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Hardware Compatibility / Mechanical gaming keypads?
« on: 04:36 PM - 11/10/17 »
Hey, have an old Logitech g13 that I used to use until it was replaced by my current keyboard. Problem is, my currtkeyboard is huge and I'd like to move back to a keypad, but I haven't seen any keypad with good mechanical switches. Used the Razer orbweaver and wasn't a fan of the shape.

Hardware Compatibility / Mice buying addiction
« on: 05:41 PM - 10/20/17 »
Lately I've been on the quest for the perfect fps gaming mouse, so here's my collection so far

My hands are 19cm long and 11cm across.

My thoughts on each mouse, in no particular order:

G203 - great mouse, love it. Small but very accurate.
G403 - very comfortable, just for some reason I don't play that well with it. Ergonomic mice aren't for me.

Scream one second edition - comfy and very light weight, just the cable is stiff and fights you at times, and the mouse feet drag bad. I want to like this mouse, but the cable is annoying, even with a bungee, and the whole thing feels cheap.

Fk1+ special edition - a bit on the heavier side compared to the other mice, but the cable and mouse feet are awesome and I seem to do well with it. Clicks are firm but not too firm. My current go to mouse

Anyone else got a mouse collection?

Like the title says, I'm trying to decide if the Finalmouse Scream One Second Edition is worth the money or if I should just go for the Zowie FK1. I like ambi mice so that's why I'm considering these two.

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