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XIM APEX Discussions / 120 FPS Gaming
« on: 04:01 AM - 06/20/22 »
Hi all, hope we are all good?

Excuse my ignorance, I've just finally ordered my Xbox Series X, upgraded from Xbox one X. I will now be able to play overwatch and OW 2 beta in 120fps, will this effect how my current Xim Apex config performs?, will I have to tweak it for the change in frame rate?
Yes I still only play OW, please don't judge me.

Thanks in advance

Hi all, sorry for what is no doubt a repeated post, but I've red through all the posts and it's still unclear to me.

I've just taken delivery of a Series X what I want to know is

1) using my old control pad can I just plug my Xim Apex straight in as normal and it will work?
2) Do my game profiles just carry over, eg I don't need to touch my configs?
3) If the above is correct what is the advantage of Downloading the Xbox Series X Beta Firmware, as I've read a few problems.

XIM 4 Discussions / Wazone Config
« on: 06:49 AM - 03/16/20 »
Hi guys, has anyone got this up and running on Xim 4 ?

I was reading through the game settings for Xim and came across this

"Within XIM APEX Manager, ensure Expert Mode is enabled (enable in Global Settings) and add an ADS Deactivation Delay of 224 ms."

Do I have to do this for Xim 4 also and is it even possible?

Thanks in advance

Hi all, just after a bit of piece of mind really. I've read so much lately about polling rates etc. It's driving me insane knowing if I'm using my equipment at it's most efficient.  This all came about as something just didn't feel right in Apex legends so I changed my mouse to 250 polling. So can some expert clarify what technically is happening with the setup I run below? It feels ok, but I'm still not getting loads of kills (I'm old and no amount of equipment can make up for poor reactions, i Know that)

My Set-up

XoneX ->Titan Two -> Xim4-> Logitech G502 Hero 16KDPI and 250 polling. cloth Mousepad

XIM 4 Discussions / 1 command 2 buttons
« on: 09:33 AM - 06/29/17 »
Hi all.

Is it possible to assign 2 different keys to 1 command?. Eg It would benefit me if i could use Shift or Ctrl for ability 1 in overwatch


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