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XIM APEX Discussions / Polling Rates - Circular Motions
« on: 11:45 AM - 03/09/18 »
Hi there!

This has probably been answer and discussed in multiple other threads but I thought iíd Chime in with my experiences thus far.

I have been enjoying some Overwatch and PUBG for most of the week with little splices of Hhalo 5. Overwatch has felt good to me and so has PUBG. Iíve been playing in 1000Hz mode with a G502 and Nav. 12k DPI. Think Iím on 120 sensitivity on Overwatch with a small about of smoothing to reduce jitter, possibly 6? Hope this gives some bearing.

My problem lies when I started to play Halo 5. This game felt so good on the Xim 4 but on the Apex at 1000hz somethingís just not right. Drawing a circle in Halo resulted in some strange behavior. Itís not round, itís like an octagon. The mouse has been tuned for the surface. If I change the smoothness is doesnít change the way a circle replicated on the screen. I put it back down to 125Hz and went into training on Overwatch to troubleshoot. 125Hz felt good. Move the mouse in circular motions and itís replicated perfectly on the screen but wow...can I feel how slow 125Hz is now...

Put it up to 250Hz, feels better response and the circlular motions are fine like this also. 500Hz feels better than 250Hz yet again with response but this is where the circular motions start to feel less smooth and round. Back up to 1000Hz again and itís just as it was. The micro adjustments have now gone to pot and the circular motions to see how it is getting on is poor.

Iím sticking to 500Hz at this moment in time due to how it has better response times and ok movement.

Iíve changed the DPI of the mouse and that doesnít affect anything and iíve Been adjusting jitter also to see if that helps to no avail.

Has anyone else noticed this?

As an aside I feel like Auto Aim in games is a hell of a lot more instrusive at higher polling rates that I felt before. No idea if this is a weird anecdote but to me it seems different now but may be because iím Getting used to the different response times.

XIM APEX Discussions / Nav Controller Pairing
« on: 10:59 AM - 03/06/18 »
Received my Apex today and am going about sorting out pairing my Sony Nav Controllers to it. Theyíve been paired with my 4 and I do remember having some difficulty with pairing the last time and I just canít for the life of me remember how I got them to work.

I follow the standard procedure of making sure everything is off. Plugging them all in and starting the console or xim with it all plugged in. Wired works flawlessly. As soon as itís unplugged it ceases to function and is lost from the app.

What am I doing wrong?

Edit - Oops! Meant for this to be in hardware!

XIM 4 Discussions / Xim 4 Support In the Future
« on: 06:39 AM - 03/02/18 »
Being a happy Xim 4 owner who's purchased a Xim Apex, I'm just wondering how long support for the 4 will continue. I am keeping my 4 and that will be demoted to my partners consoles. She can't use a controller so the ability to play games with a mouse and nav controller for her is a boon.

I'm just wondering if the 4 will continue to be supported!

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