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Shared Configs / Warzone new deadzone?
« on: 06:57 AM - 05/01/20 »
So after the update Theres a slider for deadzone, default at 0.5. Is that the same as before the update? Feels a bit ackward to me. At Ps4...

Kindly S7


Been playing apex legends since release.
This season me and my friend are grinding ranked. AND... ofc its not easy at all. We are looking for a third player that want to help us grind all the way up to predator. Were at diamond now.

Both of us come from sweden and ofc we communicate in english :) Anyone here wanna/are able to help us make our way to the top? We play everyday between 19:00-23:00 swedish time.

Add me if you wanna join our squad, psn id oroboruz7

May we meet online :)

/12000dpi 1000hz Hip common 4.3 Ads 2.5

Beta / IOS still full :/
« on: 01:31 PM - 08/28/19 »
Playing apex more then i should, and would really like to try out the new manager and firmware to fix the sab issue when using hip.

Is there any other way then testflight to get the new manager or is it just to sit tight and wait? It has never happened that i have missed a new release before. Always get notifications when an update is available but this time nothing... And then i saw it.... Yesterday a fix for hip/apex when using SAB.

Really really looking forward to try it, but still frustrating that apple sets a limit. Sill says "This beta isnīt accepting any new testers right now"

When could it be possible to try it? Or could u just rename it and release it with another name to unlock more spots?

Thanks in advance

XIM APEX Discussions / How to connect a nav to apex?
« on: 04:10 AM - 10/24/18 »
Is there any advantage to play with an nav for the analog stick movement?
To trigger aim assist or other things?

And How do i connect it to my apex?

Kindly //S7

Don’t know if anyone noticed But sometimes i cant fire my Guns. I try reload, But do not help.

Another thing line in close combat my mouse stops move its like it freezes a couple of mm seconds.

I play with 2000dpi 1000hz No curves, aim assist also some aav2 titan scripts.

Freeking annoying.



I have seen ppl struggeling finding a good sensitivity. I guess thereīs alot to do with it. First and foremost our muscle memory. It takes time to develop. Second wich type of a player are you? Agressive playstyle or more of a "layback" player...

Me myself have tried alot of settings from switching dpi, polling rate both on xim apex and my mouse. And of course the hip and ads. Finally i meet dis12345 here and he has some good fundation to his settings. Cause he rips the hell out of ppl. Watch his videos.

My settings as they are now is as follow.

DPI 3200
HZ 500
HIP 12.25
ADS 83
Scope 35 (i suck at sniping)

But hit alot with those settings.

Now to my real question, is there any way for us console players with an xim/apex to convert pro pc gamers settings. Just an example of TFUE:s here

Mouse Sensitivity:   0.08
ADS Sens:   0.70
Scope Sensitivity:   0.55
Mouse DPI:   400

Could someone translate those settings into the console/apex ones? Would be cool if someone could do a scheme for ninja, myth, tfue and others. Just to have something to compare us console players with.

//Kindly S7

XIM APEX Discussions / Ok confused...
« on: 12:17 AM - 03/28/18 »
Before i got the apex i played in range of 10 to 18 with my hip fire... That was with 12k DPI, and 125hz.
Now i am struggling as hell to find a comfortable sensitivity in Fortnite. I have tried playing with a range between 70 up to  a 100 HIP.

Also tried a bit with smoothing since it actually jittering a bit the movement at 1000HZ. Anyone here that familiar with my situation that could help me out how to actually find a good sensitivity? Is it better to play with 3200 DPI in fortnite?

Some of you have mentioned that the movement feels more precise with 3200 DPI, i havent tried it still.

One question also i guess thats quite important when i played with my sensitivity on xim4... that was on 125hz? So if i would like to calculate say like 10 HIP 125 hz to 1000hz how do i do the math here? Whats my new hip sensitivity gonna be on 1000hz?

A bit frustrated messing around with my muscle memory atm trying to change my sensitivity constantly. Not finiding my sweet spot at all... Sometimes it feels 100% good at lets say 100 HIP in fortnite and sometimes i hit everything with 70... Any tips here...

/kindly S7

First thanks for a product that feels really good!
I notice that it responds better then the last one ;)

Now to 2 questions, what is smoothing and boost?
I play with 1000hz 12k DPI, and have a Logitech G Pro. Is there any need for me to touch those numbers at all? And in that case what do they actually do?

Smoothing? Boost? I dont have a clue but what do u recommend?

//Kindly S7

XIM APEX Discussions / The waiting list...
« on: 05:17 PM - 03/19/18 »
I signed the waiting list along time ago, and still i havent got a single notification missed out alot of batches :/

So howīs the easiet way for me to not miss the next one if i dont get any notificiations?

/kindly S7

Noticed that depending on which class i play, i play better with lower sensitivity for example assault class. And higher sensitivity when using officiers pistols.

I play around 10 with automatic blasters in the xim 4 sensitivity and around 12 with pistols... Whats your sensitivity settings when you play battlefront 2? Is there a way to toggle your xim sensitivity to be 10 and when pressing again it becomes 12?

(12000 dpi, ingame 100% sensitivity, sniper in game 40%)

/kindly S7

Is it just to use a DPI converter? Would that make my hip 20 on 12000 recalculated to 3200 be the same?


Hardware Compatibility / Zowie FK2? Mouse wheel?
« on: 11:01 AM - 01/11/18 »
I saw in the hardware list that the zowie mouses, the scroll wheel do not work.
Is this also the same for zowie fk2?


Hardware Compatibility / Keybord vs Taratarus?
« on: 09:25 AM - 01/05/18 »
Hey :)
I have played a couple of months with keyboard and mouse, and absolutly love it! I use an old razor lycosa keyboard and a new Logitech G pro mouse. And i love my choice of keyboard since the keys are no clicksound at all and the G pro is a very little mouse.

Now i have realised that theres small keyboards like taratarus with a little joystick at the side. I was wondering comparing to a keyboard how your experiance/advantage to use a joystick/keyboard to a casual keybord without any joystick. Whats your give or take on it?

Is it worth for example a taratus?

//kindly S7 (kd around 9-10 swb1/swb2)

Is there a layout done for this game already? Since this is almost the only game i play i would like to now how to really setup 3 primary things.

The crouch button is when pressed twice a combat roll. Do i have to press it twice on the keyboard to roll? And also when tapping L1 + R2 i use my pickup cards. Is there a programmable button for this function as well?

Last function im curious about is the shoulder change button. Guess if its already in the app it want be hard to configure i guess. Itīs mostly about the rolling and the L1+L2 that would be nice to know how i solve in advance. Havent got my xim4 yet but its on its way so...

/kindly S7

Think i have an old Q&Q or what its called laying aside since years ago.
But for you guys up to date? What do u recommend? Think im gonna go for high sensitivity ;)

//Kindly S7

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