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Article by IGN about how keyboard & mouse support is coming to XBOX One:


How will this impact our trusty XIM4 and its updates for future games?

 Wow. At 2:56 in the video, IGN is calling out XIM4 for "cheating".


 I'm honestly not worried about PC gamers using XIM4 to get aim assist along with their keyboard/mouse setups. The cheaters with their PC hacks will still own them.

Like the title states, I've found recently (e.g. since yesterday) that the BF1 profile plays better for me while playing COD Infinite Warfare than the COD IW profile itself. Mouse movement is crisper and much more responsive than ever before.

Any idea so to why this is and what I'm experiencing? For both profiles, I'm using XIM4 sens 50 and 12,000 DPI on mouse. Maximum in-game sensitivity settings.

If the XIM4 is bound to the PS4 controller rate, then that should mean that the XIM4 / mouse should be able to turn as fast (no faster, no slower) than a PS4 controller.

But why is it that I've experienced the XIM4 / mouse turning slower EFFECTIVELY than a PS4 controller? If I try to turn the XIM4 / mouse as fast as a controller, the XIM4 "loses control" and doesn't control as effectively for a few seconds until it "regains control" again.

While I'm much more accurate shooting with an XIM4 / mouse, I find that I can perform snap turns more consistently and reliably (i.e. no loss of control momentarily) with the PS4 controller.

General Discussion / When do you NOT use your XIM?
« on: 04:51 AM - 04/28/17 »
For me, I don't use my XIM4 when I play single player campaigns in games. I actually enjoy using controllers while playing console games.

However, when I play multiplayer games (especially COD), using an XIM4 is a must (especially when most other COD gamers are using an XIM4!). It's really the only way to remain competitive in a COD match.

General Discussion / Mouse dpi DOES make a difference
« on: 02:21 PM - 04/24/17 »
Just thought I would share the following observations with the community (especially those who are new to the wonderful XIM4 product like me):

I had previously used a Logitech G400s mouse with the XIM4. With a max DPI of about 4000, the G400s cursor movements were a little "jerky"  (with XIM4 sensitivity set to 150), and it showed in the "last kill of the round" cam in COD Infinite Warfare.

But with my new Logitech G403 mouse and its max DPI of 12,000, the G403 cursor movements are silky smooth (with XIM4 sensitivity set at 50).

Anyway, these are simply my impressions.

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