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Game Support / Post your mw configs
« on: 09:18 AM - 02/29/20 »
I think We should post mw setups along with your kills kd to try and help people out and give each other different ideas, to start off
In game sens-20/20 ads 1.20, ads sniper 1.10
Xim polling-500
Mouse polling/dpi-500/3600
Xim hip-32/default sync/Sab off
Xim ads-36/default/sab off and 1 smoothing
450 delay but no activation delay set couldnít get used to it
Also latest beta build, and latest mw profile

Hardware Compatbility / Mouse polling rate incorrect
« on: 05:30 AM - 01/21/20 »
Iíve purchased 2 different razer nice, and a Logitech mice. All 3 Mouses where set to 500 polling and all mice have on board memory.  Now the problem is the razer mice plugged into the apex show 1000 polling rate even tho they really arenít, but the Logitech shows correct 500 polling rate in the xim app.

Game Support / Linear curve apex
« on: 06:48 AM - 02/18/19 »
Mist is it possible to train the apex st on linear curve, and possibly fix sab for apex as it currently does nothing

Game Support / Ads sensitivity
« on: 10:33 PM - 01/02/19 »
Is it recommended to leave the ads translate on the ads page for b04? And another question when I set ads to to hip on the ads page the sensitivity is a lot slower on hip then ads is that normal?

Iíve been using 4K dpi for a while now, I decided to raise it to 8k dpi my mouse supports 16k dpi with a Pixart equivalent optical sensor probably a bit better actually. Now I had to lower my hip and ads by quite a lot to match my old sensitivity, but what Iím noticing is Iím hitting turn speed max a lot faster now and itís especially noticeable in b04(Xbox) fortnite is not as noticeable. Is this normal, I can only imagine people running 12-16k dpi must be hitting turn speed with one small swipe.

General Discussion / B04 Xbox
« on: 03:17 AM - 11/16/18 »
Add me antec800 mp and blackout

XIM 4 Discussions / Xim4 problem I think
« on: 06:28 PM - 11/06/18 »
So Im on gold retail build but Iíve tried all beta builds Iím using a ducky one kb bu Iíve used 2 other kbs before getting this kb bc I thought all my other kbs broke. So the problem is when strafing and shooting someoneís A, or D donít respond when trying to strafe left and right but the xim manager shows the key is being pressed I have to double press the key? And someoneís when running forward and doing a certain action while holding W key it will keep on auto walking this happens happens in fort and b04 and no auto run isnít on

XIM 4 Discussions / USB powered hub question
« on: 09:50 AM - 10/09/18 »
I just got the amazon basic 7port that is so recommended, Iím running a razer mouse and a ducky one rgb kB, along with a Cronus max. Right now I have the Cronus plugged into the console then the xim plugged into that, and of course kB and mouse plugged into xim like normal. So now Iím going to plug my kB and mouse into the hub to take stress off the xim if that makes sense. And I assume I can plug the hub into port 1, or 2 into the xim correct? And last question is it wise to run the mouse from the hub or just keep it plugged into the xim as Iím afraid it could cause of some of latency problems or something running through the hub?

Since epic decided to ruin the game even more bc they added acceleration to diagonal movement will playing around with x/y setting help Ive already lowered dpi but there Is still a noticeable ramp up in speed when moving mouse diagonally which is ruining shotguns for me

XIM 4 Discussions / XIM4 firmware updates
« on: 03:38 PM - 05/19/18 »
Iím assuming the xim4 isnít getting anymore firmware updates only the apex is correct?

Game Support / Xim4 config with new builder pro
« on: 03:54 AM - 04/15/18 »
Is there a update coming out for it on Xbox

XIM 4 Discussions / Using xim on pc
« on: 02:00 AM - 01/29/18 »
Ok I may sound like a noob but I want to use the xim on pc to play fortnite to gain aim assist, I have a wired only 360 controller to trick the game into thinking Iím using a controller but really using the mouse and kb but when plugging them into the xim4 they donít work and the controller doesnít work either. Windows 10 installed all necessary drivers but made no difference

Game Support / Key binding fortnite Xbox
« on: 02:10 AM - 01/25/18 »
I play fortnite and pc and Xbox one. With pc each gun/item is bound to number 1,2,3,4,5 so I donít have to scroll through the menu, but on Xbox and the xim I canít do that correct? Any other way, besides scroll wheel or just tapping Q to scroll through

Xbox / Need squad for fortnite Xbox one
« on: 10:12 PM - 01/22/18 »
Add me antec800 Xbox I mainly only play fortnite now good amount of squad wins under my belt

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