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XIM APEX Discussions / Xim apex steady aim???
« on: 08:55 PM - 09/23/18 »
Hi, I bough xim apex because of my ps4 : I felt less aim assist with ps4 pro then the old one and I tough maybe it was fixed with apex. It's not I think can we get steady aim firmware compatible pro on apex? Please

XIM APEX Discussions / Steady aim?
« on: 01:56 PM - 05/31/18 »
Hello guys, Can steady aim work on xim apex?

Beta / Steady aim
« on: 11:02 AM - 05/16/18 »
Hello everybody, sorry for my bad English.
Can we get the steady aim firmware working on apex?
I just feel like some of us have a strong aim assist sometime on overwatch and fornite or maybe its just skill hahaha anyway im sure some of us will be glad to find steady aim back on apex

XIM APEX Discussions / Xim apex price
« on: 01:35 AM - 02/03/18 »
Its February and the only thing left is the packaging, can we get a price now? So we can buy it earlier in stealth gamer ect please leave the price bro

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