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General Discussion / Question about xim manager
« on: 11:49 AM - 02/23/21 »
Hi ximís team , hope everyone is going well ...

I have a little question about our manager .
itís already possible to bind two keys with the secondary page for actions , but is it possible to have this possibility also for the "movement" part? 
let me explain .  On apex legend pc, we can bind the forward movement on the mouse wheel in addition to having it on the keyboard key, all this in order to gain access to a top tier movement: tap strafing.

so I know that there is certainly a lot of work already, that it is probably not for tomorrow, but if ever, it can be a focus for optimization.  No doubt work in programming, maybe it's not even possible, but who asks nothing has nothing  ;)


Shared Configs / CYBER PUNK 2077
« on: 11:56 AM - 12/09/20 »
Hi all ,
in order to save time, while waiting for the official st to be available, I suggest that we discuss our various st tests to have fun on Cyberpunk.  for my part i tried it with apex legend st and it is not too bad.  Some concerns on the Y axis but generally playable.  And for you ?  have you tried anything else?

« on: 06:14 PM - 12/31/18 »
All is in the title. God bless and long life to xim community  ;)
PS:Iím in EU thatís why iím already in 2019  ;D

Game Support / PUBG training mod : new ST ?
« on: 12:59 PM - 10/19/18 »
I all ,
There is a new update on the pts server, including a new training map. Perhaps itís the good place for dev to rework ST quietly ? 😊

Game Support / OK GUYS PUBG IS NOW COOL ;)
« on: 07:38 AM - 04/10/18 »
just forget all the settings except RMLís curve which is near perfection with the last MAJ . They decided to impact the acceleration and itís a HUGE GAP for us i think.
Iím really excited !! have a good game  ;D ;D ;D
i play at 3 K dpi, 1000 hz , new beta with commun , 25 hip and 32 ads
here the curve :

>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

XIM APEX Discussions / Questions for OBsIV
« on: 12:24 PM - 03/02/18 »
hi 😀,
excuse my english iíll try to do my best.
So, you said that ďship out in the morning. Then, the store will be reopened for the community soon afterĒ, but for me itís 19:15 pm just now. I think that for you itís 12:12 pm. So for you the morning is over, for me the evening begin ;) . Can i hope see the store open before midnight for me ? so before 17 pm for you or should i prepare my alarm clock for 5 or 6 am for me ?

and second question: i put the notification on for the ďthank youĒ thread but where iíll have the notification when you post a message ? my email? my account on the site ?

thx for the answer and good luck for the hard work 👍
hope iíll be lucky 🤞😁

ps: iím in center europe

XIM APEX Discussions / Ouhhhh Yeahh !!!
« on: 12:19 PM - 02/04/18 »
every day that passes we are closer to the goal ;D!!!
Force and robustness my friends  ;) !!

Hi everybody,
Sorry but iíve read all thread and didnít see any info.
So could we just copy our gameís profil (curves,key setting...etc) from Xim4 or must we create all new in xim apex ?

Hardware Compatibility / ROCCAT leadr
« on: 05:52 AM - 06/09/17 »
HI everyone,
First, i'm not english so i try to do my best with my own words ;) ....
Just a little post to say that i have buy a roccat Leadr to remplace my tyon and I just wish to share with you that it works perfectly but with the usb cable only.
the support with the wireless connection is too greedy in energy i think.
For the rest, she is just perfectly fine for fps with her optical sensor.
That's all i wanted to share  ;)!!
See you and have a good game !!

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