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Game Support / Overwatch Hello emote bind to one button
« on: 07:05 PM - 07/30/17 »
Hello there..
I would like to know if  there's any way to bind the Hello emote to one single button so I can assign it to my buttons sections on my Xim4 profile.


Game Support / Xim4 Overwatch Razer Abyssus
« on: 09:59 PM - 07/13/17 »
Ey there guys.

Got a Razer  Abyssus (3500dpi and 1000hz max) and on every single setup ( crossover etc) I need at least 180 sensitivity and 4000 boost to be able to move at least something.

And after checking every single OW I don't find any setting with this sensitivity this high. Is that normal? I don't know what else to do Tbh.

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