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I assumed when I purchased mine around the same time as everyone else I'd get it by Friday with the fastest shipping like everyone else who did overnight shipping. I'm not too sure why you guys didn't ship all the overnight orders (or all orders from that evening) today. I mean the store shutting down is understandable, but not being prepared to ship all orders the next business day isn't too great. I'm mainly talking about the overnight shipping orders because those should have been priority.

Also please don't say I shouldn't complain because it's not like I didn't pay a hefty price for overnight shipping.

It seems like the cable for the usb hub is pretty short on the apex and the usb slot on the xbox is on the top when you have it connected to the vertical stand. It seems like it would just hang and that doesn't seem like the best idea so would I have to get an adapter so it could reach the desk? Thanks in advance for any responses.

XIM 4 Discussions / Kind of a dumb question but...
« on: 11:29 PM - 09/02/17 »
What exactly are STs and are they already a part of the Xim4 app or do I have to download them? I've heard people talk about them for OW and I wasn't sure. I've had a Xim4 for some time, but I haven't really gotten into the more advanced settings it has. Thanks in advance!

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