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Hey guys, right now Im downloading the new patch which is 15.67gb on ps4.
I read the patch notes which includes a new option on aiming called "Aim Ease" kindly see below for the actual descripion

An "Aim Ease" in option has been added under the "Advanced" tab in the "Controller" menu. This allows players to customize their turn rate acceleration. If you’d like to know more, check out the developer explain over on the forums.

Currently Im just using the ccc linear set up with 8.5 curve even tho turn speed is quite slow. Im just wondering if this additional setting would help us resolving the turn speed as it is connected on turn rate acceleration.

So guys if you have felt some changes either good or bad after trying this new option kindly share your comments below so we can all benefit to it.

Hey guys so i got my xim4 last month. Obviously with xim4 setup we can't use our headphone/headset with 3.5mm jack because we can't put it anymore in the PS4 controller. Now my problem is USB headset for PS4 is kinda pricy and i dont have yet budget for that. If I buy this USB to jack adapter and put it in the last remaining usb port in the ps4 will my regular headphones with mic as well will work?

Hi guys!

I'm a new xim4 user here and I'm trying to read some infos here about the xim4 settings for a better aiming but i'm starting to get confused. To cut it short can you share some good settings for me to try and use please.

Btw i'll use mccree and tracer to practice with

i have g102 with up to 6000dpi
Razer goliathus speed cosmic edition mouse pad
Razer tartarus chroma

I already read the basic In game settings
100 H and V
0 aim smoothing
Exponential Ramp
How about aim assist?

Grateful if you can post below some suggested xim4 settings for overwatch
I just bought my new set up so im very excited to use it sorry for the newbie question but kindly help me please.

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