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If you like my config or want to see how its in-game , please don't hesitate to watch one video. It means a lot to me. I make them to showcase this config. I laserbeam with AR, hit quickscopes and got a lot of solo wins. Currently topping 69 wins (mostly solo) with 4.5k kills & 3.25kd

I have been using my current config for 2 months now. I found the config that feels crisp and dominates in short/medium/long range. I can do 180 and manage recoil, that are two huge pluspoints for me. First things first, I didn't come up with this config, a person named MJFame created it.

His (MJFame) post explaining everything: https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=65974.0
XIMGameplay on YouTube explaining the ST and showing every important step : https://youtu.be/GXHKx9CxH-U

This config is a bit unusual because you need to use 800 dpi and his (MJFame) settings to work it out. You adjust the sens by adjusting the curve. In short, the recommended settings:

XIM settings-

XIM - 1000hz
Mouse - 1000hz
DPI - 800

HIP SENS - 500
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

ADS SENS - 500
Activation & Deactivation delay - 224ms
Smooth aim - Checked
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

Ingame settings

ADS multiplier high/low - 1.00
Deadzone - 0.02

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [MJfame Warzone] START COPY >>>

This is my full config. I have been dropping multiple 20+ games with this config. I also made a highlight video that showcases everything I mentioned. Here you can see how good it works with quickscoping, lasering people and target snaps. It literally feels like aimbot sometimes.

18/05 I made another sniping video. The micro movements feels so good, my sniper kills are on point. I can hit headshots constantly, especially in Warzone those are very OP. Jumpshots, quickscopes, dragscopes and I even hit headshots from 500m. I am telling you, definitely give it a try.

SA: You may not like the senstivity I use. To change it to your liking, you NEED to adjust the curve. No idea how to do that? Its explained in the 2 links I posted above. The youtube video from Odin actually shows step by step how to adjust it. Its pretty simple.

Here's a 27 kills game from yesterday using the same config. Hands down the best config righ now. Thank you.
P.s: you can use the game play in OP if you want.

Shared Configs / Dhrny's MW config! 49k kills & 2.35KD
« on: 10:10 PM - 03/09/20 »
Now I really don't like to jump conclusions and say my config is a beast without proper testing and playing. But I play this COD daily and got over 300 hours of gameplay. I found this config on Youtube and tweaked it to my liking. It is a very special config and it shows the capabilities of the XIM pretty well.

What do you get? Fast wrist aiming with strong AA without the weird bubble. It sounds like a match made in having and it also feels like that in-game. My stats are 49k kills & 2.36KD right now and still rising. This config works for every type of weapon and distance.

What is so special about this config? It has a 800dpi requirement and the sensitivity has to be changed with the curve. With this config you get a strong AA but with crisp movement.

Don't believe my words? Start of the video is a high end PC gamer in disbelief of my aiming. I found it funny to include it. Rest of the video you can see my snappy aim. I am telling you guys, just give it a try!

Important settings:

XIM Apex: 1000hz
Mouse: 800DPI and 1000hz

Ingame ADS sens: 1.35 (higher than 1 has less aim acceleration, above 1.35 messes up aim transition)

The XY ratio is changed to 1.10 to escape the AA bubble and go for headshots.

Full config code:

>>> XIM APEX [Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 800dpi] START COPY >>>

Shared Configs / Modern warfare wrist aim CONFIG 8/11
« on: 10:28 AM - 11/08/19 »
This is the config for me with the best tracking, and less AA-bubble

12K dpi

Ingame settings
ADS Multiplier on 2.0x
Standard AA/curve

XIM settings
First offical ST
HIP: 71 (synch OFF)
No ADS page

The ADS feels very good on 2.0x since it disables the turn speed cap. I prefer not to use an ADS page in my configs because of the ADS delay. By adjusting the ADS sens in-game, you adjust to the ADS delay in-game automatically. I am using Synch off because it feels the most responsive.

This setup gives me everything I need in COD. The hip is quite good and I can place my corsair where I it to be. The ADS feels snappy and I am able to flick as I can on PC. At 1.00x I felt the AA bubble a lot, now I don't.

Technical Support / [ACTIVE] XIM Apex
« on: 07:05 PM - 11/07/19 »
Hey im using XIM4 for years and recently bought a Xim Apex. I had no trouble playing withthe Apex. Im playing Modern warfare with the XIM 4 since release and the Apex yesterday without a problem. But today my mouse is acting weird. When I click left mouse click to shoot, it keeps shooting even when I let go. Single taps turns into burst fire and sometimes it keeps shooting even when I let go everything. I am on the beta firmware btw

Is the Apex broken?

Razor ornata chroma
Apex cable

I had no problem like this in the 2yrs ive used the XIM4. Neither I had it yesterday with the Apex.

XIM APEX Discussions / Buying an used XIM Apex
« on: 12:56 PM - 11/06/19 »
Im going to purchase a XIM Apex from a friend. Is there any concerns of buying of an used XIM Apex? Like does it wear of after a year of usage? It may sound silly but I have no idea about these devices.

Game Support / Modern warfare XIM4
« on: 06:42 PM - 10/24/19 »
I know the XIM4 has a own sub but its not as populated as here. And like me, I think fellow XIM4 users follow this sub to know whats the best setting for the game.  The reason I started a seperate topic is because the XIM4 reacts different to other STs in this game. For example, using the Apex legends ST on Apex works great but on XIM4 it doesn't work (the aim assist sticks to enemies too much)

This is the setting im using
Ingame: senstivity 20
AA and curve standard

ST COD ghost
12k dpi
1000hz mouse setting
I still playing with the sens but I got it now on 6hip 5ads

This works the best after I tried COD IW, Apex legends and Ghost.

So I bought a microphone for better voice quality for my setup but it doesn't work. I'm wondering if im missing something or how I use an alternative way to work around.

When I plugin the headset (bluetooth with USB) and the microhpone (USB cable device)  it works fine, I can choose as input the microphone and output headset. When I try this combo with the XIM4, it doesn't work. It says that two audio devices already connected..

I can only use 2 of the 3 (xim4, headset or mic). Will it help if I upgrade to the XIM APEX?

Game Support / COD MW (beta and release)
« on: 10:53 PM - 09/06/19 »
So next week the beta starts and I was wondering which ST I should try? I missed the alpha so I didnt have the chance to try it out. Im using a XIM4 and I was thinking to use COD:IW ST because its the same devs..

What did you guys expierenced in the alpha?

So this was announced a while ago but the change didn't appear on the patch notes released today even though it was aimed to be releases this season.
I found a response of a community manager of Siege claiming the following in his exact words: "We are still working on finalizing and releasing it *during* season 2, not necessarily when season 2 launches."

This means we don't have to wait more seasons to get this update. Just a heads-up for the XIM devs what to expect.

source: We are still working on finalizing and releasing ...


XIM 4 Discussions / Pubg configs
« on: 06:41 PM - 12/25/18 »
Sup guys,

How are you guys doing with the Pubg ST? Do you guys use the default without any changes to the ST? I  try the default with the recommended settings in-game but it feels to sluggish. Especially ADS doesn't feel "right".

I'm open to make some changes if you guys have better configs.

Game Support / Heads up to the devs (H1Z1)
« on: 03:38 PM - 05/24/18 »
I just want to make a heads up to the devs from XIM. Eventhough everyone wants a ST for H1Z1 I think we should be a bit more patient. The devs of this game announced that they are changing the aim accerlation which will be avaible sooner or later. So if there is a ST being made now, it might be outdated in couple of days/weeks?

XIM 4 Discussions / H1Z1 PS4
« on: 07:46 AM - 04/25/18 »
So yesterday Daybreaker announced that H1Z1 is comming to PS4. The beta will go live on may 22nd from my understanding. My guess is that this game won't release fully anywhere soon. Now I don't know if the full release will happen right after that but I'm curious to knoe what ST should I try till the ST will be added? It will usually take some time because I once read that XIM ussualy doenst make ST if the game is in BETA/early access.

What ST will be working for H1Z1 you guys think? Actually while writing this is occurred to me that it's the best to wait it out and test for myself. But I also curious to know if a ST is only for the buttons placement? Does the ST's really differ from each other in the way the aiming works?

Technical Support / [RESOLVED] Stuttering mouse movement
« on: 05:02 PM - 03/30/18 »
So I own the XIM4 for couple of months now and im more than satisfied. I play Rainbow six siege on a daily base and other FPS like BF, Doom and COD. But since a couple of weeks im experiencing stuttering mouse movement.
I noticed it because it wasn't there before. But it's a bit odd because although I use the same movement speed it doesn't stutter everytime. It will stutter for a couple of minutes on and off for an hour. I checked my xim4 settings and changed it to the default ST. I even tried other peoples setting but it didn't work. I frequently expierence this while playing R6 siege, I know the current state with the stability of this game while using the XIM but I'm almost sure that this shouldn't occur so often. I also expierenced it while playing COD or BF.

I'm using G502 with 10k DPI usually and 1000 polling rate. Changing DPI and polling rate didn't change anything. The mouse is 4 months old almost and I don't use it for other devices but could it be a problem with the mouse? Also for additional information im using a hard pad. The stutter also happens when I move hand slowly. And the red blinking lignt doesn't flash if the stutter happens.

What should I do?

Just got mine XIM4 today and I had a little time with it when it was working and it was amazing. However it stopped working and I can't figure out what.

First of all I downloaded the latest firmware and everything was working fine untill at a moment a button/movement got stuck and mine character in R6:Siege kept moving in a weird way. The character kept looking upward and kept moving left and pressing buttons on keyboard/controller or mouse didn't respond. So I tried to reconnect everything but now the XIM4 app doesn't recognize mine controller.

While writing this I discovered that using a different cable for the controller to the XIM4 did the trick. It is connected now. But out curiosity, was that movement error a cable fault? Because I tried the original ps4 controller cable and mine samsung s7 charge cable both didn't work properly.

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