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Technical Support / [ACTIVE] Xim 4 not tracking mouse
« on: 07:39 AM - 03/21/20 »
Hi name is Crystal, and I bought my xim 4 about 3 or so years ago. I have not played consistently but I played enough to attest to the fact that XIM 4 / XIM APEX works and is awesome. Unfortunately life happened and I havent been playing COD as much, now that things have settled down I decided to take up my xim 4 and to my shock, nothing works. Now I was diligent and I did exhaust all the tips provided in previous forums, everything from: removing batteries from controller to mixing up the different ports and I even tried reinstalling and installing everything. I understand that having an Iphone may complicate things but I even followed the instructions for that portion and still no luck. Every time I log in game, everything lights up but I am unable to track using my mouse, one thing that pops up on app on my phone application is  AUX M12??? (I have no idea what that means)....I did download the latest software for xim 4 which is: 4.00.20200203 and my xim manager version is 4.00.20171001. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!

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