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I want to use gyro aiming on more games, but not every game has ST.

How to create an ST for nexus, is there any official guide for reference ? thx

This chip is said to support ps5


Is there any chance to make apex support ps5

Sometimes the xbox series x can't light up the controller when it is turned on, I must re-plug the apex to turn on the controller, there is no similar situation on ps4 and ps5, it has a certain chance on xbox series x.

software: 5.00.20190804
firmware: 5.00.20201215

Currently I'm using RML's 2.0 ADS MULTIPLIER config (with HIP/ADS Transition Config), can I copy the current one to the new MW 2019 ST?

And also did the new one fix the transition issue? Will the ADS Sensitivity Multiplier 2.0 still get higher turn speed than 1.0 ? Thx.

Game Support / MW 2019 Great ST with 1.3 ADS MULTIPLIER
« on: 08:28 PM - 01/07/20 »
Start to play new MW recently, everything is fine but the turn cap in ADS, so I tired the 1.3 ADS multiplier and got a 57 kill  game yesterday. I think the current turn cap is enough high for me, stop to try the 1.4-2.0 ADS solution. Great work XIM !!!

Game Support / How about the BL3 st ?
« on: 09:28 PM - 09/25/19 »
I've tried BL2 with BL2 st, but the slow turning makes me really unconfortable.

So I’ve been holding off on buying BL3 and waiting for the BL3 st.

Is there anyone tried the BL3 st ? Please share your experiences, thanks.

There is an advanced control setting in game.
Is it existing from the begining or added by the recently upgrade?

Will it be useful for retaining a better st?

I've used boost 0 from the beggining. But recently when I was adjusting my sensitivity (keep tracking a target while lateral movement), I suddenly found that my aiming was always hysteretic. It's something like my hands can track the movement of my target, but the mouse is delayed.

I think it's because the movement in this game is very quick, so the input delay makes my tracking getting harder. After that, I started to use boost.

Right now I'm using 60 boost on both HIP&ADS, my tracking is defintely far more better than before. It's easier to choose HIP boost, because the input delay is more obvious in HIP. When I increase the boost to 80, it can eliminate the most feelings of input delay, but it will be too aggresive, so I use 60.

But for the ADS, the input delay since not as much as HIP. I'm very confirmed that I do better with 60 boost, but just don't have the specific feeling which just like the HIP.

So is there any one using boost in this game ?   Any advice ?

btw: I'm using 8,8 in-game which is no Aim Assist.

I was a former professional player on PC, recently I came to console for casuel game.
For the shotting game(FPS,TPS,etc.) I can't play it with controller, because I love the feeling to aim with mouse, that's why I came to the XIM. I'm always looking for the way to absolutly erease Aim Assist.

After I dig deeper in this community, I find that most of the players here are looking for a better way to play with aim assist, that's really disapoint me.

Is XIM a kind of cheat ?
Maybe, it's just a great work which to make up the deficiency of consoles.
KB/Mouse and controller are two different Human-computer interaction modes, Mouse gets advantages in shotting game with no doubt, that's why the controller gets Aim Assist. So I think KB/Mouse VS Controller with AA, that's OK, but KB/Mouse with AA ? I think it's just too close to the "cheat".

Just a topic to talk about what I feel, that's all.

Is there a way to bind the mouse to the D-pad? Thanks.

At the first, I was thinking that Simulate Analog Behavior is for Anti-Aim assist.

But recently I found a lot of firends said that it's for better Aim assist.

So if I don't want any aim assist, do I need to set the Simulate Analog Behavior, or just keep it as 0 ? Thanks.

alanmcgregor‘s BFV ST was as good as official's, or even better in some scenarios. But I went to Official's ST for more further optimize.

Right now, I've got a sensitivity issue about assault's PIAT. I think it's too fast for me, but I can't find which X Scope sensitivity setting working on it. Could someone please help me to solve this issue ? Thanks.

Game Support / Recommend to have a try with BO3 st on BO4
« on: 09:40 PM - 11/26/18 »
After trying almost every setup here, I still think BO3 ST is the best BO4 ST.

I don't want any AA, and looking for the handfeel as close to PC as possible.

Below is a brief of my setup:

12000dpi  1000hz
HIP 36  sync OFF
ADS 24  sync OFF
SAB 65

HIP curve: RML's Anti-Aim Assist HIP 1.1 curves (BO3 ST with this curve, make the HIP feels very close to PC)
You can find it here:https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=49063.0

ADS cures: None

I'm very satisfy with the setup so far, and really recommend you to have a try.

Actually it's an very old topic from xim4.

Right now on Apex, I want to know that will it be avaliable to use touchpad in the near further, since I want to use it to change the view in RDR2.

for example:
I'm using a BF1 config with Ballistics & Y/X Ratio.
Can I copy the whole config to Apex, will it work fine or better ?

Another thing is about the DPI. I set my mouse to 3000dpi, because it works better on XIM4, should I reset it to 8000dpi and 1000Hz ?

I will get my Apex on next week, hope that everything can be set well. Thank you for your help.

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