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Ive read so many now post that siege doesnt feel right. Im the same huge fan of R6 and can tell u its unplayable for me now. Have feeling turn speed reduced and something with aiming isnt right. If u do get time just to check in a future we as r6 comunity would appreciate that. Thanks

General Discussion / G pro wireless vs G305 wireless
« on: 11:47 AM - 11/10/19 »
I couldn't find a big difference between these two mouse apart the price, so my question is it worth it to upgrade from g305 to g pro wireless?

So my problem is after update , everything works fine and suddenly my mice barely can make a turn for 10-15 sec, and after that back to normal. I start having this issue one's or two times per match. Everything works fine and boom for 10 seconds my character barely can make a turn.no problem with moving forward or sideways Internet connection is fine no lag. Never had this before all other games works as usual so i dont think its mice problem.
250hz on both
Sync off
Boost 1565

General Discussion / Obsiv make deal with Gloriuos
« on: 10:30 PM - 09/17/19 »
Obsiv, Xim is so popular now, email Gloriuos and make deal with them to create a mouse we all ximers want :) or xim as a brand could grow even more and u could together with the help from kickstarter   make a mice we want.
U managed to create such a good product, so u should be able to create another great product XIMMOUSE ;)

We all know ps4 will give us a try on call of duty modern warfare this weeken any suggestions wich ST i should be playing with? Any ideas

Shared Configs / Rainbow 6 siege configuration
« on: 09:07 PM - 08/01/19 »
Just want to share my R6S configuration ( Hip more suitable for wrist players, Ads wrist/hand)

DPI: 3200
Polling rate: mouse 1000hz, xim apex 500hz

Rainbow six siege(classic)
Hip 64.5  common
All the rest by default

Aim Down Sights


Synchronize Default

Smoothing - 0

Y/X Ratio - 1.0

Steady Aim - 0.0

In game settings

Vertical: 89
LD: 29
Controller rotation:Classic
ADS: 83

I have steelseries arctic pro +gamedac headphones, mostly playing R6S and I need a decent EQ preset for my headphones.
U might have different audio device it doesnt need to be like mine.
My question is what numbers should be in my preset for sound whoring( footsteps)
 I Hope u understand what I'm asking :D


What is your opinion about it, would it help people with slower reaction time like myself lol. Combine that with xim and u should be unstoppable lol

Shared Configs / Pubg settings ps4?
« on: 04:10 PM - 07/14/19 »
Anyone have good pubg settings and keybinds for ps4?

XIM APEX Discussions / Need small/light mouse
« on: 11:28 AM - 06/30/19 »
I need a small, light mouse any suggestion?

XIM APEX Discussions / Mist4fun :)
« on: 12:42 AM - 06/28/19 »
Mist4fun dont be lazy and please make sure new R6S  ST is ready for the weekend :) :) we know you can do it . Come on R6S fans let's ask him to hurry up , we need to reach Diamond rank during this weekend with mist4fun help lol.

Now if be more serious can u tell us when we can expect  for new ST , i know you are busy and have more important things to do  but you know we R6S mains are impatient :D

Hardware Compatbility / Steelseries rival 710
« on: 07:51 AM - 06/23/19 »
Is any one using rival 710 mouse? I had perfect settings and sometimes i cannot adjust dpi  using steelseries engine. Sometimes feels like aim is floating , recoil becomes uncontrollable. I remap my buttons but it doesnt change when I plug to ps4(most of the times I can adjust, but sometimes dont let me do anything. Mostly playing r6s and yesterday suddenly my aim become floating, wasn't able to control recoil on a guns who has basically zero recoil. Weird

XIM APEX Discussions / Smoothing
« on: 08:44 AM - 06/02/19 »
How big delay gives max smoothing,  or how does it affect game. I play R6S and use 20 smoothing aim feels better, but I kind off feel some delay. Or can someone explain what smoothing does? I dont have jitters but still like using smoothing

Game Support / Dayz for ps4?
« on: 06:55 AM - 06/01/19 »
When will we get Dayz ST for PS4?

I have headset steelseries arctis pro +gamedac, and I wanna connect different USB mic cause I dont like arctis pro mic quality. My problem is if I connect steelseries headset and USB mic , my keyboaord with xim apex stops working. I get notifications that 2 audio devices connected and my controller V2 is no longer connected via USB cable but only bluetooth. Which means my keyboard lights up but I cannot do anything with it. So my question is : is there any way how to connect my headset and different usb mic and be able playing with MnK.

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