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Beta / PS5 Scuf controller coming - any hope for apex?
« on: 10:47 PM - 10/24/21 »
Hi. Seems scuf is about to release a ps5 pro controller. Does that mean we can hope for xim apex to get an update and work on ps5 games or am I hoping too much?


Hi all, I'm facing a weird issue with the back usb ports of the ps5 and hope someone here has the ps5 with 3d pulse headset and can help see if they can recreate the problem.
Basically if I connect 3d pulse on either of the two usb ports on the back of the console it works fine. If I add the usb hub with Xim apex on it though, it feels as if the usb ports don't get enough power for both, and the headset intermittently loses connection. Also the distance I can walk away from the console before the headset loses signal is reduced significantly. If I remove the usb hub it all goes back to normal and I can walk to the farthest side of my home with headset on and working. To bypass this problem I have to plug the headset in the front usb. Just to clarify, it's not the xim per se that is the problem, but adding the USB hub even with nothing connected on it. Could it be that my console dislikes that specific usb hub?

Can anyone do a test and let me know if they face the same issue?

XIM APEX Discussions / XIM APEX and PS5
« on: 01:12 AM - 09/01/20 »
Does the XIM team plan to update these nifty devices to work with the next gen? I love my XIM APEX and I hope I can continue to use it!

Hi guys, today all of a sudden with no changes from my side, XIM APEX stop seeing my mouse and keyboard. Even in the app I don't see the mkb icons at all (I have not changed anything I repeat). I can edit profiles fine with Bluetooth app, and the controller connected on the hub also works. However it won't see any keyboard or mouse i connect (even those that worked for 2+ years fine on it). I tried factory resetting, switching off and on console and xim, nothing works. I can't reflash the firmware as I have the latest one and the firmware flash app won't allow me as it says i have the latest version. Is there anything else I can try to get it to work again? Or is it dead? The mkb i use i checked and work fine without the hub so it's not them the issue and settings are fine (controller usb setting etc). OBSiV please help :(

Hi guys,

I just upgraded from xim4 to xim apex on ps4 pro. In xim4 i had pretty perfect settings /speed in overwatch with 65 sensitivity and the smoothing box enabled.

In xim apex at 1000 polling rate and 65 sensitivity the movement is soooo slow. Its with the same 12000 dpi g903 mouse maxed out and at 1000 polling rate.

Am I doing something wrong? I am now at 180 sensitivity but still doesn't feel right. Any tips are welcome. Thanks in advance

XIM 4 Discussions / Xim4 skips sometimes
« on: 02:38 AM - 08/25/17 »
Hi guys. I'm using xim4 on my ps4 pro with razer mamba. Occasionally in overwatch the mouse becomes non responsive for a split second. What's that for? Is it my mouse that is dying or does the xim4 skip some frames? Any way to fix this?

XIM 4 Discussions / XIM4 PS4 - Overwatch and Razer Turret
« on: 07:49 AM - 07/13/17 »
Hi all, I just got myself a Xim4. I want to use it to play overwatch principally. What I need now is to buy a proper wireless kbm so I can play from my couch (I don't like wires). I saw that the most viable option is probably the razer turret.

Anyone has any other fully wireless suggestion or has tried the razer turret?
If not, will 3600dpi of the razer turret's mouse suffice with the proper settings?
Speaking of settings is there any guide I should follow to get the best possible outcome in overwatch?

Many thanks in advance,

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