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Game Support / Warface Config (#1 Ranked Player)
« on: 02:45 AM - 10/26/18 »
I have spent some time on this game trying out various settings. At first I played with default settings but later on I started playing around with some of the advanced settings and now I have my config pretty sweet. I use sync off as it feels the most responsive and PC like and also it's the easiest to cut out of AA. I have tried all the other sync settings in this game. I use sync off for nearly all my games. I also use 12k DPI. If you have a cloth mousepad and experience jitter I suggest lowering your DPI. The mouse I use is the Rival 600 so I can't guarantee that your mouse will perform in the same way.

Copy the whole config on your phone
Go on the XIM Apex Manager app
Make sure Expert Mode is enabled
Create new config
Click on the 3 dots ...
Click on Paste

In-game Settings
Advanced control options - Enabled

Yaw Speed - 50
Pitch Speed - 50
Yaw Acceleration - 0
Pitch Acceleration - 0
Acceleration Time - 0
Acceleration Delay - 0

ADS Yaw Speed - 50
ADS Pitch Speed - 50
ADS Yaw Acceleration - 0
ADS Pitch Acceleration - 0
ADS Acceleration Time - 0
ADS Acceleration Delay - 0

Key Binds
WASD - Movement
Q - Special (Claymore etc)
E - Melee Weapon
X - Switch Attachments
C - Crouch
Hold C - Prone or Slide
R - Reload
F - Plant/Defuse Bomb
Shift - Sprint
Mouse Forward - Grenade
Mouse Back - Class Special (Repair Kit, Ammo Kit etc)
Mouse Left - Shoot
Mouse Right - ADS
Mouse Scroll Down - Switch Weapon
Hold T - Switch Weapon (Required in some PVE Missions, as you cannot hold down mouse scroll)

Use this DPI calculator to work out the sensitivity in the XIM config for your DPI.

Link for config

Warface GitGud v1.0 Release

Game Support / Warface Clan!!
« on: 01:31 AM - 10/18/18 »
I'm planning on making a clan on Warface. Mainly of players who use the XIM. Drop me a PM with your GT or post it here and I will get hold of you. Need more people to play with. Xbox only please. Gotta be at least half decent at the game please.

OUTDATED. I do not play PUBG anymore. Got better games to play that don't have useless developers.

I have been using this config since the release of the official PUBG ST and have only had to do minor changes to it over time.

I have been #1 basically every season on NA and EU in both game modes.
These settings are my personal favourites. I use RML's curve on the PUBG config to combat the timed acceleration and the slow turn speed limits. Just tweaked the sensitivity and key-bindings to my liking.

Not everyone might like this but in my opinion it is the best. It is also a good base for key bindings so you can adjust sensitivity to your liking. The sensitivity is optimised so the XIM doesn't reach the turn speed limit all the time (flashing red)

I run a 3rd config page for Hip Aim so it's important that hip aim is kept as mouse forward button, this button also doubles as hold breath while in ADS but only if you use Plan B. You can change this but make sure you tell the 3rd config the new button you changed it to.

I keep the settings on a Google Document so when I make any changes it will update across all my threads, replies etc
You can paste it easily using the Paste function on XIM Manager app.

The mouse I use is a Rival 600. I use it with 12k DPI and 1000hz polling. I use 0 smoothing but if you experience jitter I suggest turning it up by editing the config in the xim manager app.

Copy the whole config on your phone
Go on the XIM Apex Manager app
Make sure Expert Mode is enabled
Create new config
Click on the 3 dots ...
Click on Paste

PUBG Ingame Settings
Controller Type B <<Important!
Left DZ: 0
Right DZ: 10
General Sens: 10
Over-the-Shoulder Sens: 10
Vehicle Sens: 10
Movement Sens: 100
AA: On using 1
1x: 10
2x: 9
3x: 10
4x: 7
6x: 6
8x: 6
15x: 10

Use this link to work out sensivity for your DPI

Config is on this link

Key Binds
R = Reload
F = Use/Open
Q = Lean Left
E = Lean Right
C = Crouch
Hold C = Prone
V or X= Switch Weapon
M = Switch Heals
Hold M = Use Selected Heal
G = Grenade
B = Change Fire Mode
T = Sidearm
Hold V or X = Melee
Space = Jump
Tab = Map
Caps Lock = Inventory
L.Shift = Sprint
Mouse Forward/1 = Hip Aim/Hold Breath (You can use 1 & 2 or MF & MB for going left and right in the inventory)
Mouse Back/2 = Free Look
Mouse Scroll = Up and Down in inventory (mapped to right stick not d pad)
Mouse Left = Shoot
Mouse Right = ADS
Mouse Left/Right = Quick Scrolling while in Inventory
Arrow Keys = Managing attachments
Esc = Xbox Button


PUBG GitGud v2
- Tweaked sensitivity

PUBG GitGud v3
- RML's new curve had been added.
- Made it so mouse scrolling still works for inventory management due to game update
- 3 and 4 will be used as D pad left and right for de-attaching attachments
- 3 is not longer used to get pistol out, please use T due to above

PUBG GitGud v3.1
- Reverted inventory mapping to how it was in v1 and v2.

PUBG GitGud v3.2
- Removed secondary mapping of 3 and 4
- Mapped all the D-pad buttons on secondary to the keyboard arrows

PUBG GitGud v3.3
-Added turn assist mapped to LCtrl (Hold) for easier navigation around the map
-Added a secondary bind for "Y". Now you have a choice of V and X to swap weapons.

XIM Link / Question about XIM Link
« on: 01:56 AM - 07/31/18 »
Quick question about XIM Link. I have never used it. Am I able to switch my mouse and keyboard between PC mode and XIM Link? Ideally I want to do that otherwise I will just buy a switch or something.

Game Support / Fortnite Aim Assist Inconsistent
« on: 05:29 AM - 06/26/18 »
I have noticed that the aim assist in fortnite is very inconsistent at medium/long distance. I could be crouching aiming directly at the person spraying full auto but not all bullets will hit. Once I start moving my mouse left and right slightly while still staying within the aim assist bubble that's when most of my hits will actually hit. Now would this be a game issue? Does this happen to controller users or could it be related with my setup? I'm tempted to just run without AA but then AA = easy shotgun kills 🤣

I use 3.2k DPI, 1000hz, Common sync, 6 HIP, 4 ADS


I had a little chat on the discord with the members there. Interestingly I found out that Fortnite has terrible mechanics because they use "bloom". That is the worst thing you can possibly have for a shooter game.. Like seriously, you could have the best aim in the world and still get beat by a scrub because RNG was on their side and more bullets hit.

By the looks of the way this game is going the only accurate way of fighting someone is close-quarters. Lets not talk about the mechanic where an AR has 0 bullet drop at 300m and sniper the most powerful rifle has mad drop at 50m lol. Coming from PUBG I have no idea how a game with such terrible mechanics got so popular. I do still enjoy it tho, the building part of the game is fun.

Hardware Compatbility / The BEST mouse for Xim Apex
« on: 08:26 AM - 05/25/18 »
This. Imagine the possibilities with 2 scroll wheels.

Hardware Compatbility / Rant about the Logitech G502
« on: 03:02 AM - 05/18/18 »
I'm just having a quick rant about the G502. Some of you may agree and disagree with me.

I see this mouse being suggested in absolutely every single topic and apart from the sensor I have no idea why? Have people even tried other mice? Like this mouse is absolutely trash for any FPS game. I would never buy a mouse that is over 100g, that is just way too heavy for any FPS game in my opinion. I tried all the weights in my Rival 600 upping it to 128g and it was too heavy, my aim was all over the place and i performed terrible. Taking the weights out to 96g I performed amazing.

Now I have no idea why people are suggesting that mouse, it weights 168g. It's a huge mouse that weights as much as a brick. Literally this mouse is so heavy that you can't even pick it up easily! You can't play any other game than an MMO with it imo. Let's not talk about the crappy scroll wheel on it too...

Logitech do have great sensors so why don't people suggest any of their lighter mice? Honestly if someone tried a lighter mouse they would never go back to the G502.

The G502 is way too over-hyped. Just my 2 cents.

General Discussion / [XB1] Battlefield 1 Incursions Squad!
« on: 03:43 AM - 04/24/18 »
Looking for people to play 5v5 BF1 Incursions with. Gold or higher only please. PM me with your GT.

Hardware Compatbility / Turtle Beach Stream Mic
« on: 06:10 AM - 04/12/18 »
Hey guys,

I will be purchasing a Turtle Beach Stream Mic.


It connects into the USB port of the Xbox. I have a CouchMaster and I want to plug the mic into the hub inside it. The only problem is that this hub is connected into the Apex. Will the apex just pass the device through as a normal usb device to the Xbox, if not is it possible to be added as an option in a future update? Same with webcam I rather have it in my CouchMaster than directly into the Xbox.

General Discussion / Any streamers here?
« on: 01:51 AM - 04/12/18 »
Want to invest in a good setup.

Need suggestions for mic, camera, software etc..

I'm thinking of Logitech C920/C922 for the camera.

Game Support / Xbox One Chat Pad support?
« on: 12:45 AM - 04/12/18 »
Got a question for the man himself. @OBSiV

This probably has been asked before and would be a nice feature on PlayStation too. If someone was to purchase the Official Xbox One Chat Pad would it be possible to support via the Apex?

For an example, while I have the pad plugged into the controller, I can press a certain key on my keyboard to switch between "game mode" and "chat mode" game mod uses my normal gaming button configs but when I press a certain key on the keyboard it will allow me to use all the keys on the keyboard for typing messages. This would be a nice feature.

General Discussion / [GAMBLING][18+] Players Lounge
« on: 05:26 PM - 04/11/18 »

Feedback / Reputation System & Polish Section on Forum
« on: 04:58 AM - 04/10/18 »

Couple things.. I think a reputation system would be great here. We can then see members who don't post a lot but post really good content. It can be added easily into SMF as that's the engine used for the forum.


Another thing, I have met quite a lot of Polish lads here at XIM forum, some of them don't speak English and message me personally for help. Would be nice to have a Polish speaking section created. I'm more than happy to moderate it.

Would post this in off-topic but can't find a section. Just a little game I wanna play and just curious of other people's results.

I been reported 4x for Cheating within 6 months while owning the XIM. It makes me happy seeing that I'm being reported because I know that people get rekt and cry about it afterwards haha. Feel free to add any hate messages from people too! It's all for a laugh lol

Log onto your account here to check your own report.


XIM APEX Discussions / Keyboard bindings
« on: 01:28 AM - 03/12/18 »
Not sure if it's me being blind or what but can we not copy just the key bindings on the XIM Apex Manager like you used to be able to with XIM4 Manager? Was a really handy feature.

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