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Shared Configs / Risk of Rain 2
« on: 07:59 PM - 02/11/20 »
Hello  :) Here is my attempt at a config for RoR2.

Latest firmware
Logitech G502
3200 DPI
500 Hz polling rate on Xim and mouse

"Destiny 2" official config

Hip: 32
Default sync
@RML 5.1 staircase curve

In game settings:
Spring sensitivity reduction off
Look sens: 10
Aim assist sens: 2

I've noticed there's still jitters when trying to precise aim but this was working okay in terms of overall game movement and mobility.


Latest update has had some issues with acceleration and aiming jitter, giving an overall floaty feeling. Last patch I had perfect settings. These settings aren't perfect but are pretty good so far. Just so you're aware, I'm a high sensitivity player.

3200 DPI
500 Hz on mouse and manager
Common sync
Hip: 19.00
ADS: no profile activated
In-game ADS: 0.59
In-game scoped: 0.67
X/Y: 1.15
No smoothing
Analog settings - Triggers
Left --> Joystick Left Trigger
Right --> Joystick Right Trigger
Deadzone values: 7500 for both, still experimenting with this. Might go a bit lower.

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

1. The curve is there to help with acceleration issues.
2. I've experienced less jitter using 500 Hz polling rate
3. X/Y is higher due to the vertical nature of the game, as well as moving your reticle from body to head when aimed on someone. Recommend experimenting with values anywhere from 1.05 to 1.25
4. No ADS sub-config because it messes with sensitivities when building ramps. I no longer use Alanmcgregor's build mode sub-config because of inconsistencies
5. If you prefer a different DPI, use the following tool: https://www.easycalculation.com/other/dpi-calculator.php

Let me know what you think!

-RML for his work with curves
-InsidasS for his ideas with deadzones following the latest patch


I'm working on tweaking my settings and want some testing against aim assist, etc.

Anyone want to get together on Playground mode and test different configs, work on settings, etc.? It really helps having other players to test aim sensitivities (i.e. ADS on someone while they're running around, etc.).

This is by no means an end all-be all tutorial. Rather, these are my findings over testing and empirical evidence. I write this as I am thinking, not preaching.

Ever since snipers were changed, they have been incredibly whacky, even unplayable.

I've been trying to find a solution for making your scoped aim precise and overall more smooth. Making another config within XIM is difficult because you would need to hold a key for when you zoom in. This is very cumbersome and clunky when you are going at a fast pace.

Here is a potential solution I've been working on:

You need to keep your HIP and ADS sensitivities the same, and adjust in-game ADS for adjustments, while keeping in-game scoped sensitivity the same. In order to do this, you should divide your ads sens by hip sens to compute a ratio, then adjust your in-game ads sens using that ratio.

This sounds a lot more complicated than it is so let me just give you an example.

Say I am running 3200 DPI, 500 Hz with the following XIM settings:
HIP: 20
ADS: 10
In-game settings:
Wireless controller hip: 1.00
Wireless controller ads: 1.00
Wireless controller scoped: 1.00

The ratio would be ADS/HIP, or 10/20 = 0.50

Therefore, my new settings would be the following:
3200 DPI, 500 Hz (this doesn't change)
HIP: 20
ADS: 20
In-game settings:
Wireless controller hip: 1.00
Wireless controller ads: 0.50
Wireless controller scoped: 1.00

Since I've made these changes, snipers have been a lot more smooth. Unfortunately, I still can't figure out the hunting rifle sens, but this is a good start.

Playground mode is great for testing. Try this out and let me know what you think. Also, please challenge my ideas so we can all learn and find an even better solution :)

Hey there,

With the rising popularity of Fortnite, I wanted to make a thread for potential discussion. I've seen a lot of topics floating around, but it might be nice to have a central location for info :) This first post is an initial breakdown of my findings and what players have been reporting.

Personally, I have been going between native M+Kb on PS4 and the XIM4 itself - and I haven't found something that really clicks.

It seems like there's been distinct pros and cons for native/XIM4 usage. Btw, when I say native M+Kb it means plugging your M+Kb directly to the PS4, with no XIM.

Native Pros
-No aim assist (this sometimes helps with sniper shots)
-You can toggle keybinds just like the PC. This helps with building faster and quickly changing weapons

Native Cons
-Difficult to get settings correct, without feeling jittery. No sensitivity slider.
-No aim assist, which sometimes hurts in close range fights
-No in game cursor, so you can't manage your inventory without picking up and using your controller

XIM Pros:
-You get the aim assist of a controller, because XIM registers as a controller input device
-Settings can be more adjustable

XIM Cons:
-No keybinds, building is slower. Though you can still remap controller buttons, you won't get the keybinds such as "2 for shotgun" or "mouse button 3 for building stairs)
-Many players have reported higher input lag

I will post my native settings in a little bit.Maybe others could post their settings so that we could learn and tweek?

I also just watched a video thepr0 posted, he is a high level player in the XIM4 community and has his settings in the video description.

Thanks :)

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