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XIM NEXUS Discussions / Touchpad button assignment
« on: 01:30 PM - 02/05/22 »
Is there are way to assign the touchpad button in manager, because what looks like the touchpad button is actually the share button?

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Need help with nexus settings
« on: 09:40 AM - 02/04/22 »
Does anyone have any usable settings for motion aim? Basically I tried every setting there is in the nexus manager and it's just not working out me,  I went from okayish on a controller to sucks big time, I can't hit the side of the barn with it. Any tips or advice would be appreciated.

My manager shows the wrong picture of which direction the controller is facing, like manager show's that the controller is facing forward but my controller is facing to the right, is this a bug?

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Disable right stick
« on: 01:43 AM - 02/04/22 »
Would it be possible to disable the right stick while adsing?

XIM APEX Discussions / 3d audio with remote play
« on: 03:49 PM - 01/08/22 »
Does anyone know if you still get the 3d audio while playing trough remote play?

Hardware Compatbility / New hub for xim apex
« on: 05:08 PM - 12/08/21 »
I need to replace my old hub and wanted to ask since USB 3 hubs are a no go, if a powered USB 2.0 hub with a voltage of 5v 2a would be enough, I know that 5v 3a is recommended but I can only find hubs with 2a.

I got myself the Razer viper 8khz, and wanted to ask if playing on a higher then 1k pooling rate would damage my xim, I know that the apex supports up to 1k pooling rate but playing on 2k makes cutting into the AA bubble easy like slicing through butter, 4k is not really responsive and 8k makes the xim turn itself off.Would it be safe to use 2k polling rate?

Game Support / PS5 Cod CW playing with mouse and kb
« on: 09:42 AM - 10/12/21 »
Hello, I know that this is probably the wrong place to ask for help but would be grateful if someone could help me with this, since xim apex will not support cod vanguard for the time being I was trying to go back to playing native and the game I tried  was cold war, everything's almost fine, the problem I have is when adsing and moving the crosshair over an enemy player I get a slowdown effect and that makes hitting moving targets a problem, it's almost like the target would have an AA bubble.. I am playing on a PS5 and using a monitor. I tried writing to Activision support but their answer was that it's supposed to be like this, but I somewhat doubt it. What I tried until now: changing mice, fiddle around with the game and system settings, resetting cache and trying another monitor. Well I am fresh out of ideas, would really appreciate if someone could help me with this.   

If a topic like this is not allowed then please delete it.

Hello, I am playing cod cold war on ps5 and as the title said I have a problem that sometimes while I am shooting a gun  it just stops shooting but the mouse button is still presed, it fires 1 to 3 bullets and it just stops. I tried replugging all the cables, tried 2 other mice recreated my config, it only happens in cold war in modern warfare and ww2 it works as it should. Is there any possibility to fix this?

General Discussion / Monitor suggestions for PS5
« on: 06:56 AM - 10/18/20 »
Hello guys, would someone have a suggestion for a monitor that would go well with the ps5, I know that the best would probably be to wait for hdmi 2.1 monitors to be released but that seems like it will be around January, the eve spectrum looks promising but with their history I don't really dare to preorder one, the acer and asus will probably cost over 1k which is a little steep for me. I would be looking for a monitor that's not larger then 27 inc, picture quality is not that important to me and it should have low latency. I am greatfull  for all suggestions.

Hello, as the title says I can't select matchmaking from the map menu, every time I want to select it just jumps back, any idea what could cause this?

I would like to ask if it's possible to make it so that you immediately go prone when you press the button, now it's so that you first  crouch and when holding the button for a few sec then you go prone, is there such a possibility with the Apex?

Hardware Compatbility / Looking for a new tkl keyboard
« on: 05:05 AM - 12/10/19 »
Hello everyone, since my son managed to trash my old keyboard, I am looking for a replacament and I would like to ask if these are compatible with the xim apex Corsair k63 and Hyperx Alloy FPS Pro, or if someone could recommend me one i would really appreciate it, I am basically looking for a tkl keyboard with red cherry switches......

XIM APEX Discussions / Logitech hero mice
« on: 05:29 PM - 08/12/19 »
Was thinking about getting a g 403 hero to replace my g 403 prodigy does any one have any experience with the new sensor? Would like to know if it's worth upgrading or not I would mostly use it on my xim....

XIM APEX Discussions / Xim apex plastic colour
« on: 11:51 AM - 08/10/19 »
Would like to ask if the xim apex is available in any other colours then the standard dark silver or black or whatever colour that is, was looking for a second hand apex and I found one which is white and I am a little suspicious if the thing is real or fake, can someone clarify if it's a fake or not? Here is the link to it https://m.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/xim-apex-mouse-keyboard-auf-ps4/1178485112-279-1854

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