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Beta / Beloader stopped working
« on: 11:51 PM - 01/20/22 »
Ok so my beloader was working fine for a long time just had purple light but I lived with it never disconnected. My internet went down and I got a new modem. I plugged beloader into computer did the setup agoan with new wifi settings but now when I plug it into ps5 it doesn't connect to remote play and it just turns off after like 10 seconds of being on

XIM APEX Discussions / Battlefeild recoil
« on: 09:44 PM - 12/17/21 »
Is it just me or is battlefeild recoil a real pain in the @#$% to control? Like when it starts climbing there's no way to hold it down.

Beta / Need help with beloader.
« on: 08:17 PM - 12/08/21 »
Ok so I've followed all the instructions and did everything correctly. It says I am usuing remote play but then nothing seems to work none of my controllers my keyboard or even my mouse I can't even move on the playstation home screen. I can't seem to get anything to work

Beta / How long does shipping 9f beloader usually take?
« on: 09:01 PM - 11/25/21 »
Has anyone ordered it yet and received it yet. I just ordered mine and was wondering roughly how long it's taken to receive??

Beta / Beloader order problems
« on: 10:46 AM - 11/20/21 »
Anyone else try and order the product already? Everytime I try and order it or pay with PayPal or even visa it says merchant account is restricted

Beta / New tech
« on: 08:47 AM - 10/14/21 »
Sorry to sound like a broken record but is there any footage yet or news on that new tech that allows ps5 user to use xim apex. I'm very curious so see it in action and hear the opinions of everyone

Is it just me but since this update to use xim apex I went back to ps4 version of game and I am legit struggling. I feel like I'm so slow everyone seeing me before I see them. Feel like my hits don't even registered. Feel like I die in 2 bullets after I shot first. It's messed up really hope the team is close to finding a solution. I know it's been asked many times lol but it's starting to drive me crazy ahah

XIM APEX Discussions / Rainbow six feels off
« on: 09:52 AM - 07/19/21 »
Is it just me or does the config feel completely off since the new update. I also can't even see updated or classic on my list

XIM APEX Discussions / New ps5 controller update
« on: 03:40 PM - 04/14/21 »
New ps5 controller update. Does anyone know if this effects the xim in anyway debating if I should update it

Shared Configs / New help with Rainbow Six Seige config
« on: 05:28 PM - 02/16/21 »
Ok I just switched from xim 4 to apex and I cannot for the life of me set up something that feels smooth its either to fast and then to slow for micro movement or just to slow in general can someone please help me with this. I need something that is smooth while moving slow with micro adjustments and something that is fast enough to flick with. This is what I'm usuing currently

>>> XIM APEX [Rainbow Six Siege (Classic)] START COPY >>>

I just moved to xim apex and I'm slowly getting my settings going but I'm finding that slow aim feels luggish and was wondering what's the best way to fix this I find when I'm walking around a corning I'm having troubles keeping my crossheais lined with the wall. I feel like it keeps falling behind if that makes sense to anyone

This is what I'm usuing currently

>>> XIM APEX [Rainbow Six Siege (Classic)] START COPY >>>

As the topic says I'm new to xim apex but not to the xim family I was just wondering if there was any ways of transferring my files from xim 4 to xim apex or do I have to remake everything all over agian. Also I was reading that you must put your mouse at max dpi is this true or can you still run lower dpi and it still work?? Also curves are they the same from xim 4 or different

Like the topic says I wanna try some new settings that might help me control ela and twitch alittle better any advice is good pleas help

XIM 4 Discussions / Xim 4 with ps5
« on: 07:17 AM - 11/22/20 »
Any news on xim 4 working on ps5 eventually or will you have to upgrade to the apex? Just wondering if the team has any answers yet. And I mean with ps5 games. I think alot of xim 4 uses are ok with ditching the old ps4 software for os5 software but that's just my opinion

XIM 4 Discussions / To get xim working on ps5
« on: 05:37 PM - 11/12/20 »
I had problems getting this done but I figured it out once you have connected your ps4 controller tap the ps button go to your controller settings on the bottom and change it to wired and not Bluetooth I guess its native setting is Bluetooth maybe thats why its not working for some of you

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