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XIM APEX Discussions / just got my apex
« on: 02:29 PM - 03/03/19 »
So I just got my Apex last night but haven't had a chance to mess around with it . my question is the are the ballistic curves for the xim4 also compatible with the apex? I don't usely use them but I did come across one I used for bo4 ps4 and it plays amazing so I was just curious if there were interchangeable between the 2 .

Thanks in advance .

XIM APEX Discussions / Looking to make the jump
« on: 02:18 PM - 02/16/19 »
So as a huge fan of the product I have been using xim adaptors since they were first available on the ps3. I was lucky enough to get the first batch of xim4 when then came out as well but now I've been eyeing the apex . my question is is there a difference from ordering it from this site as i have done in the past with the other 3 I picked up or would itnbe just the same if I picked it up on Amazon? Do the makers still receive there money from an Amazon purchase ? Also is the shipping time the same ? The current wait looks like 3 days for prime members . I want to keep supporting you guys so in was just hopping to see if there was any difference or benifite from ordering from one place to an other . thanks in advance

XIM 4 Discussions / any way to macro for blackout ?
« on: 09:32 PM - 11/13/18 »
I'm just curious if any one had figured out away to have the inventory for blackout mapped to a single button rather then having to cycle through from button pressing ? I have mine set up through my mouse scroll but its still not ideal .even with mapping multiple buttons to the same thing I'm still unable to get it set just right .

So Just like title says I just recently swapped out my controller and plugged in my new controller into the xim4 and when i turned on my ps4 to my surprise it didnt respond. i tried resetting the ps4 a few times still nothing i then factory reset the xim and still nothing . what i dont understand is on the manager app on my phone it is showing  everything is connected and when i press buttons it shows that it is aware that the buttons are pressed but still nothing .

I am at a bit of a loss so if any one has any ideas that would be great . I should mention i have had the xim4 since launch and have pretty much had the same controller pluged into it since then but i dont think changing a controller should be enough to cause these kinds of issues .

XIM 4 Discussions / How do you download posted configs
« on: 07:15 PM - 01/04/18 »
hey guys I've been a member for a wile now I have't posted much over the last little bit but I have noticed people tweeking the stock configs from the app . now I see the code posted but I for the life of me have no idea how to apply the downloaded configs to the current ones I have . thanks in advance and sorry if this is just a run of the mill common thing 

Game Support / Ghost recon ps4 squad options
« on: 11:10 AM - 03/23/17 »
Hey so im wondering does any one elss have any issues when it comes to giving your squad commands? It will only let me choose the options on the right and left. Has any one found a fix for this? I remeber the division having a problem with the weapon wheel but that was tied to the mouse movment and not wsad .

XIM 4 Discussions / multiple devices
« on: 05:45 PM - 11/03/14 »
Hey guys got an other  question.  Does any one know if you  can  hook up multiple  keyboards  and mice  to the  xim4?  My situation  is this .
I mostly game at my desk with a wired mouse and keyboard but i just got a new tv and would like to play on the couch. So ipicked up a wireless mouse and keyboard.  Im wondering if i pluged in usb splitters would  i be able to jump from one to the other ? And if so will it come at a performance  cost. Also i should note i have a kvm switch as well . So yeah if any one has any insite or info regaurding  this id like to hear from you.

Thanks in advance  guys  and keep up the good work.

Hardware Compatibility / razer mamba wireless
« on: 12:06 PM - 10/30/14 »
Im thinking of grabbing  a new mouse but i want to know if i can in fact  use this mouse wirelesly . I know its on the list but it says wired beside it i just want to know i can use it both  ways .

Thanks in advance

XIM 4 Discussions / xim psn users
« on: 03:35 PM - 08/10/14 »
hey guys so like most of you i have been enjoying my ps4 a lot more now that i can play it the way i like to , but it feels like something is missing, i find my self usely on the short end of the stick when it comes to my online play because most of my friends are never online when i get home to play .  so yeah if any one is looking to put together a team or any thing on ghost or bf4 on the ps4 feel free to add me .

psn name  : weaXpon

in ghost i have just made a xim clan tag to make my self a little more noticeable to the rest of the xim users i prefer bf4 but like to jump from game to game. any way im usely on at 12am est  because i work late so yeah any one down shoot me a message on psn just stating your an xim user so i know and we can do it up . 

XIM 4 Discussions / stand by mode
« on: 03:27 PM - 08/10/14 »
hey guys quick question to users who keep there system on standby do you know if buy doing so it will burn out the lights or mechanics of the xim . i doubt it will but im just curious because the xim stays lit up wile on standby i dont want to needlessly shorten the life expectancy of my xim either.

XIM 4 Discussions / a few things ive noticed?
« on: 11:14 PM - 08/06/14 »
Hey everyone! So obviously by now a good portion of us are using the xim4 on our respective consoles and having a good time. A few things ive in countered are (I have only tried ghosts and bf4 on the ps4 )

1:if I stay stationary in ghosts I will slowly almost barely noticeable creep forward.

2: in ghosts and bf4 every now and again my guy will move hard to the left or right after I release that direction

3: in bf4 and ghost if im prone and aiming down my sites if I try to move left or right while shooting I either stop shooting all together stop looking down my sites or cant move for a brif second.

Any way these are a few things I incountered and figured id put them out there to see if any one else has had any similer issues. Again nothing that big a deal just curious if there's a remedy or anything plus im sure some of you tech guys may want to know about little things like this.

Any way Thanks for a great product I really couldn't be happier with it and if I incounter anything else ill be sure to post.

XIM 4 Discussions / any one using an iogear kvm switch
« on: 05:20 PM - 08/01/14 »
With the xim 4. I just picked one up but im at work so I wont be able to try it out when I get home. I have my doubts because after closely looking at iogear switch you only have one usb cord going into the computers. So both the mouse and keyboard have inputs but its only one output per computer. Im just wondering if the xim4 will still regester both k&m if only one output is pluged in

XIM 4 Discussions / kvm switch
« on: 11:09 AM - 07/22/14 »
hey so i few other people have talked about these things so i did some looking into them and they seem like the best way to go with the setup i  have. My question is do i have to use the monitor outlet on the switch as well or can i just use the keyboard and mouse part of it. I noticed alot of these switches also support audio as well which i wont need but yeah i just want to know from any one that uses these if i can infcat just use the mouse and keyboard  part.

XIM 4 Discussions / forum users
« on: 04:42 PM - 07/13/14 »
hey so i've been reading a lot of peoples questions and responses but i'm still unsure as to what the definitive answer is to the forum users getting to put there pre order down first are. i know it seems like the people on the forums are able to in fact order first which is cool , what im curious about is  :is it based on how frequent a user you are ? or how long ago you signed up ?

thanks guys

oh and one other thing how do you know if your able to pre order first do we receive a pm or an email ?

XIM 4 Discussions / just to get a better understanding
« on: 03:26 AM - 06/29/14 »
hey guys so ive been keeping an eye on the xim4 for a wile now , Ive been a long time user of the previous models xim1 for my ps3 and xim2 for my 360.  Now with those models you had to configure the dead zones with a separate program running on your computer, we would all have to hunt for the best configurations on this site , now don't get me wrong i had no problem doing that to enjoy the way i like to play my games . Im just curious as to how the new model will work . am i still going to need to figure out the best dead zones and see which type it is  or figure out the xy ratios our selfs. from what i read it didnt seem to be set up the same way but i was curious so i figured id ask .


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