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Still have my trusty Xim4 and was thinking about upgrading to Xim Apex for the reduced latency and other features. But I feel like it would be a waste if it didnt work on PS5. Is it up in the air at this point or do the devs have an idea whether or not it will work on PS5?

General Discussion / Genesis PS4
« on: 05:58 AM - 08/25/19 »
Is there an ST that will work for this since afaik there isn't even planned future support with this?

Like I really want to play this but as a diamond smite player and ex-grand master league of legends player the thought of playing a MOBA with a controller just isn't something I am interested in.

The real issue is ever since I factory reset yesterday my controller will not switch to "connect via USB". It will switch to the option but if I unplug my controller it doesn't disconnect and still functions as if it were connected via bluetooth still.

I have factory reset my controller. I have forgot and repaired my controllers. I have forgot, turned off the ps4 and repaired the controller by turning the PS4 on with it. This has happened before and usually one of those steps fixed it but today I cannot get it to work again.

Anyone know what causes this to happen and what the actual fix is?

Edit: You can remove this topic. When I was trouble shooting my configs yesterday I updated to an older firmware to see if that would fix it but forgot to update back to the lasted firmware.

Technical Support / [RESOLVED] Cant restore configs?
« on: 06:21 PM - 06/01/19 »
So I was trying to rearrange my configs because my controller kept disconnecting after awhile and I got tired of having to keep switching back to the config I was using so I wanted to make it first.

The manager froze and then I got the flashing yellow followed by solid white even with no devices plugged in so I hooked it up to my pc, backed up my configs and factory reset it.

After that I went to restore configs, the bar goes about half way then the flash tool closes and I have no configs.

As a test I created a config, backed it up, factory reset it, restored and it worked like a charm. Tried again on my original back up and as you can guess, bar goes half way and closes.

Am I just sol? I really do not want to have to reset all of my configs... Had about 10 fine tuned to the way I liked them.

Does it feel good?

XIM 4 Discussions / Is upgrade to Apex necessary?
« on: 08:43 AM - 01/31/19 »
Havent used my Xim in a while but have read that firmware updates are no longer being released for Xim4 with the release of the Apex.

Is this true and if it is does that just mean new games/updates wont be added to xim4? If not does that mean xim4 works as good as it normally did and can avoid upgrading until I feel I need the better specs the apex provides?

General Discussion / Headset question...
« on: 08:35 PM - 08/09/17 »
Okay so I want to get everything out of the way when I go to pick my xim4 up from fedex in the morning. I have a logitect g933 wireless with wired option headset(I just have to find the 3.5 mm jack usb cord) and I have a hyper x cloud 2 headset.

Would either of these have the innate ability to give chat/audio without adapters with Xin?

I know about most of the work arounds with getting a cheap sound card with y split cables as well as plugging in a second controller and having your headset plugged into that controller and have that account be in the party while you play on your actual account.

My PS4/Computer desk has a mini fridge right in-between them so I can have my ps4 sitting right next to me on top of the fridge. I would prefer to use these as they are comfortable and have okay sound/mic quality for gaming headsets.

Please give me some good news :)

I am a realist and I know that with two day shipping if it does not get shipped today then odds are it will not be delivered until Monday. At least in my experience the post office usually either delivers packages on Friday or it goes on hold until Monday.

I ordered it around 10 am Est. I know it has been stated that FedEx picks up their packages around 2 pm but I am not sure about when USPS picks up their outgoing or how long it takes them to process and order and to have it ready to be shipped.

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