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Game Support / Overwatch curve scale
« on: 03:48 PM - 06/11/17 »
Hello guys!

As someone mentioned in another thread. There is a 125% scale on latest firmware for curve but 100% on the Steady AIM curves. I would like to try the linear setup and I am on SA3 which means the curve with 8.5 start needs to be cut of @ 75% ish because of the 100% scale. I really dont wanna upgrade to latest firmware. What I ask for kindly is if there is someone WHO can make me this curve. A linear 8.5 curve for 100% scale, I really suck at Malung the curves on my own. Just to clarify IT once again I want the linear curve for ps4 which is sent around the forums to be in scale for the Steady AIM firmwares which runs 100% scale and the linear curve is designen for 125%.  Much appriciated.

General Discussion / LF players for Overwatch.
« on: 03:23 PM - 06/05/17 »
Hello guys!

3250 SR atm lf ximers to play with. Add me on psn: EdinMaslesa

After 2 weeks tweaking, trying out different mices as Razer Deathadder Elite different Logitech mouses. All possible settings, everything... Withod a good result I Finally managed to fix my problem.

Answer is: Gaming mode on the tv. I got samsung tv but I am pretty Sure all other brands Have this mode. After switching on Gaming Mode i got the PC feeling. What IT does is to remove all sort of input lag etc which reduces the floaty feeling and on. Try IT u wont get disapointed.

Game Support / Overwatch: please help me!
« on: 11:25 AM - 04/13/17 »
Hello guys!

I am an used PC player and have played Overwatch for some months now. Recently just bought a XIM4.
This is my setup:
Razer Deathadder Elite
Razer Goliathus Speed (cloth mousepad)

The thing is I can not set up custom DPi which is fine by me because new Razer software uses cloud to store the settings. So the modes I can chose between on buttons is 450/900/1800/4500/9000/16000.

The problem is I have tried anything but it never seems to be that good. I have understanded I will never get the PC feeling but seriously it is just to floaty and I am almost playing better with Dualshock than Xim4. (Remember I am used to play PC fps and not console)

I tried different DPI different Hips curves etc.

So what I want is just a tip which DPI is the most "optimal" for my mouse on a soft cloth pad? And which settings is best, boost? steady aim? etc. Please help me guys, I would really appreciate it :)

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