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Hi everyone,

I've had this issue for a year and always thought it's an Ax pro problem but it seems to be a Xim2 issue. Ax pro headset has a chat volume control on it which controls how loud you can hear your teammates, independent of game sound. This feature never really worked for me because I had always used the Xim Controller. A while back I tested it with a normal controlled and lo and behold, it actually worked.

Can this be a result of the Xim 2 mod on the controller? Has anyone else ever noticed something like this? More importantly, is there a way to fix it?

Also, I imagine it is not only just my Xim 2's left analoug stick that doesn't work unless xim 2 is plugged to both pc and xbox and xim software running, right?

XIM 3 Discussions / Xim 3 vs. Xim 2
« on: 06:53 PM - 02/15/11 »
I have seen some threads about the superiority of Xim 3 over Xim 1 which I don't think even needs to be discussed given that even Xim 2 was superior to Xim 1.

I don't mind using a computer and setting the values manually for my Xim 2, so what's more important is whether smart translators for Xim 3 really do make an improvement over Xim 2 as far as the gaming experience goes.

Can anyone owning both a Xim 2 and Xim 3 try and compare them here for the rest of us? For instance load the best black ops setting for xim 2 and compare it to Xim 3 smart translator settings.

XIM 2 Discussions / Xim 2 questions
« on: 01:52 PM - 01/07/09 »
Hi everyone,

So I preordered Xim 2 to start my FPS gaming on Xbox 360. I have a few questions though:

1) Is XFlex something different than Xim 2?
2) What are these revisions I read about? For example in the news section it says rev D's are now available for preorder. What are the differences between revisions and for those who preordered before will they get a lower revision?

3) Since xim 2 doesn't have a ps2 port, can a ps2->PC (USB) adapter be used in conjunction with xim 2 to get a ps2 controller working with xbox 360? Does the xim 2 software allow such mapping?


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