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Yesterday I was playing call of duty and I wanted to try using analog movement so I was using my Xbox controller and left trigger to aim, what I noticed was the ads speed was super low because it wasnít using the ads translator when zoomed in so I changed my ads page to hip translator and just about doubled my ads sensitivity and the results were crazy I was locking onto people and had some of my best games on cod in a long time. Sorry for long post but is there any negatives to using the hip translator ? I would recommend trying it out for yourselves just remember to up the sensitivity on your ads page

Game Support / Question about new MW ST
« on: 07:38 PM - 12/26/19 »
what has changed ? Are we supposed to use 1.0 ads sens or 2.0? Did the look mechanic actually change ?

As the title says does anyone know the proper way to do this ? I thought it was divided by 16 to get your sens for off to default but I believe thatís on 1000hz and when I tried that my sens was no where near the same any feedback would be appreciated !

Game Support / BL3 st progress
« on: 12:37 PM - 09/21/19 »
Any idea when the st will be out for this game ?

Game Support / Apex predators
« on: 03:01 PM - 08/19/19 »
Any ximmers reach predator rank yet ? If you have what sync are you guys using and are yíall using tf2 or apex legends config ? Thanks !

Game Support / Dauntless
« on: 04:30 PM - 06/03/19 »
Anyone have configs for this

Game Support / Fortnite season 9
« on: 06:57 AM - 05/10/19 »
What are yíall using to get around the funky look mechanic atm? Boost? Curve ?

XIM APEX Discussions / Borderlands remastered
« on: 03:41 PM - 04/04/19 »
What st do you recommend using for the new borderlands that got remastered ?

XIM APEX Discussions / Wooting keyboard
« on: 06:47 AM - 03/29/19 »
Hey all just recently found out about a wooting keyboard very intrigued by this concept does it work wel with xim? Any limitations? Does it actually feel like analog movement ? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated !!

Game Support / RML.. Apex legends...
« on: 01:03 PM - 02/13/19 »
Rml where are you !! The community needs a juicy rml confog for this game :)

XIM APEX Discussions / Mist
« on: 02:05 PM - 02/09/19 »
Not trying to crowd the forums or anytbing just curious mist if you were able to start training on the apex legends config or if itís even possible?

Game Support / Apex legends config give it a try
« on: 04:51 PM - 02/05/19 »
Just had a 12 kill game with 2200 damage Using these settings

Ingame sens

Sensitivity 5
Ads sens 6
Response curve classic
Deadzone small
Movement deadzone small

Xim settings 4K dpi 1000hz default sync

Hip 20.5
Ads 18.5 (using hip translator as I donít think the titan fall 2 st ever had the ads trained)

Still a work in progress just thought I would share these settings let me know what you think or if you have found something better!

As the title says what do you guys feel the best thing to edit with is ? Iíve been having trouble finding a good button to use any tips would be greatly appreciated !

Game Support / MIST/obsiv
« on: 03:12 PM - 12/31/18 »
I found my old backup file for fortnite which used the hip1.4 and not hip1.5 but when I restore it itís saying itís using hip 1.5 why is this ?

Game Support / Training the fortnite ST on pc
« on: 02:31 PM - 12/31/18 »
I know it seems crazy and you would ask why donít you just play native on pc but I actually prefer the way building is while using the xim Iím also super used to the way I change my weapons but unfortunately the fortnite 1.5 st isnt the greatest on pc the fortnite 1.4 was so much better but I lost my config when I updated to the newest firmware (thought I backed everything up) I donít know if itís possible to train a new fortnite config for pc but I know thereís a couple people that prefer the xim on pc over native and the game just runs so much smoother on pc but Iím pretty sure the deadzones never got updated like they did for console users whenever the 1.5 st was made so thereís a lot of dead space anyways mist thought Iíd ask I know itís a lot of work but would be greatly appreciated !

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