicht ständig alles umstöpseln muss. Jedoch frage ich mich jetzt wie verhält es sich mit der Latenz gegenüber dem Nativen spielen ohne Beloader in Spielen mit meinem beschriebenen Setup? Ich habe gehört das Switches eine zusätzliche Latenz bringen. Ich bin mir nicht sicher ob das stimmt? Und wenn ja wie viel mehr latenz ist es mit Switch? Oder sollte ich besser mein setup ohne Switch aufbauen, was sehr ärgerlich wäre, weil ich ein zusätzliches langes Lankabel ziehen müsste. Oder wäre die Latenz besser wenn ich den Beloader direkt an mein langes Lankabel anschließe das direkt an der Fritzbox angeschlossen ist und meine Playstation über WLAN laufen lasse? Vielleicht kennt sich hier ja jemand aus mit solchen Netztwerkfragen. Ich besitze die Fritzbox 7590 und mein Switch ist der TP- Link LS1005G. Ist eher ein günstiges Model, aber ich lasse mich gerne eines besseren belehren wenn der Switch nichts taugt. Ich möchte im ganzen die beste Latenz rausholen wie es nur möglich ist.

Vielen Dank im Vorraus

Would it be possible to use the smartphone and a USB hub with Ethernet remote play on the PS5?  I own the Samsung S21 Ultra.  This smartphone is very fast.  Does anyone have any idea whether it is possible to use remote play with Xim Apex in this way?In this way I can save the money for the beloader or don't use a laptop. That would be a great thing. Thanks

Hello, I am looking for a wireless mini keyboard or a one-hand keyboard?  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Hello,I'm confused, I read so much about the MW ingame settings and the problems with ads . I'm using the latest official st of MW. (It should be V1ST) I use the recommended xim ingame settings for zoom ads. Which settings are recommended in ingame zoom? 1. 0 or 2.0 ingame? What about the ADS delay and ads deactivate delay? I use assault rifle in call of duty. What should I do to get the best possible game experience? Thank you for help

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